Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower – I had a baby shower for Monkey which was a great laugh, however it was at mine and so that required a certain amount of pre work. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered with the prep this time round and hadn’t really given a baby shower a second thought. That was until a friend of mine suggested it and convinced me it was a good idea. I don’t really believe in lavish baby showers with expensive gifts. I see it more as away of catching up with your nearest and dearest girl friends before life changes beyond all recognition and you don’t have a chance to catch up again for several weeks or in some cases several months.

Planning your Baby Shower-2

Decide on a Venue:

As I knew I didn’t want it at home my options were:

  • Bribe an unexpecting friend or family member to have the baby shower round their house – since I had left it very last minute this seemed a but unfair
  • Consider a meal out
  • Hire a room or a hall – it wasn’t going to be a big lavish affair so this seemed a bit unnecessary
  • Spa Day – which would normally be the top of my list but they can be expensive and it didn’t seem right to land this on people either
  • Afternoon Tea – ideal as it would be the entertainment as well, you can normally get some pretty good deals and all of the girls I wanted to invite enjoy afternoon tea

Send out your invites:

As everything was last minute I needed up setting up a messaging group on Facebook to invite girl friends and try and work out the best date for us all to get together. This worked adequately although I don’t have any cute invites to stick in Kipper’s pregnancy journal. There are some lovely ones on Pinterest – please see the link to my Baby Shower board below.

I made it very clear in my invites that it was more about getting together than gift giving a

Delegate, delegate, delegate:

As I was still at work when my baby shower dates were fixed I was very lucky to have a couple of friends that took over running the ‘entertainment’ and finding the venue.

Decide on finishing touches:

There are so many great ideas out there if you are planning a shower either your own or for a friend. Check out my pinterest board for some ideas.

My lovely friends had put on a few games to play

  • A couple of quizzes about the names of celebrities babies which I did very badly at and the gestation period for different mammals which was pretty hilarious and the perfect conversation starter over an afternoon tea
  • Name the scan picture, a series of pictures of body parts which you needed to name
  • Pin the sperm on the egg … luckily you don’t need to be very good at this to actually fall pregnant!
  • Guess the item in the box – a series of obvious and not so obvious baby supplies

They had also set out some notes to be completed – words of wisdom, one week, one month and three months in. Which I think is a lovely touch and a great keepsake.

Record the good times & enjoy:

I had a nominated photographer to catch a couple of well timed snaps:


If you are organising a baby shower soon or an afternoon tea I hope you have a lovely time


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  1. Elizabeth

    I had no idea that baby showers had become a thing in the UK! I remember them from my Canadian childhood but I don’t know anyone in the UK who has had one, until now! Looks like such great fun! #bloggerclubUK

  2. Lucy At Home

    A work colleague organised a Baby Shower for me when I was having my 2nd baby. I’d never even been to one before! But it was so much fun! I’ve entered the competition so that I can throw one for my Sister In Law. #BloggerClubUK

  3. Aoife

    Baby showers still feel a bit strange to me, but any excuse for a good girly catch-up hey? I’d rather celebrate when baby has arrived safely.

  4. Mainy - myrealfairy

    Great ideas and really helpful as it can be a bit daunting putting on a baby shower for someone. We had someone come round and give mini mani pedis to the girls which went down a storm:)
    Mainy x

  5. Emma

    I had a bit of a shower and had the girls come over and they each were given a square of fabric to decorate however they wanted. I ended up with all the squares to make a blanket 🙂 #BloggerClubUK

  6. Leanne

    I had a baby shower with both my girls and I loved it, it was such a giggle and a lovely way to see friends before the baby hibernation period! #bloggerclubuk

  7. The UnNatural Mother

    I arranged my own babyshower and decided on something a bit diffrent so did a Mexican themed Fiesta with Nacho’s , Taco’s and virgin Margarita’s . As it was my 2nd i didnt want anything to formal so it was fun to do some daft games and have a dance to some Mexican music #TheList

  8. Sadiyya Maryam

    Sounds like such a wonderful and relaxed baby shower. Many thanks for ruining this lovely giveaway, I would like to win this for my niece who is pregnant.

  9. Pia

    I’m a bit bummed out that I never had a single baby shower for my 3 pregnancies so I’m throwing myself into planning one to a very special friend of mine ❤️

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