I am hoping this will be my last update! Things definitely seem to be moving now which is great and I can not believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone. The enormity of how life is going to change as Kipper joins us is still slowly starting to dawn on me. I still feel a little guilty towards Monkey and the impact it will have on him. Even with a lovely new bedroom! Last night Hubby and I wrapped up his present from the baby with a special big brother card, Monkey has also decided that he wants to buy the baby a blue soft toy. Blue is his favourite colour so this is a big deal for him – wanting to share his favourite colour.

week 39

Feeling a lot more positive this week, although I am not through the week yet. I am writing this now partly because I don’t think we will make it through the week and Kipper will be making an appearance before my guess date. The house is almost as I want it and Monkey’s final room stickers have just been delivered which will give me a job for this afternoon to take my mind off things. Hubby put the buggy together at the weekend and I love it, so easy to steer with one hand!

I have been due diligently taking my blood sugar, and keeping it within the required levels, although I am already a bit sick of Muller Light yoghurts! I am even loosing weight and its reminiscent of Slimming World. But I figure if I can control my blood sugar there is less chance of Kipper having to go to special care and showing those peaks and lows. I am not having any luck with the milk though, which is frustrating. There is some but not enough to collect. Hopefully that means he will feed straight away. He is definitely not growing at the same rate as he was, as we had a private scan done again at 39 weeks exactly and Kipper is weighing in at 8lb 14oz. I was starting to worry with everything piling up that he would be over 10lb and with the previous shoulder issues I was thinking c-section maybe the way to go. The same afternoon we saw the consultant and I have been nicknamed by the maternity staff as miss trouble. It didn’t bother me but it made Hubby’s heckles raise. I have agreed to an induction date on the 3rd of May. Partly because I don’t want him to get too big and increase the risk of shoulder dystocia. However we have agreed on the pessary only, no drip, if they don’t work we will go to elective c-section. They weren’t keen on this calling it a half job and suggesting I just go for a c-section, but I still really want a natural birth if possible. 

But I am hoping that we won’t get that far, the sweep went well and I am not far off, which would go along with the dull back ache and odd cramp I am getting. I still have an acupunture appointment tomorrow and failing that another sweep booked for the Friday. I think if Kipper were to engage we would probably be all systems go. Instead he quite enjoys holding his knees which means  he’s like a little canon ball and his head is not engaged as it was. I have been sitting on my ball hoping this will help!

Last night I dragged Hubby to an active birth class at the hospital, needless to say I owe him. But it was quite interesting to see how things have changed in four years. I am glad we went since they told me to bring my own ball. I had previously been told not to worry they had loads. We couldn’t see any of the pools as they were busy, I am hoping that it means when push comes to shove (excuse the pun) that my willing to turn up to a class will help with the hope for not being hooked up to a monitor. From what the midwife was saying they are quite happy to monitor with the doppler only, while everything remains okay of course. Which means despite everything thats been thrown at us over the last few weeks, we may end up with the birth we wanted after all.

Hopefully my next update with be around Kippers’s birth…

Week 40 Update

Oh how wrong can you be! The second sweep went even better than the first in fact we even joked about a bottle of champagne for the midwife when she said he’ll be here by Sunday! Sunday came and went along with more false starts which goes to show just how unpredictable the birthing process is. I am actually writing this update from my hospital bed, we came in 3 days ago. Kipper is fine and relishing being centre of attention. Mummy is very frustrated, which is no surprise afterall she’s also very stubborn and impatient. The hospital have been great and are trying to give me the natural birth that I would like all the midwives are very caring and sympathetic to me starting to loose my mind! 

I am currently on the second pessary, due to my bishop gate score I can only have the 24 hour one. I’ve had a couple more false starts but nothing more and I’m currently waiting to see if they can break my waters later to see if that will help kick start things. The hospital is very busy today so I’m not sure if they will be able to or not. If that doesn’t work then theatre it is. 

One of the most frustrating things is that I have been witness to several mummies come in and have the pessary and then disappear again to go home or are within the delivery suite in a matter of hours. Granted they are quite a bit younger than me so maybe age has something to do with it? I am sure I will give you an update on whether they were able to break my waters in Kippers birth story. One thing for certain is – babies come when they want to regardless of how much we try to interfere with the process! 



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    I’d just like to wish you good luck! Hope the birth goes smoothly and that you and baby will be well. #BloggerClubUK

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