I have no idea where the last month has gone, and although I write in a diary ever night for Kipper I’m not really sure what we have been up to! I did the same diary entries for Monkey but Kipper’s diary is a lot more about Monkey and they things we have been getting up to with him and Kipper has been in his pram the whole time! The problems with being a second child….


I brought these cute little vests from Next each with a month on it, I purchased them quite recently and they also have pastel versions for the little girls. They run from 1month to 12 months and make the whole monthly photo recording a doddle.  My plan is to try and take a monthly photo which allows me to add an update to it and then at the end of the first year make it into a little photo book. Of course its quite a challenge to get a photo and there were a number of screaming versions of the above.

Right from the beginning he’s been a Mummy’s boy. At the moment it’s more pronounced as Kipper is just going through a developmental leap and as such has been needing to feed more frequently (every couple of hours) and needing to be held more. Now I know there is the train of thought that the more you hold your baby the more they need holding and you are making a rod for your own back… But Kipper (despite my protests) will be my last baby so quite frankly I will spoil him with cuddles at every opportunity.

  • Weight – at last weigh in he was 10lb 1oz (3 weeks old) which means he made up his birth weight and some putting on a whole pound in 10 days. It also puts Kipper in the 91st percentile.
  • Height – 22.5 inches
  • Clothing Size – really Kipper is out of newborn clothes although I am still refusing to accept this. Partly because he is appearing to be long in the body and shorter in the legs.
  • Health – other than the initial trip back into Neo Natal we have been lucky and everything seems to be progressing as it should. He does have a lot of milk spots which are turning into black heads! I am hoping that this is a good sign – that Kipper’s oily skin will mean he will avoid the eczema infliction that haunts Monkey. He is also very windy! Although our recent trips to the chiropractor seem to be helping that problem.
  • FullSizeRender-29Loves – Cuddles with Mummy, during the day his preferred method of sleeping is in my arms. Kipper also really loves his bouncy chair and often gurgles when he is in it. He’s also pretty good with tummy time surprisingly we have only done it a handful of times but he manages a few minutes each time!
  • Hates – The carseat! In fact he quite often screams his head off when you put him in it and eventually cries himself to sleep in the car. This is a whole new experience as Monkey loved the car. Being naked and vests going over his head so changing time is not the most stress free experience! He also is not a fan of the swinging chair much preferring to be able to kick around on the floor.
  • Habits – He’s found his hands and likes to suck them! I’m not surprised as he was doing this inside my tummy. He will take a dummy too which I give him at nap times and at night.
  • Development – Kipper’s not smiling yet, although he’s starting to get excited when kicking around and also in his bouncy chair. I managed to get some video footage the other day which is adorable… even if I do say so myself!! When held close Kipper is starting to focus on my face and he loves anything bright. He’s also been demonstrating the Moro reflex normally when Monkey gets too close with an overzealous game. As far as holding his head up, Kipper can manage some head strength when held upright on your shoulder and a few seconds on the tummy time mat. he is also crying real tears now…normally when he goes in his carseat!
  • Sleeping – We had this, but with the development leap theres been a couple of sleepless nights recently. Before this Kipper was waking around 2am and around 5am. Which was fantastic as it actually meant you felt like you had a decent chunk of sleep. I’m hopeful we will get back there soon.
  • Eating – Due to the development leap and the hot weather Kipper has been feeding more than every three hours during the day, sometimes he only goes an hour between feeds. But before this last week or so he was every three hours, I’m confident he will go back to it and I aim to feed at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm as these timings generally work around whatever I have going on in the day. Of course if he needs more frequent feeds then he gets them. I feed on both sides at each feed and generally he’s on four around half an hour in total.
  • Toys – Really at one month Kipper is far to young for books and toys although he is enjoying his Tummy Time mat and I would like to get him something for his carseat as he’s started to look up while in it.
  • Favourite outfit – I have a couple of newborn baby grows which he has now grown out of!! One has little crocodiles on it from Next and the other has a train on the front and is from JoJo Maman Bebe, both of which I will be keeping and will end up in his keepsake box.
  • Things I don’t want to forget – the little grunting noises he makes when he is feeding  and the machine noise after when he needs burping!! I really need to video them. Oh and of course the mummy cuddles, I think I must have dozens of sleeping baby photos post feed – they just look so peaceful!
  • Looking forward to.. that first social smile

Check back next month for some more cute photos and an update on his development


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  1. 1 month already! He’s so gorgeous, makes me excited to meet my little one. #bloggerclubuk

  2. organisedjo Reply

    What a lovely post, and love the pictures & video. The baby grows with the months on are a great idea, looking forward to seeing more of those. #BloggerClubUk

  3. What a lovely little guy! My little lord hated the car seat as well at the beginning but now he settles in for a journey and enjoys it so hopefully it’ll be the same for Kipper. That month has flown by and I’m adoring your vests I wish I’d done that! Maybe for no.2! Great read hope your keeping well #bloggerclubuk

