In Kipper’s Birth Story I referred briefly to us having to go back into hospital less than 24 hours after we left. It wasn’t exactly the stress free post birth I was hoping for, in fact there was a reasonable amount on tears on my part (something to do with the baby blues), worry and waiting around.

Our Neo Natal Experience.jpg

We left the hospital initially quite late on the Friday that Kipper was born, worn out from the four day induction and delivery we headed straight to bed. With Kipper in his Moses basket along side us. That night Hubby and I were woken to him making the most bizarre noises, initially thinking nothing new here as we all know newborns are very rarely quiet! But through the sleep deprived daze I quickly realised he was choking. He didn’t just do it the once he did it five or six times, it was a little unnerving, but as soon as you picked him up and gave him a pat he was fine. He wasn’t even waking up. Still I felt a bit uneasy with it and decided to run it past the midwife when she came to check on us.

However she never turned up, issues with paperwork. Wanting to check with antennal to see if she was coming on the Sunday I gave them a call and spoke to the head midwife at East Surrey. She must have guessed something was wrong as she asked if I had any concerns. Trying not to sound like a paranoid parent and justifying it by being a second time mum and something not feeling right in my gut… I explained the choking experience. She agreed and asked us to go in to A&E, which we promptly did. The decision was made to observe Kipper in the Neo Natal Unit. Not really thinking about what we were walking into, and with Monkey with us we dutifully followed the nurse into the unit. Kipper went into the room where they have constant monitoring. He looked like a giant compared to the other little babies in the room. The nurse was lovely. However Monkey did not deal well with it. He had, had his parents home for less than 24 hours, his new little brother was being hooked up to monitors via scary looking wires that kept beeping. Looking back we should never have subjected him to that but it all happened so quickly. Poor little mite ended up being shipped back to the grandparent while Hubby ran around making sure we had all we needed for another unexpected hospital stay. Theres no surprise that he declared that he was going to live with his Nana and Bamps that evening.

PL 09_05_2016 Redhill Hospital

Thankfully there was a room on the ward which meant because I was feeding I could stay with Kipper. The nurse woke me every 3/4 hours to feed him, although I did keep popping in to check on him. He had one more episode around 10pm that evening, actually turning blue and his blood oxygen dropped to 60 (100 is where it should be). In some ways it was reassuring we hadn’t imagined the whole thing, on the other it was worrying yet he was in the right place. The nurse placed him on his side and this helped, and to be honest he is sleeping on his side next to me as I write this. The following morning the pediatrician came round and said they wanted to keep him in for another 24 hours because of what happened. I disappeared to the room and wept. I was knackered, worried about Monkey and Kipper and just wanted to sleep in my own bed. Hubby stayed with us for most of the day, we even managed to get out for lunch in between feeds. Kipper was fine he was happily sleeping in his crib none the wiser. I was desperate to go home as my milk hadn’t come in which meant that the hospital staff were getting worried about the amount of weight Kipper had lost. Overnight on the Sunday I finally agreed to top up feeds with formula I would have agreed to anything to get out. I’m not really surprised my milk was delayed to be honest I hadn’t slept for almost a week and was mildly stressed!

The pediatrician came round on the Sunday morning and agreed to release us as long as I followed up with the midwife as he had lost 9.7%. As for the choking, it was most likely mucus from the birth. The delivery was quite quick so it could be that there wasn’t enough chance to get everything squeezed out. Kipper needed to take in milk to help him bring up the mucus. However because his tummy is so small and my milk supply limited it meant he wasn’t getting the volume to allow him to do this. When he did throw up you could see that it wasn’t just milk. He has slept on his side ever since and we haven’t had any more choking issues.


As for the whole Neo Natal experience all the doctors and nurses we came into contact with were great, very supportive and helpful. Its very clear they do a lot of good work with very fragile babies. I can not imagine what the parents of the babies who are in there longterm go through and can only thank our lucky stars that our trip in was very brief indeed. As for Monkey he’s worked through the angst it caused him, once home I was able to explain to him about the babies and the machines and how they make them better. Thankfully he decided that it was better at home after all…


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  1. Wow this also happened me with my first baby. It was so frightening but it is good to read some one else’s experience of it as I haven’t met anyone else it happened to! Great Kipper is ok and I hope Monkey moved back home!

  2. What a scary time for you! Glad everything is ok now. I’ve visited neonatal a few times at work and can imagine how terrifying it must be for parents and your other little one, bless him. It’s true about the drs and nurses, they do such fantastic work
    S xx

  3. Oh gosh what a scary experience for you all. I’m pleased to read that the doctors and nurses were so good with you at what must have been such a shocking few days! Glad Monkey has decided to stay too! #MarvMondays

  4. Congratulations!! I’m so sorry you had the experience you did because that would certainly be stressful and scary, but happy that it wasn’t worse! ((hugs))

  5. Aw, my heart is breaking for you all! I remember SO well the terror of bringing home a newborn and hearing them choke on mucus, I couldn’t believe they no longer try and get the mucus out once they’re born. I was exhausted yet could barely sleep when A choked but thankfully he wasn’t bad enough to warrant neo-natal as your little one did. I’m just so glad he’s doing so much better now! As excited as I am to meet my baby, I don’t miss the worry of such a fragile little thing. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  6. oh no, what a start for you both but luckily you listened to your instincts. My youngest was always a side sleeper and as soon as he could, he’s always turned onto his stomach, months sleeping on my chest I suspect! hope it’s all going ok now?

