Kipper has just turned three months and I had forgotten how much I love this age! As ever a lot has happened in the last month. We have now got his passport, although that was a little bit of a palava, apparently the form is only valid for a month so don’t miss date it like me! I wouldn’t have minded but we have booked a holiday so it was important that we got it returned in time. He’s also had chicken pox, poor mite which lead his his first set of jabs being put off until he was over 11 weeks. Oh and how can I forget he slept through…


Weight – Despite the fact that I am worrying he is not getting enough milk Kipper weighed in at 14b 6oz last week.

Height – 25 inches – I can tell he is getting longer as he is really starting to fill out the mosses basket and pram now.

Clothing Size – We’ve just moved into size three nappies, if am honest the tabs for size two haven’t been meeting in the middle for a while. He is still in 0-3 clothing which is just as well as he has so many lovely outfits I am going to be sad to see them go. However with the approaching holiday I have managed to pick up some real bargains in the 3-6 month size. Although both Monkey and Kipper were big babies the two months calendar difference means that Monkey’s Summer clothes were all 0-3 and they will not fit Kipper by the time we go away.

IMG_6077Health – I maybe fating things here but we are still eczema free! (she says doing a little happy dance). We have not been to see the chiropractor quite so much over the last couple of weeks, although we do have a three month appointment booked in. Wind wise he is improving although still really only having a poo once a week. Even in the hot weather when he had a little bit of water this didn’t change. Its funny how brothers can be so different, Monkey was the complete opposite and yet was never sick. While Kipper is still sick after almost every feed. Sometimes it does straight off the back of my shoulder onto the floor and I don’t even notice it until I put my foot in it! Needless to say if I can burp him on a hard floor I will.

Thankfully no cradle cap (yet), although his head has been covered in spots, probably 30-4o Chicken Pox spots, some of themwere really quite big for his little head. He got very few spots on the rest of his body and apart from one becoming a little infected it hardly bothered him. He didn’t even scratch, so we escaped relatively unscathed. I just hope he has had it bad enough that he doesn’t catch it again. Monkey had also passed him his latest cold. Theres something sad about lying next to a baby with a cold, especially when theres not much you can do about it other than put snuffle bug on his sleeping bag.

The jabs went okay, Hubby came with me and held onto Kipper as they were being done. He was fine with the oral vaccine but with the three jabs he yelled the place down. I gave him Calpol for the meningitis straight away and to be honest by the time we left the doctors he was back to himself. I followed the nurses instructions and we medicated for the rest of the day, but to be honest he was happy enough an spent a large proportion of it sleeping. I did notice that the meningitis jab created a large hard lump under the skin, there wasn’t really any visible bruising on the surface so it took me a little by surprise. But apparently its quite normal – I’ll try to stop my paranoia (I thought it was meant to get better second time round)

IMG_6376Loves – He is still loving all the things he loved at two months. In addition he has a fascination with trying to fit his fist into his mouth. It started off with fingers (thankfully he hasn’t found just his thumb yet!) but now he will regularly try and fit his whole hand in his mouth. Its quite entertaining to watch and I keep trying to get a photo of it. More worryingly he has taken to stuffing his muslin in his mouth which we are trying to discourage.

He also loves being spoken to, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to his face! More recently he is also starting to try to join in the conversation making gurgling noises. I am trying to encourage Monkey to talk to him too to help the bonding process. He enjoys playing on his play mat for short bursts batting the low hanging toys, although he can only really managed ten minutes or so before it becomes a little much and he wants to be held.

Hates – Jabs! Generally Kipper is still a very happy contented baby, although loud noises tend to startle him i.e. like his four year old brother tearing around. He wasn’t too keen on the train either when we went up to the Disney Store or lifts. His eyes widen when he hears an announcement or an automated voice. As for tummy time it is definitely not his favourite activity, although I know very few babies that enjoy it in the early months.

Habits – Hand sucking! He also gives you this lovely smile right after being fed. As if to say thanks mum for filling my tummy up. While sleeping he has taken to making these little grunting noises which are adorable.

Development – We are getting more and more smiles especially when we interact with him. He can hold his head up, and is starting to slowly push up when lying on his tummy, as this point he starts to move his legs up and down as well before getting grumpy. Generally he is a lot more alert and will happily be held by other people, although he will look for me at this point and turn his head to find us, if he hears mine or Hubby’s voice. He can also hold small teething ring and it has found its way into his mouth once – although I think thats probably more luck than judgement!

IMG_6189Sleeping – A product of second child syndrome our routine was lax to say the least ( I was so regimented with Monkey). So when he decided to feed pretty much non stop one afternoon just after turning 12 weeks I let him. He rewarded us with not just only going through the night (he first did this 11 weeks going 11.30pm-5.30am) but sleeping from 8.30pm to 6.00am. Whoa! Since then he has now done similar hours most nights. I am hoping we may have cracked it. Thankfully this hasnt thrown out his sleeping during the day, he is still sleeping on average 8am-10am, 11am-1pm and then a longer nap in the afternoon.

