I know I am always going to start all these posts the same… something along the lines of where has the time gone! What with Monkey’s birthday and party to get ready for I feel as though I have spent very little time with Kipper over the last couple of weeks. We’ve had the professional baby photos back which I am very happy with (post coming soon) and are currently in the process of applying for his first passport. I am hoping we will manage to get away before Monkey starts school. He has also had his six week check at the doctors and got a clean bill of health – although I am not looking forward to our next appointment which will be when he gets his jabs!

Generally he is a very happy baby as long as he’s fed he doesn’t tend to cry at all. Although he’s still being sick after every feed the wind seems to be subsiding a little. Unless of course I am just getting use to it, we go through about four muslins a day!


Weight –  The doctors check up was one day before Kipper turned 2 months and he weighed 13b 40z. Which means he is still putting on about one lb every 10 days or so, not bad for a breast fed baby!

Height – 23.2 inches

Clothing Size – Kipper is now well into his 0-3 month clothing, with the British weather the way it is there is a chance that he won’t get to wear some of the Summer clothing he has been gifted. We are still struggling with poppers due to his body length and some of them gape a bit around the tummy. Although its not chubbiness its all muscle! He is still just about in size 2 nappies, once we run out I will be buying size 3s.

Health – Last month I mentioned that Kipper had a few black heads due to his oily skin. These are now clearing up and we are still eczema free. Monkey’s came on at six weeks so I’m really happy we have no signs. He’s still windy although the chiropractor trips are helping and she has also been removing tightness in his jaw. We are currently looking for signs of chicken pox since Monkey came down with it two weeks ago. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will not get it, but have ordered in some baby scratch mits just incase. At our doctors sign off he was given a clean bill of health, the doctor especially mentioned that he has good strong muscles, so I guess the tummy time is paying off! We are also avoiding the dreaded cradle cap thanks to a little brush I was given at the baby show.

Loves – Kipper is still loving cuddles with Mummy and will often only settle for me during the day. We have been using the sling more and more as if he’s not settling he will generally fall asleep in the sling against me. Daddy plays a game with his dummy which normally elects a giggle which is very cute to watch.

Although his bouncy chair is still a firm favourite, Kipper likes anything which gets him up high. I have also noticed that while in his car seat he likes to look upwards at the billowing sun shade. I often get smiles after he has been fed which is pretty typical in our house, just like his daddy he likes his food! Kipper also loves the bath, no tears even when he had his first one with Monkey. He likes to kick around in it, although I have also noticed he quite often will turn his head on purpose to try and drink the bath water.

And I hate to say it as Monkey didn’t go anywhere near the television until he was at least 12 months old! But with Kipper its been a different story, he has loved laying and watching the football games and anything Monkey may have on – I keep telling myself its the bright colours and he’s not already addicted to Peppa Pig – honest!!

IMG_1811Hates – Thankfully the hate for the carseat is disappearing and he is much better with vests and getting changed. He really doesn’t like missing out on anything and I do sometimes wonder if he is a little bored at times!

Habits – Kipper loves to suck his hands, although hasn’t found his thumb yet. He also likes to spit his dummy out in a manor which reminds me of Maggie from the Simpsons.

– I got my first proper smile on my Birthday when Kipper was six and a half weeks old.  Very soppy I know but it brought tears to my eyes. That recognition. He doesn’t give smiles away very easily although he has smiled at Monkey on occasion, I tend to benefit from them most. I must also crinkle up my nose when I smile as he has started to try and do this too which is hilarious. He’s also trying to talk, making grunting and gurgling noises in response to conversation. As far as head holding he’s practically there which makes life easier, unless he’s really tired.

One thing which I’ve really noticed him doing is looking at plants and trees, especially when the wind is blowing through the leaves. When we went to the flower show last week he was mesmerised.

Sleeping –  Kipper’s last feed is between 10-11pm on a good night he will then go through to around 4am, we have even managed 4.30am. Then he will tend to cluster feed until about six. So although he’s not where Monkey was at this age, he’s not far off. I am hoping that it will eventually stretch out.

IMG_5858-2Eating – Even though we are half way through the most recent development leap generally Kipper is feeding every three hours during the day at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm as these timings generally work around whatever I have going on in the day. Of course if he needs more frequent feeds then he gets them. I am no longer feeding on both sides every feed unless he is particularly hungry or its a hot day!