  4. I love this summary and how it covers all the important bits! Like you I have just had no2 although he’s now 17 weeks (feels like I had him five mins ago). Totally feels like everything is about the eldest and relate to your pram comment! Have another fabulous week and enjoy those cuddles xx #BloggerClubUK

  5. agent Spitback Reply

    He’s already a month old! Time has flown. Lovely update and lovely pictures. He’s so cute. The outfits with the numbered months are a great idea. The little grunting noises, ah, see…. that brought back memories for me. #bloggerclubuk

  6. Over Heaven's Hill Reply

    Oh my gosh how cute! Isn’t it amazing the difference in one month already #bloggerclubuk

  7. Ah welcome back chick and hello Kipper – such a cute name and what my brother is called too!! He looks adorable honey and I hope you are both doing well. xxx #BloggerClubUK

  8. The Pramshed Reply

    This really reminds me and takes me back to the first month with our little girl. Kipper is gorgeous. I remember so well the regular feeds, every hour, and trying so hard to find or set a pattern. I hope that all is going really well for you both. Claire x #BloggerClubUK

  9. aww Kipper is adorable! I adore the month baby vests too – he looks super cute. I bet the month has gone so quickly but also at the same time I bet you can’t remember a time without him. Love the fact that he sucks his little fists and was doing that when you were pregnant too! #BloggerClubUK

  10. There’s nothing like a gorgeous, snuggly looking baby to make me feel all broody…but NO MORE! And those vests are great…wish we’d had those 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  11. pottyadventures Reply

    Belated congratulation to you all. I certainly know what you mean about second child syndrome – it does sometimes leave you feeling a little guilty doesn’t it. A lovely update and I’m glad you’re all doing well. Potty Adventures. #BloggerClubUK

  12. How lovely! Feels like a lifetime ago and also like yesterday. That Moro reflex scared the heck out of me the first times I saw it! ?X

  13. Ah what a cutie! My little one also loves it when you change him – giggling when you pull his arms out of his top and pull it over his head!!

  14. Aww I can’t believe he is a month old already!He’s so cute. I hope you start getting your sleep back on track soon. My boy had milk spots when he was tiny too, all over his little nose. Looking forward to your next update xx #BloggerClubUK p.s welcome back 🙂

  15. Coombe Mill Reply

    Well done Kipper all is looking great and fingers crossed that oily skin does mean no eczema, it is so miserable and the doctors can do little about it. #BloggerclubUK

  16. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons Reply

    Gosh, one month old already? That must have flown by! What a gorgeous little guy, so pleased he’s doing so well. I wish I’d done something like your ‘moments I don’t want to forget’ – such a lovely way to capture those little things that change so quickly! #bloggerclubuk

  17. Beautiful baby. I find his movements so adorable! I like that you’re keeping a diary for Kipper. I got a book I write in for my daughter. I wrote in there while I was expecting her also. #BloggerClubUK

  18. alisonlonghurst Reply

    Well done for having the time/mental capacity to record a diary entry every night and blog about your gorgeous little boy. He will love reading the diary when he’s older – my girls do (not that I even managed every month with them!) Love the babygrow idea with the months on. Congratulations on it all. Alison #BloggerClubUK

  19. Awwww love him! He’s such a little sweetheart. The vests are a great find. Your post brought me back to the first few months with Little Button. I wish I had thought to blog back then. #BloggersClubUK

  20. What a lovely post – a month already how crazy! Sounds like he was in a great feeding and sleeping pattern which is amazing that early. My little man hated being changed too and wasn’t a big fan of the car until he fell asleep (which he usually did quite quickly luckily)! I am ashamed to say at 6 months most of my son’s daytime naps are still on me or his dad (or the pram!) – oh well he won’t be a baby forever eh?! Love that video, so cute. He’s gorgeous! #BloggerClubUK

  21. It sure does go by fast doesn’t it?! I can’t believe my boys are 14 and 9. Sometimes I look at them in pure amazement at how fast those baby days went! I think this blog and those videos are going to be some lasting memories for you:) Thanks so much for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  22. Sara Handy Herbs Reply

    Wow – where does time go?! Such a lovely post with adorable pics and video. Congrats on writing a daily diary – amazing! I look forward to reading your next update, Clare 🙂 Welcome back! #BloggerClubUK

  23. Becky, Cuddle Fairy Reply

    Kipper is so alert & engaged in the video! I can’t believe it’s been a month already – the time flies by! I know what you mean about second children, it’s hard to give the same dedication to their baby books as there is an older sibling to consider as well. By my third it got really slack lol Our daughter is in the 90something percentile too – she was nearly 10lbs at birth. It’s great Kipper is thriving so well. #BloggerClubUK

