It only seems like yesterday I was writing Kippers Three Month Update, now to be writing his fourth makes me sad as to how quickly all this is going. He’s really been adorable the last month, mastering many new skills and still being a reasonably easy going kind of baby even with teething now being in full swing. Although saying that his little personality is starting to develop and I have a feeling he will be just as head strong as his older brother.

IMG_3496 (1)

Weight – estimated 16lbs because we have been away we haven’t actually been for a weigh in this month yet but look at those chunky little thighs!!

Height – 25.3 inches

Clothing Size – Kipper is well into his 3-6 months clothes in fact some of them are already starting to look a little tight! I’m not sure if it’s been the two weeks in the sun but he’s really grown into a chunky little monkey! I took a picture of him in the stroller while away and he just looks so big! I’m yet to give/sell (aka put away in the loft just incase) the newborn and 0-3 month clothing. I am intending on trying to make some keepsakes but never having sewn jersey so I’m not sure how it will go. I’m quite keen on a number of his little baby grows, so it’s going to be difficult to decide which ones to up cycle.

IMG_7020 (1)Teeth – not yet! Although those little fists are hardly out of his mouth. There is a reasonable amount of dribble and I’ve given him teething crystals a couple of times now which seems to take the edge off. Kipper’s mastered putting his little red teething ring in his mouth so now nothing is safe.

Health – Today Kipper will be getting his second lot of jabs at just gone 17 weeks! He should have had them at 12 weeks but because of the chicken pox and our holiday they have been delayed. He has developed a tiny bit of eczema in his ankle creases which I am keeping an eye on and he’s also not doing any better with the winding! Some days I wonder if he keeps anything down at all! Although he’s obviously doing fine, I just would like to stop smelling of baby puke!

Loves – Talking, either you at him or him at you. We have proper little oneway conversations now. He likes putting things in his mouth although normally it tends to be his fist. I am sorry to say he suffers a little from second child syndrome so he loves any extra attention he gets. Thankfully while we have been away the boys have really started to bond and Kipper loves interacting with Monkey. Being carried, the higher he is the better. We had a trip to Barcelona and he loved looking around and taking everything in. I get the impression there will be no putting this baby in the corner!

Hates – Being in the buggy with the snooze shade on when he’s awake. The weather has been hot while we have been away so there have been times when he’s had to have the shade down. As soon as you move it he starts to grump (just like a teenager!) and then will kick at it before going into a full blown meltdown!

Habits – This month we have seen a whole host of new habits. The most funny has to be the desire to put a muslin over his face and then thrash around like a mad thing. He loves it, although a little concerning at first Ive taken to trying to teach him peekaboo. The second more annoying habit is the removal of the dummy, he’s worked out how to get it out with his hands but not quite how to put it back in again. He’s also starting to suck his thumb and his fore finger more. I am hoping that he doesn’t figure out how to just stuck his thumb!

IMG_3518Milestones & Firsts – This month has seen us take the boys away to Spain so not only did he go on his first holiday he also went for his first trip on a plane! I was surprised by how he coped to be honest, mainly sleeping and feeding his way through the short flight.  While away Kipper went into a swimming pool for the first time and also in the sea. He wasn’t too sure about either although loves the bath so I’m thinking it’s probably temperature related.

His eyes are starting to change colour going lighter around the pupils with the odd hint of green. Its not clear at the moment if they are going to end up like mine or Hubby’s.

Development – Kipper’s gone from batting things to now confidently holding rings and teethers. He’s particularly keen on a black and white rattle with little green plastic rings attached. It often finds its way to his mouth. It won’t be long until a spoon will provide hours of entertainment!

He’s always been a mover, even when he was tiny I would put him on his playmat under one toy, leave the room for a few minutes and when I came back in he would be under another although I’ve no idea how! More recently he’s been rolling onto his side for the last couple of weeks and I think he may have rolled completely but I’m not counting it until I see him do it.

I’ve also noticed that there is now a very definate reaction when he hears mine, Hubbys or Monkeys voice. Normally he looks across the room to find us, sometimes we even get a smile!

This month there have also been the beginnings of laughter! The first time was when I was blowing raspberries on his tummy. It was a real low belly laugh, no what I was expecting at all! He also likes gentle bouncing on the bed and is fascinated by Monkey, both of which tend to elect a little giggle.


Eating – Kipper is still being breast fed although while we were away he did supplement with a little water when it got really hot. This meant we were feeding a lot more than every three hours with a bit of cluster feeding going on late afternoon. He has also had some formula milk for his late feeds when I fancied a drink – afterall it was meant to be a holiday for all of us! We are lucky that he switches between breast and bottle so easily. I start a photography evening class soon so the fact he will take milk from a bottle means he can stay at home with Hubby. He’s also started watching what we eat with some interest. Although way too soon to think about food, its good to see he’s interested.

