Not one to give up on what I want I have put together a birth preferences document in the hope that some of it may happen. However one thing we heave learnt is that you need to be flexible and that births don’t always go to plan – Monkey’s Birth Story . However its still worth having a starting point, so heres mine.

Birthing Preferences Natural Hospital

Guess Date: 2nd May 2016 – Natural Hospital Birth

About us:

  • This is our second baby. I have had a smooth and uncomplicated pregnancy despite taking Aspirin (stopped at 36 weeks) and Herprin once a day for Antiphisoholipid Syndrome (stopped at 37 weeks).
  • We have attended hypnobirthing classes and hope for a natural birth – labouring in water before birthing the baby out of the pool.
  • Environment – I would like subdued lighting, be be mobile, use a birthing ball and listen to music on my ipod. Please ensure the birthing environment is as quiet and uninterrupted as possible.
  • Please direct any questions in the first instance to my husband
  • We would like each person attending to me to read my birth preferences

First Stage – Thinning & Opening

  • Induction – if I go beyond 40 weeks I would like to use natural methods. I have a course of Acupuncture booked in from 37 weeks. I am open to having a sweep from 39 weeks as discussed however I would like to have several in quick succession and be informed of the Bishops Gate Score so I can access if they are working.
  • If I go beyond 40 weeks I would like to partake in expectant management
  • If my waters break before labour I will adopt a wait and see approach
  • Pain Relief – preference to labour in the water as I found I coped well with the contractions in this manner last time round. Gas & Air made caused me to be sick last time and stalled my labour. I want to remain active at all times and request monitoring procedures that allow me to do this.
  • Examinations – I do not want vaginal examinations unless circumstances dictate otherwise
  • If vaginal examinations are necessary, please take care not to inadvertently rupture membranes as I would like these to remain in tack during birth should they not break naturally.
  • Where possible keep all monitoring to a minimum to allow me to focus on the hypnobirthing
  • As part of the hypnobirthing I will be incommunicable during surges, I will signify these by closing my eyes please do not disturb me during this time as I wish to focus on my body, baby, and breathing

Second Stage – Birthing

  • I would like to use mother directed breathing down until crowning takes place and not forced pushing
  • I appreciate due to the previous shoulder dystonia with my first the birth will need to take place out of the pool and commit to getting out of the water when the time comes.
  • I have been attending regular chiropractor appointments to ensure everything is aligned as possible before birth
  • We would like skin to skin contact and time to bond with the baby. I wish to feed as soon as possible

Third Stage – Placenta Delivery

  • I want a physiological third stage and would like to try breast feeding to assist in a natural delivery
  • We would like delayed cord clamping, once the pulsation has stopped my husband will cut the cord
  • Please no cord traction, syntocinon or manual removal unless there is an emergency
  • Vitamin K injection for the baby while I am feeding if possible

Our considerations

  • We appreciate that we must be flexible in our choice if things do not evolve the way we wish
  • We request that all options are examined and we are given accurate information
  • We gratefully respect that we are given sufficient time to discuss the proposed course of action
  • In the event of an emergency situation, you will have our full co-operation. As safety of our baby and mum is paramount

Other considerations – assisted delivery

  • I have been practising perineum massage from 34 weeks so want to avoid as Episiotomy unless it is an emergency
  • If I require an assisted delivery please use a ventouse in favour of forceps
  • I am keen to avoid caesarean and will only agree to one for a genuine medical emergency
  • Please do not perform a hysterectomy unless if is the only option to save my life
  • If an emergency caesarean is required then I would like to remain awake and request an epidural or spinal block
  • In case of emergency/assisted breathing please bring the trolley to the baby and leave the cord on
  • I would like to breast feed the baby as soon after birth as possible and hold my baby straight away
  • My husband will stay with our baby if there is an emergency, if the baby needs to go to special care then my husband will go with him
  • I wish to be kept informed of baby’s well being and start expressing if the baby goes to special care

So there you have it, I have laminated two copies for my notes. If you are thinking about writing your own plan, you may want to have a look at the NHS website that have a template you can use here. If you would like to read another experience then please check out Fern’s post at Mum Conventional – How My Labour Went Wrong & How I am Hoping for a Positive Natural Birth.


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