Last time round because we were planning home birth I travelled very light hoping not to have to go into hospital. Now if you read my post about Monkey’s Birth then you will know it didn’t exactly go to plan. Its likely I will need to stay in longer this time round due to my recent diabetes diagnosis and monitoring Kipper’s blood sugar. I am keen that we will be able to avoid it as I am keeping my bloody sugar exactly where it needs to be. However it does mean this time I need to be a little more prepared.

Whats in my hospital bag

The hospital suggests having a labour bag and a ward bag, I did initially pack our bags like that only to get a little confused as to what had been put where so I repacked them into a bag for me and a bag for baby. After all I will be a little pre-occupied so it makes it easier for Hubby to fund things too!

In My Bag:

  • Pregnancy Notes
  • iPod with loaded playlist
  • Nut bars for delivery (I have to monitor my blood sugar so my choice of snack is affected by this but you may want to consider energy drinks, fruit or sweets)
  • No added sugar squash concentrate (little squeeze bottle)
  • Tissues and clary sage
  • Pain killers
  • Bendy straws to make drinking easier
  • Something to give birth in – Ive opted for an old t-shirt and baggy PJ bottoms that are loose
  • Something to wear in the birthing pool – tankini
  • 2 x nursing bras
  • Large cotton pants or disposable pants
  • Socks for birth and for the ward
  • Maternity pads
  • Dressing gown and slippers
  • 2 x fresh PJs – ideally front opening if you are wanting to breast feed.
  • 2 x plastic bags for dirty washing
  • Small colouring book and pens
  • Mobile and charger
  • Camera and charger ( check that there is a card in the camera!)
  • Cash
  • Hair brush, hair bands and clip
  • Dark coloured towel
  • Breast pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Eye mask and ear plugs
  • Vitamins and medication
  • Arnica
  • 2 x day wear outfits, I have chosen shirts/breast feeding tops with baggy bottoms
  • Wash Bag – mascara and bronzer ( to make me feel better!), travel sized shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, body moisturiser, tooth brush, tooth paste, face creams, lip balm, cotton wool pads and ear buds, poof, bio oil.

In Kipper’s Bag:

  • 4 x baby grows and vests – Ive opted for newborn as we had a growth scan at 39 weeks which would still put Kipper in newborn clothes … just!
  • Hat
  • Going home outfit
  • Packet of newborn nappies
  • Water wipes ( I used the last time instead of cotton wool and water)
  • Large muslin
  • 3 x litte muslins
  • Inkless Foot Print Kit – gutted at my baby shower
  • Blanket
  • Dummy – only due to us potentially staying in for a few nights and only once breast feeding has been established
  • Small soft toy for the bounty photo
  • Changing mat

In addition the hospital has told me to bring in my own birthing ball, so it might be worth checking with yours. The baby’s carseat is also installed in the car ready for that first trip home, with any luck I won’t need half this stuff and I will be in and out with maybe just one nights stay.. we can hope!


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  1. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy)

    Such a comprehensive list, thanks for sharing with the list x

  2. Kerry Norris

    This is a great list. Love the idea of a colouring book. I inexpectantely had to stay in hospital for a week on my 2nd and I hadn’t planned for that eventuality at all or for having a cesearean. If I ever have another I’m going in with a suitcase lol x

  3. My Petit Canard

    Fab list! Im planning to pack mine tomorrow and keep getting paranoid that I might forget something so its really useful to have a peek at yours 🙂 Good luck with everything, cant wait to hear your new baby news! Emily

  4. Silly Mummy

    Sensible lists. I did pack a labour bag & a ward bag. Could have saved time & packed no bags second time as it WAS a home birth (though not intentionally!) Hope all goes well with the birth & the blood sugar. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  5. bubbablue

    I also packed a bag for me and baby. But took home a lot of stuff unused.

  6. Ana De Jesus

    Oh no how are you feeling now? This is the perfect resource for expecting mums and would have helped my friend out a lot.


    I love that photo! I packed pretty much the same I think, it’s hard to remember after the fact and you *hope* that you will be in and out and not need much but better safe than sorry right?!

  8. fashionandstylepolice

    Great list. I packed similar items in my hospital bag 3 years ago.

  9. Angela Milnes

    I think the things I packed are a little different 8 years ago. I wasn’t even on facebook then and didn’t have a mobile. Great list and I love your photo. Angela from Daysinbed

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