Eating – Because of the whole sleeping through thing we are out of routine all together. I have one eye on making sure he is feeding very three hours (as I am paranoid about him loosing weight) but I am being lead by him a lot more. There tends to be an element of cluster feeding going on early evening almost like he is preparing himself to go through the night. I am really hoping this will stay as it would be extremely convenient for our holiday, meaning I maybe able to partake in a glass of wine once feeding has finished. Ive also seen the first glimmer of interest in what I am eating which I expect to develop over the next couple of months.

Toys –Well the baby toys are still in the loft (she says sulking). Last week Kipper went in the swing chair for the first time and was mildly interested. But at the moment its all about interaction and playing with Mummy. I have also made some black and white cards while I wait for the fabric books to make an appearance and booked our first Baby Sensory Class.

Version 2Favourite outfit – Ive still avoided dressing Kipper up, but he has got this rather great R2D2 baby grow. I also brought him an England baby grow for the Olympics and Hubby would say his favourite is his little West Ham shirt.

Things I don’t want to forget – baby smiles… are still by far the best, but also the desire to try and interact and join in when you talk to him. The way he has started to recognise us as his parents. And one very special night when I leant over his basket to put his dummy back in and he grabbed my hand ad held it to his face and wouldn’t let go. He was after some comfort and all he wanted was to know I was close by, it really touched my heart.

Looking forward to…. our holiday! I can’t wait to see him in the water for the first time. I have a little rubber ring  for him to play in and the cutest SPF suit you can imagine.

Check back next month for some more cute photos and an update on his development


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  2. Ooooh so cute! My little girls legs had hard red bumps on them from the meningitis jabs, I thought it was just the nurse being too rough! Haha.

    I hope you have a great holiday!


    • I didn’t realise how hard the bumps would be freaked me out a little!! I’m sure we will. Thank you for stopping by x

  3. Aww so lovely. It’s amazing all of the things they can do and you know about them already by such a young age. My youngest was sick after almost every bottle too. She’s quite good at pooing though ?

    • Haha that’s good to know I’m worried as he gets older it may continue!! I’m not really wanting a sicky baby when he weens!! Lol. Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Ah it sounds like he’s coming on just lovely! My first had really bad eczema but my second who is four months is still free from it! I’m so pleased as I had half just expected her to get it!


  5. alisonlonghurst Reply

    I used to support West Ham as a kid and had a teddy that was bigger than Kipper! I used to embarrass my Dad by taking it to matches! Sounds as if things are going well with the wee chap – roll on your holiday 🙂 Alison x #BloggerClubUK

  6. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons Reply

    Oh, that sounds like a nasty dose of chicken pox! Hopefully that’s it out of the way now though at least. Well done him on the sleeping front – that’s amazing! And boo to the jabs – I’m taking Max for his meningitis B one tomorrow and really dreading it. I can’t decide if it’s worse when they’re little or when they’re just old enough to understand what’s happening but not why? #bloggerclubuk

    • Oh I hope it went okay? I think definitely the latter! At least when Monkey had his at just before and just after his fourth birthday I could explain why and he kinda got it. Obviously I didn’t go into it in any depth! Thank you for stopping by xx

  7. Oh wow, I can’t believe he is three months already!! Where has that time gone! How lovely that you have this record, I so wish I had started blogging when mine were still young babies. #BloggerClubUK

  8. Squirmy Popple Reply

    Jabs are the worst, aren’t they? I know they need them, but it’s so hard when they get upset! You’re so lucky he’s sleeping through the night so young – my daughter didn’t master that skill until she was 12 months! #BloggerClubUK

    • We’ve had a bit of a lapse for the last couple of nights, I’m hoping it’s just a blip! Serves me right for being cocky!! I’m not sure I could manage 12 months! Thanks for stopping by xx

    • I know sometimes I wish he would stay this way forever and then other times I know all the fun we have to look forward to. I need to try and cherish every moment! Thanks for stopping by X

  9. mackenzieglanville Reply

    oh he is so deliciously adorable! It feels like forever ago that my little man was this tiny, he is 6 now! I miss this cute baby phase, enjoy! #bloggerclubUK

    • Oh I so know I will but I’m not allowed anymore so I must make the most of this one! Thank you for stopping by xx

  10. catherine@pushingthemoon Reply

    I love the photo of him in the West Ham shirt! COYI ? xxx #BloggerClubUK

  11. Wow sleeping through the night so young that’s fab. Hope it continues for you lovey. Adorable photos too, what a cutie xx #bloggerclubuk

    • It’s not!! Lol. We get a couple of nights and then one where he wakes up once so I can’t complain! But hopefully he won’t be long off doing it properly! Serves me right for being cocky xx

  12. How cute! Bless him, having chicken pox so early! My eldest had eczema from pretty much the outset and still does, but the youngest, now two, has still never shown any signs of it at all. #BloggerClubUK

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