I am sure I am not alone in the Paw Patrol obsession which seems to be sweeping our nation at the moment! Monkey is absolutely Paw Patrol mad so much so that I even held him a Paw Patrol Birthday Party last month! So when we were offered to review some new Paw Patrol toys I jumped at the chance knowing that he would be over the moon. I’m not sure who was more excited when the packaged arrived, me or him!!

Paw PatrolWeebles Pull & play seal island playsetreview

I remember weebles from when I was a child – ‘watch them wobble but not fall down’ so its great that they have been updated with a Paw Patrol theme especially for the younger generation.  The playset comes with the Marshall weeble and retails at £29.99. In our photos you will see we also have Chase and Zuma, its possible to purchase the characters separately priced at £4.99 each. In total there are six to collect, the three we have and Rocky, Rubble and Sky. At £4.99 they are ideal treats or perfect for encouraging little ones to save up their pocket money over a couple of weeks to buy one themselves.

The playset has a host of features that have been designed specifically for weebles;

  • A rock a and wobble path which leads down to the jetty
  • A special dock rope to pull and retract the tugboat to help the heres get to the mainland. The little tug boat is on wheels and has space for two weebles. You pull the boat out yourself, to bring it back to shore all you need to do is press Wally’s head.
  • A swing operated by a push down lever, large enough for little hands. Even with uneven batting it swings smoothly which means the weeble character doesn’t fall off and create frustration (which can happen with toddlers!)
  • A look out spot at the top of the tower and also down by the jetty
  • A second bouncy boat

IMG_3156 (1)

I think its great that they are targeting the younger market with these toys aimed at 18 month plus. If  I am honest they are probably a bit young for Monkey but he loved playing with them none the less. This was his reaction when he saw it for the first time!


The features discussed above:

Monkey took to sending the tug boat out to rescue the kitties and get supplies for the Island. I think this was his favourite feature pulling it out and then reeling it back in again. He also really liked the fact that you could remove the tug boat from the line by moving a little switch on the bottom of the tug boat.

It was lovely hearing him chat to each of the characters individually and making up stories. The weebles even ended up being used in other paw patrol toys which we own.

Things we loved:

  • These really are very good quality the plastic is strong and vibrant perfect for the target market of 18 months+. Its been a long time since I have seen a plastic toy that I actually want to touch and engage with.
  • The weebles are a great weight and fit nicely into the palm of Monkey’s hands. I even tried to see if I could spike Kipper’s interest in them. But at 3 months I think I was pushing it a little!
  • That they have thought about different features and included a lot in a small playset
  • You don’t need batteries so there will be no panic on Christmas Eve or the night before a Birthday
  • Wally actually looks like his TV counterpart, Monkey instantly recognised him

As far as anything we don’t like, I really can’t think of anything. We both really like it and I would definitely recommend for paw patrol mad little people. I definitely think the age range is right on this and my only disappointment is that these were not around when Monkey first started getting into Paw Patrol. I am hoping I am not going to have an argument on my hands once Kipper starts crawling!

If you would like your own playset for your little ones then its available for purchase from Toys R Us.


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  1. I love these! Weebles so good, and even better that they’re paw patrol. I think we may have found a Christmas pressie contender my little one would love this. #bloggerclubuk

  2. I used to love weebles and these are just so cute- wish they were around when mine were little! #bloggerclubUK

  3. This looks a great idea for my grand-daughter for Christmas. (I’m going to be soooo organised this year 🙂 )
    Thanks for reviewing.

  4. I just can’t believe the price of kids toys now a days, but at least this one looks nice and sturdy, as you’ve said it’s made of strong plastic! The weebles look great though, anything Paw Patrol would be a hit with my eldest boy #BloggerClubUK

  5. I used to love playing with weebles when I was little. This set looks fab and Monkey looks like he is really enjoying them. Paw Patrol is certainly a bit hit in our house. #BloggerClubUK

  6. As i sit on the sofa blogging while my son has a bit of TV time, I’ve just seen this advertised and thought how much he’d love it. It’s nice your review backs up how good it does look. I realised as i was reading your post that we have the Sky weeble that someone bought him! #BloggerClubUK

  7. 2travellingtots Reply

    I was looking at these in Toys R Us at the weekend! Our ‘big one’ loves Paw Patrol – has a Paw Patrol bedroom and everything, but unfortunately, I think these are just a bit too young for him and just a bit too old for his brother! Maybe in a few months! #BloggerClubUK

  8. Alice loves Paw Patrol but we haven’t got any toys yet, this one looks good and I love Monkeys face in the picture. Its funny how they don’t seem to care about whether its age appropriate, if they love it, they love it x

  9. I love weebles. My boys are a bit old but hopefully W will like them when she’s old enough. These look great, #bloggerclubUK

  10. mackenzieglanville Reply

    Awe made em miss when my kids were younger, especially Aspen she used to chat for hors on end with her little toy #bloggerclubUK

  11. hehe my boy would love these too! we haven’t had any weebles in the past so may be something to try! #BloggerClubUK

  12. Thanks for this! My son is Paw Patrol mad, we already have 5 of the 6 pups and vehicles! He asked about this play set the other day but I wasn’t sure he would get much out of it, consider me converted! #BloggerClubUK

  13. Mia loves Paw Patrol and is obsessed with the mashems at the moment! I on the other hand, am not so keen on the weird squishy things! I think she would love this! 🙂


  14. lizzie ( firstooth ) Reply

    What a great toy for Paw Patrol lovers! We have the Peppard set and the farm, I didn’t realise there were Paw Patrol too x #bloggerclubuk

  15. They look fun! Mine have not developed Paw Patrol obsessions yet. My youngest is weird though as she is really taken with the merchandise for a load of shows she doesn’t watch – Paw Patrol, Twirly Woos… #BloggerClubUK

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