Sleeping – the last couple of weeks we haven’t had a routine at all because we have been away. He’s definitely been starting fighting sleep, although more often than not he will settle himself down and generally he’s gone through the night waking around 6.30/7am. I’m starting to miss those falling asleep in my arms days already so every now and again I cuddle him to sleep.  He still sleeps a fair amount in the day too with a definate pattern starting to form for morning and afternoon naps. The smiles you get when he first wakes up always melt my heart.

Toys – Some are now out of the loft, he really likes mirrors and the rattle I have already mentioned. Tummy time can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes he’s great with it and others he hates it. I am hoping to improve this in the coming weeks. We’ve had a couple of trips to the local sensory room which he also throughly enjoys. It won’t be long before the treasure baskets will be coming out again.

FullSizeRender-32Favourite Outfit – Has got to be his little fried egg baby grow from Next. I’ve not had to buy many things this time round with the boys so close together on birth months, but I couldn’t resist this one!

Things I don’t want to forget – his fluffy white blond hair! Since we both have dark hair I’m expecting Kipper’s to change but as its starting to grow in blond and looks really cute espically just after a bath. Singing ‘I love you baby’ to him, he loves any sort of singing (thankfully as I am tone deaf!) and gurgles along with you.

Looking forward to.. starting Baby Sensory and Swimming classes this week!


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  1. Ahh gorgeous update, he is just beautiful! I hope he was okay after his jabs, they are usually more traumatic for us than them though! One of my favourite things was the anticipation of what colour the childrens eyes would be! I have brown and my husband has blue and we used to constantly argue over what colour they would be, I used to hold the babies up to the light, desperate to win the argument and have them turn brown! The girls both turned blue but Harrys are a greeny/brown which I have taken as a personal victory!! #marvmondays

  2. What a cutie. I adore that fried egg sleepsuite, so blimming adorable. Lovely update, popping over from #marvmondays

  3. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum) Reply

    OMG I love that egg baby grow, Kipper looks so gorgeous! I really admire you for going abroad with a young baby too. Thank you for hosting #BloggerClubUK

  4. I love that baby gro! I can’t believe he’s 4 month old already, sounds like he’s doing amazing. What a little cutie xx #BloggerClubUK

  5. Sarah - mud cakes and wine Reply

    What a little cutie. Sounds and looks like he is doing amazingly well in every area. Love how they grow and develop so many exciting moments to come #bloggerclubuk

  6. goodness I remember when you were pregnant! sounds like Kipper is doing so well ! #bloggerclubuk

  7. Ah love that baby grow! I made a quiet book out of some of m daughter’s newborn clothes. I’m not a great sewer but it’s a nice keepsake. #bloggerclubuk

  8. Something Crunchy Mummy Reply

    He looks gorgeous and sounds like he’s doing brilliantly! They grow up too quickly don’t they. #bloggerclubuk xx

  9. Hooks and Dragons Reply

    Its fabuloud tbe way you are recording these changes as the months go on. I was chatting to my sister in law the other week, she has just had a baby boy (soooo cute) and I was saying how I remember very little of tbe details of my boys early months and how they changed month on month. #bloggerclubuk

  10. Such a cutie.i love those sleepy morning smiles #bloggerclubuk

  11. beautiesandthebibs Reply

    Bless he is getting so big . My daughter isn’t a fan of the snooze shade when she is awake . They need a transparent one #bloggerclubuk

  12. Can’t believe he is 4 months already! He has gotten so big, love all the photos and the update, so lovely to have something like this to look back on when he is bigger to really see how much he has grown/developed! #BloggerClubUK

  13. oh wow he is so gorgeous. such a great idea to have these posts – i have forgotten everything already! #bloggerclubuk

  14. reimerandruby Reply

    Such wonderful updates of your little one… They grow pretty quick, aren’t they? Gorgeous photos of him, he’s so cute and adorable! #BloggerClubUK

  15. I’m sorry to hear that your little one experienced chicken pox. My youngest has just had her second injections too. #BloggerClubUk

  16. Alana - Burnished Chaos Reply

    Such a cutie. I love those first little laughs, so precious. Good luck with the swimming classes x

  17. This is such a cute update, I always think they are so nice to look back on. He sounds like he’s getting on so well – I always love the smiles after they first wake up, they are so warm and snuggly then too xx #bloggerclubUK

  18. Such a lovely update. I cant believe how much he has grown, and how much he looks like he has grown. Hes doing really well, so many new developments. We’re hoping to start baby sensory soon too! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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