  24. One month already?? Never!! He is absolutely adorable and he is so alert isn’t he? That first month just passes so fast, its lovely that you can write about your memories each day and to have that in the future to look back on. ‘#BloggerClubUK

  25. He is too adorable!! How fast has that month flown by? Loving the the little set of onesies from Next, what a good idea. A shame he hates his carseat though, I honestly thought all babies loved them. #BloggerClubUK

  26. Mess and merlot Reply

    Gorgeous wee man!! I haven’t see the ‘month’ babygrows before but they sound like a brilliant present for a newborn. Awww the snuffles and grunts, so so adorable. Enjoy every one ? #BloggerClubUK

  27. randommusings29 Reply

    He’s coming on a treat Clare 🙂 I love the idea of the monthly photos with the babygrows. The video is adorable, he looks so alert like he’s taking everything in

  28. Aw, such a gorgeous photo! I used to love the grunting noises Marianna made when feeding, even if she did have a look that said she knew I was telling people it made her sound like a little piglet… xD #bloggerclubuk

  29. This is such a lovely update! I wish I had done something like this – love the idea of the ‘month’ vests, but I’m not sure they would have worked for us as Alfie was 3 months ahead size wise. Congratulations on the birth of little Kipper, I’m looking forward to more of these updates! #bloggerclubuk

  30. Awwwwwwwww, this is making me broody!! My little one is not so little anymore and spends most of the day demanding this, that and the other. You almost forget what they’re like as newborns. This is a lovely way to remember all of the little things. Beautiful.
    Oh, also. I read somewhere that the vests can be taken off by pulling their little arms out of the neck and pulling them down the body as opposed to over the head (especially for nasty poop leaks!) apparently that’s why they have the slashed neck. If you can take them off that way I’m sure you can put them on that way too?! Just a thought. It’s a tip I wished I knew when Iittle man was a baby! #BloggerClubUK

  31. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) Reply

    That video really made me feel happy, what a little love, I love your monthly update especially the little things you want to remember. A colleague recently brought her new born into work and it was those little snuffly nosies that brought back the most intense memories for me. So pleased for you!

  32. Awww I love this update and would love to do something similar when our little one arrives to capture all the special little moments like these. It sounds like Kipper is doing really well, I cant believe a whole month has flown by already! Cant wait to read the next update 🙂 Emily #BloggersClubUK

  33. Awwww you almost make me want to have another baby. I had mine so close together that sometimes I think I didn’t give my self ample time to dote on one in particular. Or maybe it was because I was in such a haze and don’t remember. He’s beautiful! Congrats! And thank you again for hostessing #bloggerukclub

  34. Marina Ilieva Reply

    This is so cute. He is amazing. This post made me look back to my son’s baby age. It was such a wonderful period and he was an innocent and sweet angel (where is this angel 4 years later? 😀 ). Have thousands of happy moments with your little boy. #BloggerClubUK

  35. Love the vests! Might have to get myself down to Next before Little M turns one month on Monday! #BloggerClubUK

  36. moneysavermum Reply

    Time definitely flies by faster with the second. Love the idea of those vests with the month on them! I’m going through the painstaking process of putting my pix into a photobook now and it is a hassle to always go back and find the date. Thanks for sharing #BloggerClubUK

  37. Oh my goodness, so lovely! You can’t believe how broody this is making me (and my youngest is only 7 months). Those vests are a brilliant idea, I wish I’d seen them #BloggerClubUK

  38. I love this, those vests are so cute, I really wish I had been a bit more organised with keeping a diary or baby book. LP is 16 months now, and I have already forgotten so much. I remember those feeding times well! He is very cute. x #BloggerClubUK

  39. He’s such a gorgeous little bubba! I love those grunting noises, all those little newborn squeaks. I can’t believe he’s already 1 month! I feel like I was reading your birth announcement just yesterday. A lovely update x thanks for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  40. Double the Monkey Business Reply

    Just gorgeous!!!!! This takes me back to those newborn days. I used to love the little sounds they made. Love your updates 🙂 xx #bloggerclubuk

  41. Hi Clare, he’s growing up fast! It is so sad when they outgrow those first baby outfits and as for those soft noises babies make? They are so cute! It’s excellent that you keep a diary, I started with both of mine, but never kept it up, much to the disgust of my daughter.


  42. imummyblog Reply

    Aw what a cutie! The milestone vests are a great idea! #bloggerclubuk

  43. So cute, I love the little monthly baby grows, I want them! I hope you get to see that smile soon! #BloggerClubUK

  44. Those vests are SUCH a great idea, I wish I’d had them for our kids. Sounds like he’s making great progress, your pictures are beautiful x #BloggerClubUK

  45. Cute! Glad he’s doing well! The vests are a really clever idea. Yes, the second baby does rather seem to hang around in a pram while big sibling does things in the beginning! #BloggerClubUK

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