As you know I do love a good list and this is one I have been meaning to write for a while – ever since writing My Maternity Leave Bucket List and realising that I am already two months in to my maternity leave. This bucket list details all the days out I am planning over the Summer period. I am not sure we will get to all of them, after all although the Summer feels like it is stretching out in front of us. Monkey will be starting school before I know it and we are also planning a holiday and couple of mini breaks. And of course theres housework which will need doing…

Summer Days Out Bucket List

Days out with Monkey:

National Trust Days Out:

  • Bodium Castle
  • Hever Castle
  • Batemans
  • Nymans
  • Polesdo
  • Polesden Lacey
  • Chartwell
  • Emmetts Garden
  • Quebec House
  • Red House
  • Scotney Castle
  • Sissinghurst Castle
  • Smallhythe Place
  • South Foreland Lighthouse
  • East Head
  • Petworth House & Park
  • Uppark House & Garden
  • Woolbeding Gardens
  • Birling Gap & The Seven Sisters
  • Shelfield Park & Gardens
  • Cliveden
  • Hinton Ampner
  • Mottisfont
  • The Vyne
  • West Green House Garden
  • Box Hill
  • Clandon Park
  • Claremont Landscape Garden
  • Ham House & Garden
  • Hatchlands Park
  • Hindhead Common & Devil’s Punchbowl
  • Leith Hill Place & Tower
  • Morden Hall Park
  • Runnymede
  • Winkworth Arboretum

Gardens for Kipper and I:

  • Borde Hill Gardens
  • Beechurst Gardens
  • Loseley Gardens
  • Penhurst Place & Gardens
  • Wisley
  • Wakehurst
  • West Dean Gardens
  • Parnham House
  • Great Dixter Gardens
  • Marle Place Gardens
  • Riverhill Himalayan Gardens
  • Syon

In fact I know we are not going to get to them all!! Its  only when you write them all down you realise that theres probably not enough days in the Summer holidays! Do you have a days out bucket list? If so I would love to hear about your favourite places please let me know in the comments below.


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  2. This is an great list! I’ve just put our bucket list up on my blog, we have plans to visit a few National Trust places, love National Trust x #TwinklyTuesday

  3. Woweeee! That’s one extensive list! We’d like to visit Alice Holt for the stick Man trail too, before it finishes!!! #TwinklyTuesday xx

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  5. This is a great idea – the weeks just whizz past otherwise. I did have a similar (smaller) list for London. days out with my daughter and have abandoned it a bit so should really hunt it out before we run out of time! #bloggerclubuk

  6. Wow that’s a big list. You’ll be busy even visiting half of those. Have fun on your days out though.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  7. Ha ha – was thinking how on earth are you going to do all this and then read your last comment – phew – but lovely to have such a list and I agree the summer holidays are just not long enough! I always write a summer holiday list with my three and they all give me ideas of what they want to do and we try really hard to tick them all off (within reason) but it’s become a tradition and I love it. As they get older they make me laugh how the things change – one of my daughter’s is to go up to Leicester Square outside Capital Radio and wait for George Shelley to finish his show and leave the building – let’s hope he hasn’t got a secret exit! Thank you for sharing and I hope you get to do lots of wonderful things – especially the National Trust days – beautiful #BloggerClubUK

  8. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) Reply

    Oh wow so many wonderful things to do you are right. I did write a summer bucket list but not a days out one, with lots of little happy moments I wanted us to share. Hope you have a great summer #BloggerClubUK

  9. Wow! You are so organised! This is a great list with a lot of variety on it. As a teacher I’m off for 6 weeks as of today with my little ones so a bucket list would be a great way for me to plan ahead a little – not one of my strongest points haha. We have a NT membership too so I plan to make good use of that.
    Potty Adventures

  10. It’s a great list but remember there is more than one summer and a lot of those you can do when the weather isn’t great too! I’ve just had a week off work with my daughter and my list was a lot shorter – swimming and the zoo! We managed both and I love how my daughter was so excited to go back to nursery yesterday so she could tell everyone about the animal we saw at the zoo. #bloggerclubuk

