I’m not the sort of person that gets excited over technology,  however give me a way to print photos at home for a fraction of the cost and you will get my attention. You may remember my post about Epson teaming up with Disney to bring Summer crafting actives to homes across the UK. You can read all about it in my post Summer Holiday Fun – Disney Craft with Epson. In it I said I would be reviewing a new EcoTank Printer – ET 2250.

EcoTank 2550 Printer Review

Epson want to change the way we look at printing and bring back the freedom to print at home. Many families don’t either have a printer at home or if they do don’t actually use it. When asked the reason why it came down to two things – printing is irritating i.e. getting it to connect to your device and the cost of ink is prohibitive. Sometimes if all the colours go at once ink costs can be as much as the printer cost in the first place!!

On average with a traditional printer you go through 72 cartridges over its lifetime. However with the new EcoTank range, now on its second generation, you get two years worth of ink in the box. The refillable tank means that there means there is no need to costly ink cartridges. If you need more ink then you can buy additional bottles for under £8 per colour and under £12 for the black. Each bottle has 70ml of ink in it, so its no wonder that the price per page is ultra low when you think a traditional ink cartridge has just 3.5ml! 70ml is enough for 6500 sheets of colour printing and 4000 of black and white. Despite the focus on low cost printing the EcoTank models use Epson’s Micro Piezo technology for clear, sharp and precise printing.

So when my lovely new printer arrived I ordered some photo paper and decided to put it through its paces. The printer is compact measuring (storage) W19.3 inches x D 11.8 inches Height 6.3 inches, and it slight weighing just over 10lb which is less than Kipper! Currently the printer is retailing for £199.99 in Currys.


  • Ultra high capacity ink tank
  • Print, copy, scan functions
  • 1,200 dpi scanner
  • 3.4cm LCD screen
  • Wifi
  • AirPrint support
  • Epson iPrint & Epson Connect
  • The full Product Specification – ET2250 can be found on their website


So first onto the set up. One of the things I hate about printers is the fact that inevitably something goes wrong on the set up. Either the printer drivers don’t work or even if they do the damn thing doesn’t print for some other reason. So I was dubious. However the printer comes with step by step instructions that even I managed to follow! And failing that they also talk you through it step by step online!

Step One Fill up the Ink:

First you need to add the ink. I did wonder if it would be as simple as I had been told… and it was! You literally open the lid, snap off the top of the ink bottle fill it up and you’re done. They have helpfully labeled the ink reservoirs very clearly so even I couldn’t make a mess of it. Each has a rubber stopper which seals the tank and so stops the ink drying out. Unlike ink cartridges which do dry out if you don’t use them for a while. The bottles are squeezy and since I am such a clutz I did wonder if I may end up with ink everywhere, but even that went well with just a few little drops on my hand.



As I was going through step two I found this useful diagram online:


Step Two Get it to talk to the Laptop:

IMG_3196So ink is in, after pressing a couple of buttons you need to leave it for 20 minutes to work its magic. Then you simply put in the CD that accompanies the printer or like me as I run a MAC I went to a website as directed and clicked a download box… simples. The instructions were very Janet and John perfect for me and it actually took you back to the beginning so I didn’t need the paper version at all. At each step it verifies what you are doing and double checks things with you. I couldn’t get the laptop to find the printer so I needed to get the printer to find the laptop. All this meant was that I needed to attache the printer to the wifi and had to enter our wifi password. As soon as I did that the laptop picked it up and I went into the MAC and made the new printer my default.

You set up mobile devices in the same way going to the same website, downloading the apple or android app and following the instructions.


Step Three Play: 

I was very keen to get some photos printed and even now keep finding new ones to test it out on! I’m planning on making a photo board for Monkey next! First of all you need to load the paper (obviously), as I was using photo paper I needed to make sure the printer recognised this. Thankfully when you put the paper in, a display comes up on the LCD screen which allows you to select the size and type of paper on.