  7. How frightening. I’m glad he’s okay, and you’re finally home. & Monkey has decided to join you! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  8. Oh what a scary experience. I’m so glad to hear Kipper is ok and Monkey has got over the shock. I’m glad to hear the nurses and the care Kipper received was all good. I hope you’re ok now too lovely xx #TwinklyTuesday

  9. Oh my goodness, how stressful! So glad you all received such good treatment and everything worked out well in the end.

  10. Sorry to hear that it was not the stress free-post birth you wanted. But glad you got good care in the end and that Kipper was able to bring up the mucus eventually x

  11. I’m so sorry you had to go through this it must have been really scary for you all. We ended up back in hospital with Oldest 5 days after her delivery with something similar. It was awful watching her hooked up to machines, you just feel so helpless. Fantastic that you received such great treatment and that you are now home as a family finding your routine. Big hugs to all 🙂 xx #TwinklyTuesday

  12. Oh bless you, that sounds awful! It’s so hard for our first babies to adjust I think. My daughter coped by ignoring it all, now though, they are best buddies thankfully! I’m so pleased it all worked out ok, there is nothing as scary as the noise of choking, especially in one so young. Glad things are all settling down now. Thanks for linking up! #bigpinklink

  13. Oh, you poor things! That must have been so upsetting and worrying. I’m really glad everything was ok in the end and you were so right to make sure it was nothing serious. The pictures of little Kipper are precious.

  14. So glad little Kipper is doing well and it was only a short stay on special care. I’m a pro at it as Oliver was on NICU for over 3 months and Poppy 15 days. When you’re new to it it can be pretty terrifying with monitors and constant bing bongs xx

  15. Mess and merlot Reply

    Congatulations on your beautiful new bubs!! Glad to jear that horrible first few days are behind you and you are all home safely 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  16. Firstly your pictures are absolutely adorable! That must’ve been really quite scary to go through. It’s horrible when you just want to get home and get used to your new normal. I’m glad everything is better! #bloggerclubuk

  17. Very well written account well done. What a scary time thank God you listened to your mummy instincts & got him to the hospital. My baby had to go to neonatal too when he was born (birth story on my blog) so I know how overwhelming it is. Glad he’s home with you now. Congrats xx

  18. alisonlonghurst Reply

    Lovely photos. What an awful experience and even harder with another in tow. Got to appreciate the work of the doctors and nurses. Thank you for sharing a difficult time. Alison #BloggerClubUk

  19. Firstly congratulations! Such beautiful pictures. I am glad to hear everything worked out for the best. You are right they do an amazing job in these units and most of us have no idea. My twin nieces were born prematurely and spent a long time hooked up to machines before coming home. It was amazing the level of care they received.

  20. Goodness me what a fright for you all. I’ve no neo natal experience but I have had hospital stays with my youngest recently and its not at all easy. I’m so glad you are all home and Kipper is well and Monkey has got over it, its traumatic for siblings too. Sending a gentle hug x #bloggerclubuk

  21. Over Heaven's Hill Reply

    Such a beautiful little thing 🙂 so hard going through something like that. So glad everything is ok now. Thanks for sharing your story

  22. Hi Clare. what a terrifying experience it must have been for all of you! Thankfully Kipper is alright and Monkey has moved back home with you. I hope it’s all as plain sailing as it can possibly get from here on in.


  23. randommusings29 Reply

    I’m pleased to hear Kipper is doing well and that Monkey has decided he will stay with you lol. That must have been so scary. The neo-natal teams are fab, both with looking after the babies and with reassuring parents too.

  24. I can’t even imagine how scary it must have been for money to see he’s brother like that but I think you guys did well for explaining to him why the beeping and the wires. Glad your baby is fine and hopefully no more choking

  25. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    Thank goodness you got to the neo-natal unit in time & that you were able to stay with Kipper. It must have been so frightening for you all! I had my newborns sleep on their sides because our oldest was in special care & that’s how the nurses positioned him. So I carried that on with the other two – it seems like a safer way for them to lay. I’m so glad you received such excellent acre & all is well now! #BloggerClubUK

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  27. Fionnuala Zinnecker Reply

    Oh God, that must have been terribly frightening! Thank goodness everything turned out well in the end. I hope you are both doing realy well now.
    Thanks for sharing on #bloggerclubuk.

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