Hotel Best Cambrils Review : We spent the last two weeks at the end of August in Best Cambrils and I wasn’t going to write about it. Yet have decided to share our experience so that other holiday makers know the lay of the land before they arrive and don’t have to figure it out like we did! As information is minimal espically from our tour rep and I have never stayed in a hotel where there is so little information in the actual room. Don’t get me wrong we did enjoy our time on the Costa Dorada and got up to all sorts of things, including visiting PortAventura, Caribe Aquatic Park  and Barcelona Zoo. I wrote about other local things to do with kids in my Top ten things to do in Costa Dorada so I won’t go into it again here.


For us the hotel is very well placed halfway between Cambrils (3.5km)and Salou (3.2km) which with a four year old takes about an hour to walk in along the beach. If that sounds like a lot of effort then you can pick up a bus directly outside the hotel. The bus stop outside the Plana Bus Company tourist office will take you into Salou and costs 2€ regardless of how long you stay on for. The otherside will take you along to Cambrils. If you are planning on using the bus a lot then you can buy a card from the bus company which is for 3.50€ and then only pay 1.20€ a ride.

The hotel itself has 400 rooms and offers all inclusive, half board and room only options. We stayed all inclusive so please bare that I mind when reading this. It’s a short transfer time from the local airport Reus so ideal if you are traveling with young children.


The things we loved

  • On the way to the hotel we were advised by the tour company that under Spanish law you can not check in until sometime between 1pm and 4pm with most check in times happening around 3pm. Bearing in mind we had an early start at 2am and arrived at the hotel at 9.30am. The hotel gave us our room key at 12.30pm considering check out is midday that’s a quick turnaround and we were very grateful.
  • Big positive that there is a fridge in the room, so you can keep things such as bottled water cold. Not so great that other than arrival they don’t stock it – see below in additional info on drinks.
  • Rooms are clean and functional, with a good size bathroom. We caught Monkey washing his hands in the bede when we first arrived! Shower pressure isn’t bad. We managed to wash both kids in the bath by pushing the glass shower screen back.
  • The maids try and get the rooms done during the breakfast period which means we were hardly ever distrubed.
  • All the staff are polite, friendly and helpful apart from the gruff lady we got at reception on arrival. I would just say that all the front of house staff work really hard. Monkey made friends with a couple of the bar staff which made his stay that little extra bit special. The restaurant can get busy yet they always worked hard to find us a seat even at those most busiest times.
  • img_7002I was a little nervous about the food as there was no a La Carte option. But I need not have been as it was very good. Every morning there was a wide range of cooke options, fruit, bread, pastries and basically anything else you could want for breakfast. Lunch consisted of a wide range of salads, traditional Spanish dishes, fish and meat options, paella, cold meats and cheeses, fruits and breads. Dinner was themed each night, while we were staying we had a Mexican night, catalan night, prawn night (I have never seen so many!), mussels, pitta breads and randomly pate and blue cheese (which was my favourite). In addition they had lots of other options if you didn’t fancy what was on offer. There was also someone making fresh pizza and someone on the grill for meat, burgers, hot dogs etc. There was pasta and rice each night as well. And the chocolate cake actually tasted like chocolate cake!
  • Under all inclusive you can order drinks from a little table at the entrance to the food, it took us a little while to realise we could order wine by the bottle and sangria by the jug. Obviously with young children we spent a fair amount of the evening in the room and it was a faff having to go down to the bar to order drinks. Having a bottle avoided this.
  • The entertainment was good, in the lobby of the hotel was a notice board which told you each night what was on, we enjoyed the shows we saw – including flamenco and parrots doing tricks! The majority of the entertainment took place on an outside stage which was nice as it meant you could sit outside and also you could sit far enough away not to disturb a sleeping baby. Due to the culture the kids entertainment didn’t actually start till 9.30pm so for really young ones like Monkey it was a bit late.
  • There is a small play area which kept Monkey entertained along with the pool tables which cost 2€ each


The things we were disappointed by

  • Welcome information is sparse, the tour company boards and folders are past the reception just before you go into the restaurant and worth looking at for local info
  • Ask for the all inclusive list when you check in – this information was not volunteered. You will be given wrist bands the adult ones loose their colour and eventually go white. Needless to say Kipper was covered in blue dye quite a bit in the first few days. Sounds picky but the kids red ones are fine so surely it’s possible to fix? I’m hoping the dye will wash out of his clothes.
  • img_7034Cocktails! I think we have been spoilt on previous all inclusive deals. Now neither of us are big cocktail drinkers and we did not go on holiday to get drunk every night those days are gone. It’s all about the kids. However on the odd occasion where I fancied one we were a little put out by the fact we had to pay an additional 2€. I wasn’t asking for premium spirit long Island ice tea, all I wanted was a bit of lime and mint for a mojito. Don’t get me wrong when we paid it was really nice but their all inclusive cocktails were basically flavoured/coloured sugar syrups (I know this as they gave Monkey one out of the same machine). We watched many a holiday maker go up to the measures and make them alcoholic twice over!
  • There is an additional cost for the safe, it worked out at 60€ – 30€ a week. In this day and age I don’t expect to have to have to pay to keep my passport safe especially when we have paid to go all inclusive.
  • It happens everywhere and to be honest the hotel does try to stop it, but people come down and put their towels on their sun beds and then disappear! The pool although large for the area is small by comparison to other all inclusive resorts (i.e. Turkey) so its a tad annoying when you need shade especially for a four month old. The pool opens at 9am you can not access it until then, the lifeguard comes on at 10am and this is when the umbrellas become available from a room by the small pool. There probably are not enough umbrellas so best to get there around ten.