Toys – Hubby got the play mat down from the loft and Kipper enjoys kicking around on it, in the last week or so he’s started batting some of the the hanging toys.

Favourite outfit – A little green and white striped baby grow with a yellow duck on the front going fishing from John Lewis along with a navy wool cardigan with little teddy bear ears on the hood from Marks & Spencers. I am sad that he will soon be too big for so many of his baby grows, so I have decided to try and make a bear out of them.

Things I don’t want to forget – How soft and fluffy his new hair growth is, that first smile and how thrilled and happy it made me feel. Secret early morning snuggles – I’m not meant to be co-sleeping!!

Looking forward to.. enjoying some gardens together when the weather finally improves and spending some quality time outside

Check back next month for some more cute photos and an update on his development





  1. Beautiful photos. He sounds to be doing really well. Love the sound of him trying to wrinkle his nose. I want to try and make bears with my daughters clothes one day.

  2. Emma (@MeBeeandBo) Reply

    He’s a cutie! What brush are you using to prevent cradle cap? Bo struggled with it when she was little and I’m didn’t know you could prevent it – would love to do so with Bee when he/she comes along!

    • It’s a little blue rectangle one by poultry – I think it was actually called a cradle cap brush or similar Cx

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  4. Squirmy Popple Reply

    What a precious little boy! And so big as well! I don’t think my daughter was 13lbs until she was at least 6 months old, but she’s always been a teeny wee thing. Love the sleepy squash-faced picture! #BloggerClubUK

  5. Oh he really is totally beautiful – adorable photos. That first smile is so special – I remember spending hours just watching and getting them to do it again and again. Oh enjoy him lots – special times for sure #BloggerClubUK

  6. That black and white photo is absolutely adorable. It reminds me of similar ones I have of my chubby faced son. Oh how I miss the newborn chubbiness! I love that it’s ‘all muscle’, I wish I could say the same for me! #BloggerClubUK

  7. Ordinary Hopes Reply

    SOmehow I blinked and my first one went from 2 months to 16 years! Don’t blink! #BloggerClubUK

  8. Cute baby 🙂 He seems to be pretty large and bonny. Thank you though for not talking about percentiles – I remember some of the mums from the mother and baby group driving me mad with their “mine’s in the top 99% percentile etc” as my son was quite small at the start. Looks like you are both enjoying each other so much. Lovely photos, Jo #BloggerClubUK

  9. Aw, that last photo! So so cute. It sounds like he’s doing so well – and definitely wants to be involved in everything! (Even Peppa Pig 😉 x #bloggerclubuk

  10. Oh wow two months already? He is so gorgeous and that’s amazing about his weight gain! My son used to put on a pound a week and I used to be terrified about taking him to be weighed, some babies are just hungrier than others!! #BloggerClubUK

  11. What a nice way to document his development. I wish I had done something like this with my kids as, like you say, the time passes so quickly. I look back at pictures and try to remember more but it’s amazing how much you forget! Glad your little man is doing so well ? #BloggerClubUK

  12. discombubulated Reply

    You’re so good documenting all this. What a read it will be in years to come. I’ve forgotten most of it! #BloggerClubUK

  13. tuesdayschildblog13 Reply

    A lovely post. I can definitly relate to the sneaky early morning cuddles. My girl is 4 months so a little ahead but we’re still working on getting her of her dislike of the car sear! #bloggerclubuk

  14. awww im so broody! we also didn’t wear many of our summer clothes as it was so hot in june 2013 that b just hung out in his nappy for 8 weeks haha! #BloggerClubUK

  15. Coombe Mill Reply

    Some great Milestones for Kipper already, how exciting for you all! It’s so sweet that he gave you his smile for your birthday, I bet it was magical. #BloggerClubUK

  16. It was so lovely meeting Kipper the other day! Hope you all got back safe. Thanks for hosting #BloggerClubUK and sorry for my late commenting….its been hectic here!

  17. I cant believe how quickly time has flown! I remember reading your birth announcement and that only seemed like a couple of weeks ago. Such a lovely update and great way to capture everything. I love all the little details. It sounds like hes doing fantastically well 🙂 Emily #BloggerClubUK

  18. What a lovely post this is and such a great idea, wish I had done something like this for mine. Wow how lucky are you what a good sleeper for 2 months old, neither of mine managed anything half that decent for months and month. He sounds like he is doing just brilliantly , hope the sickness eases up soon xx #bloggerclubuk

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