I have decided to combine weeks 37 and 38 as a lot of the developments happening in my pregnancy at the moment span both weeks so it seemed silly to split them up. I’m afraid there is another bit of a rant coming on… but before I get to that element I want to focus on the good bits. After all this will be my last pregnancy, I am now certain of that. Although Hubby has said that from the start!

weeks 37 & 38

Kipper is still really active and I am very grateful that he had not dug his feet under my rib cage like his older brother, instead his legs seem to stretch out across my belly. Which does mean I get the chance to rub his feet every now and again which I think he enjoys as it gets a movement response. The same happens when I pat his bum. Its funny when he sticks it out it changes the shape of my bump quite dramatically. Thats not something which I remember first time round at all. Despite everything the trips to the chiropractor have defiantly paid off as aches I had have disappeared all together now. Although his head is starting to engage 2/5ths at the last check up which does mean that heavy feeling has appeared. I have been sitting on the birthing ball to try and encourage him to move down further.

Ive had two acupuncture appointments now which are designed to help get everything moving. I have also got one booked for 39 weeks although that session is designed to help with eviction! I am starting to get a little bit of lower back pain and period cramping so things are definitely feeling like they are going in the right direction.

Weight wise I’m pretty static sitting at 5.7kg gain, I am hopeful that I may actually come of out of the pregnancy a dress size smaller than I went in. Which would be a great bonus and not intentional at all. House wise the nursery is ready apart from ironing and hanging the curtains. Monkey is now referring to it as his old room which is also good and he’s not asked to leave his new bed once. I would like to say I have been successful in getting the rest of the house in order but alas theres still a fair amount of nesting to do. However I am relaxed so I don’t think that will be holding the birth back mentally. Hospital bags are packed so we are all ready to go. Which is just as well because here comes the rant…

I mentioned in my last post that I had been sent for another GLT which probably should have been done at 34 weeks when the growth scanned showed how large the baby was. However it was missed and only picked up in my 37 week appointment. I do wonder if I hadn’t of asked for a growth scan  again it would have still been missed. Its just as well it wasn’t as when I saw the midwife at 38 weeks it was high, 9.7 instead of below 7.8 which is the desired. At 28 weeks it was 4.7 and I have not been presenting glucose or had any other symptoms. So it came as a bit of a shock. This lead to a meeting with the diabetes nurse. She was very helpful and I am now to test four times a day. So far my results are well within the required levels but then that is because I am eating and drinking carefully. i.e. no more orange juice which I had taken to drinking by the bucket load and could easily be the reason for the diabetes. However what this does do is give them another excuse for induction, partly because of size (well we shall leave that there shall we because if it had been picked up when it should baby maybe not so big?) and also due to the placenta not working. Now due to all the drugs I have been on the placenta is working on over drive and Kipper is active so I am less concerned about this at the moment. Presenting diabetes, normally I would be induced at 38 weeks but since they found this around 38 weeks I have a little bit of time. 

When speaking to the nurse (who is also a midwife) I did explain the reasons why I didn’t want an indiction – i.e. water and active birth rather than being tied to a monitor and bed which could result in a mirroring of Monkey’s birth. She agreed and explained that there options we could consider which would still allow me to have that natural active birth but with a bit of a helping hand. So I do feel a little better about the whole thing. However I am not making any decisions until I have had our private growth scan after the weekend. We also have a consultant appointment the same day which may end up in a little more of a battle. However Hubby’s coming with me and after all the mistakes and inconsistencies we have experienced to date he’s not in the mood for me to be bullied into anything. 

Talking about consistency the nurse told me about colostrum collecting something which I should have been told by the midwife on diagnosis. Part of the issue with diabetes is around Kipper’s blood sugar. If I can keep my readings within the right range we are hopeful we will get away with it, more chance if I had started monitoring at 34 weeks… but basically after birth his blood sugars could either drop or spike. Neither is preferable and it could mean that he will end up in special care. Doing what I am doing now and feeding him straight away will help. He has a heel prick test 2-3 hours after birth and will then be monitored for a period of time. I am not sure how long for it will mean staying in hospital longer than I would like (really I wanted to be in and out) but obviously its important to make sure he’s okay. Now Monkey latched straight away but as we all know there is no guarantee that Kipper will do it. So I am now trying to collect a little bit of milk each day. Its not easy as my body’s not completely ready, normally it takes a few days to build it up too, which I obviously don’t have due to the late diagnosis. But I will continue to try and even if we only get a few mls its better than nothing and maybe enough to make sure his blood sugars are stable after all his stomach will be tiny at birth. Plus a bonus is that it may also encourage my body to start to think about labour….

So again a couple of weeks of ups and downs good and bad bits. It has cemented in my head that Kipper will be my last pregnancy. I am looking forward to putting the new buggy together this weekend and our private scan which will be the last time we get to see him before we hold him. My next update could well be that we have a bouncing (big) baby boy!




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