  11. Wow that is quite a list! I will be very impressed if you manage to do all of those this summer! We’re hoping for a day out at Peppa Pig world as the heart families organise a annual day out there. West Wittering is also on my mental list after Jessica asked to go to the beach – it’s quite a way from us but not too far from my sister’s house so we’ll try and go when we stay with her. Hope you have lots of lovely days out over the summer. #BloggerClubUK

  12. wow what a cool list! enjoy! we sometimes get down to Arundel as my nana lives in Bognor, so it isn’t too far #bloggerclubuk

  13. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons Reply

    What a fabulous list! I hope you manage to tick lots of them off. I love your list of National Trust places – I’m working my way through, but it’s great to see a list of so many that are all reasonably near me! We love Camber Sands too – hoping we can make a trip down there at some point! #BloggerClubUK

  14. What a great idea! I need to do something like this as we spend so much time dithering over where to go, we waste half the day!! ‘#BloggerClubUK

  15. If you even manage a third of those I’ll be well impressed! My current plans are “let’s see how long the kids can amuse themselves while I work without resorting to cbeebies”!!

  16. reimerandruby Reply

    Wow that’s a long list… It’s great to know that you have a lot of options of where to go this Summer holiday. I have a couple of places we want to visit too, one is the campsite in Glen Coe but it all depends on the weather though. #BloggerClubUK

  17. rightroyalmother Reply

    That’s an amazing list!! I have been to quite a few of them (we’re lucky to live near West Wittering beach, Spinnaker tower, Arundel Castle and West Dean…) I’m definitely going to look some of the others up though – thanks for the tips and hope you get to see some, if not all, of them this summer! #BloggerClubUK

  18. Mess and merlot Reply

    WOW now THAT’S a list!! You’ve inspired me to write my own now, it’s going to be a fun filled 6 weeks! 🙂 x BloggerClubUK

  19. Tooting Mama Reply

    Super list, you’re going to be so busy! I hope you get through as many of them as possible! I’m worn out reading them! Have a fantastic summer!

  20. Super list, you’re going to have an amazing summer, I feel exhausted working my way through it! Have a great time visiting as many places as possible!

  21. organisedjo Reply

    Wow, that is one fab,list! Hope you get to tick some a few of those off over the next 6 weeks. #BloggerClubUK

  22. fairyqueen Reply

    great…long and detailed list, so organised and a great help to us for ideas:)

    mainy – myrealfairy


  23. Wow that is a big list, I live minutes from Drayton manor so I may well see you there xx #bloggerclubuk

  24. Oh boy. Just reading that list has tired me out.
    But there are some great ideas for day trips. Thanks.

  25. Looks like a great list to me and there’s always the weekends during school term right if you don’t get to do them all in the holidays? I’ve yet to write out our Summer plans but I presently can’t drive after the op. #BloggerClubUK

  26. mumworkrepeat Reply

    Whoah, now that is some list! I love it and will definitely be doing my own, although I work full time, so just weekend activities for us! Someone else had mentioned Camber Sands to me, would love to hear what you think as and when you make it there #BloggerClubUK

  27. Lizzie firstooth Reply

    Oh I love it! We must live close by as a lot are places we visit regularly. Camber Sands is a beautiful beach. If you’re going at a weekend though make sure you park far along up the road in the lay by, it’s free and parking is a little chaotic. The beach is also quieter there. We’re going to Mote park too! It’ll be a lovely summer x

  28. That is some list! At least you have stuff to pick and choose from though and all of it sounds fun. I cringe at the thought of crazy golf – was an absolute nightmare when we did it with Zach earlier this year!!! Have fun on all your adventures! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • Yeah I know! Probably too much really but hopefully will keep us busy all the way up to Christmas, lol. Oh no? Will take reinforcements with us then … Aka the grandparents! ☺️. Thanks for stopping by x

  29. Ooh that’s quite an impressive list! I need to make one with my girls as I am a bit worried how I will keep them entertained for 6 weeks! #bloggerclubuk

    • I don’t think we will get around to it all! I am sure you will be fine, hopefully the weather will behave which should make life easier. Thanks for popping by x

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