It prints quickly and smoothly and the result? Below is a picture of Monkey and Kipper one professional and one done on the printer. The professional one has more definition on the rug but other than that, for the purpose I use photos for its perfect


Things I loved:

  • I was honestly blown away by the quality of the photos that came out of the printer. In fact I got a little excited and rung Hubby to tell him all about it, while he was at work… I think he thought I was bonkers until he saw it in action.
  • I am no longer inhibited by what I print, as I no longer have the fear of spending a fortune on cartridges. Until now I didn’t realise I even had this fear but I totally did..she says allowing Monkey google Paw Patrol pictures as she types this!
  • Its a great size, compact it fits easily onto a top of a unit. Its sleek in design and very modern.
  • Even I managed to get the printer set up its so easy to follow the instructions
  • It has a SD card slot!!
  • That we can print wirelessly from multiple devices, having an app for my phone is an added bonus and brings it right into the 21st century.. I often start reading a ‘how to improve your blog’ article to get called to do something else and then never go back to it. How easy is it to quickly send it to the printer to read at my leisure later?

Theres really nothing I don’t like about this printer, apart from maybe having to enter the wifi code into it. It took me a while to figure out how to switch from capitals, to lower case to numbers. However this is me we are talking about I am rather technically inept (says the lady who is planning on going self hosted soon – eeek!). Everything else has been really easy. I also can’t really comment on how long the ink will last as I’ve only been using it for two weeks or so, but even with the all printing I have been doing my ink tank is still saying it is full.

Although I have focused on the photos for this review, I do think Epson have achieved their objective of bringing home printing back to the families. I will no longer be using online photo stores for simple prints and fully intend to get up to date with  my project life. However with the amount of ink and ease of printing Monkey will be able to print whatever he wants to for school or play without me worrying. Through the app Hubby can email directly just as I can and we maybe ( I only say maybe) finally get organised. I have spoken to a couple of small businesses that I know and they are already considering looking at the range of printers to see which one they are going to invest in. The fact it also has the scan and copy function is an added bonus which I am sure we will use a lot once Monkey is at school.

As far as home use if concerned I really would consider looking at buying one of these – after all wouldn’t it be nice to put photos up around the house, rather than keeping them on the memory stick or hard drive?


We were given an EcoTank 2550 printer for the sake of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Printer cartridges are notoriously expensive and often lack quality so these look and sound like a viable solution to most people’s home printing needs. I have to confess to using my work printer though (sshhh).
    Potty Adventures

  2. ohhh that looks interesting, i am forever ordering photos as ours is out of ink and its the last of the stuff we must buy list in this house hold. Will be showing hubby this one as think he will like this idea #bloggerclubuk

  3. Me and my printer do not get on, for every single one of the reasons you have mentioned and the fact I think it is actually out to get me on a more personal level. I think I need this one in my life. It sounds fab. #BloggerClubUK

  4. Jane Taylor Reply

    When we need to swap our printer, I’ll certainly look into this as I like to use original ink rather than compatibles which can be expensive. Over time the high price of the printer will probably still make it a worthwhile investment. Thanks for your thorough review. #bloggerclubuk

  5. This was a timely post as I’m looking for a new printer. Mine is horrendously expensive on ink and has now started making nasty noises when printing. Will definitely look into this one.

  6. We really need to print out more pictures. I’m terrified that if our PC ever gives up then we will have lost everything but all the old (pre 2000) photos are safe and sound in a big trunk x

  7. Alana - Burnished Chaos Reply

    We’ve had an Epson printer (although different from this one) for a few years now and it’s the best printer we have ever owned. I love being able to print wirelessly from my phone and iPad.

  8. Petite Library Reply

    That is super quality! Thanks for sharing, it’s such a tricky thing, finding a decent printer! #marvmondays

  9. This looks so good if a bit expensive up front. Our printer has been sat in the eardrobe with no ink for about a year and I am reluctant to buy ink as know much of it will dry out so I just make Mr J print what I need at work!! #twinklytuesday

  10. Oooh! We actually need a new printer desperately and I will totally be keeping this post in mind for when we get a new one, sounds fabulous. Great review. Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

  11. Great review! We’re still playing with ours. I like the fact that the printed photos look good! We’re doing crafting products with ours and the vectors look great 🙂 #TriedTested xx

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