Additional info:

  • img_7126The main bar doesn’t open till 2pm but you can get a drink from 10am at the pool bar.The pool bar shuts at 7pm but then reopens somewhere around 9/9.30pm after they have cleaned the pool area with bleach.
  • Bottled water – the main bar does small bottles, you can get large bottles at lunch and dinner only in the restaurant, it’s not offered at breakfast. The pool bar offers mineral water on draft (natural water) only. So make sure you stock up on bottled water at dinner and lunch for trips out.
  • There is a wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks as you would expect. Generally you are expected to help yourself as much as possible from the pool bar where they have beer, sangria and all the main spirits on tap and measures against the wall.
  • img_7127Soft drinks – also on tap at the pool bar, you can only get cans and bottles out of the pay for vending machines. On arrival we had a small bottle of orange and lemon Kaz. But the fridge was never refilled. When we asks for it to be refilled we got told it’s free at the bar so we should help our selves. I understand their point but it doesn’t help if you want drinks to take on trips etc. Of course you could buy a fridge pack if you wanted from 12.5€.
  • During lunch, dinner and at the bar hard boarders get table service. If you have gone all inclusive you ‘self serve’ as such.
  • Lifts!! To be fair to the hotel they have put up little posters listing when the restaurant and lifts are most busy. We did try to avoid these times but sometimes you can’t which did mean that it could take a while to get a lift. Having a buggy did not stop people pushing in front of you it was a little dog eat dog which did grate a little towards the end of our stay.
  • You can hire towels from the hotel lobby at 10€ each
  • There are two shops in the hotel selling nick nacks and rip offs of designer brands, however there is an additional shop just outside the hotel which sells more useful items such as parasols, beach towels, buckets and spades etc.
  • For things such as nappies and toiletries there is a supermarket five minutes walk towards Salou, although 22 nappies size 3 cost 8.95€
  • We had a hotel room which over looked the road on the 3rd floor, the balcony was a good size and we could just about see the sea. However rooms on the other side of the hotel can overlook the railway line and although the trains are not frequent they are loud enough to keep you awake! There were times when we were sitting in the restaurant and you could hear the train…
  • If there heat of he pool gets to you, there is definately more of a breeze on the beach

Things we would look for next time:

  • A hotel with a private beach area/bar that does sandwiches etc as it was a real faff to pack up to go to the beach to then have to race back for lunch. If we hadn’t had the kids it wouldn’t be an issue.

In summary we enjoyed our stay at the hotel and would have enjoyed it a lot more if we had been given more information at the beginning.


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  1. This doesn’t sound a bad hotel and the food sounds good. A lot of all inclusive hotels limit branded spirits so it’s the local/cheap stuff you get included, but you normally get cocktails- although they’re often the pre-mixed variety. I hate when hotels charge for safes too, it’s a basic!! #bloggerclubuk

  2. What a great review – honest and informative. It is so hard to find good information for families on hotels – ones that tell both sides of the story #bloggerclubuk

  3. Sounds like a nice holiday but I would expect a bit more if you were going all inclusive, and I don’t see why they couldn’t refill the fridge, at least with bottled water as a minimum. I think a safe should be complimentary too, especially if its located in your room. The lack of information would frustrate me. The food sounds awesome though! And it looks like a nice place. #ukbloggerclub

  4. Sounds like a great holiday. Although we went away all inclusive in May and didn’t have to pay an additional cost for cocktails so I would have been annoyed at that x #bloggerclubuk

  5. mackenzieglanville Reply

    It is annoying when people leave towels and disappear isn’t it. But glad you enjoyed it! #bloggerclubUK

  6. Coombe Mill Reply

    Communication and information is key to ensuring you get your holiday off to a good start. It takes me around 10 minutes to show each guest personally into their properties and explain everything at Coombe Mill. Reading this reassures me I’m doing the right thing. that aside it looks like you had a great family break away in the sun. #BloggerClubUK

  7. You Baby Me Mummy (@YouBabyMeMummy) Reply

    Sounds like a great holiday hun. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely time overall, I do like to be prepared though so the more information available before arrival the better for me!


  9. flyingsolo7 Reply

    This is a great and informative post, I hate booking holidays as its a rare occurrence, a lot of money and I am terrified of getting it wrong! its always handy to read other people’s experiences #BloggerClubUK

  10. Something About Baby Reply

    Sounds like you had a great time despite the few niggles – it’s great to hear an honest review and all the extra information #BloggerClubUK

  11. Alana - Burnished Chaos Reply

    Sounds like a bit of a mixed bag. Washing hands in the bidet made me laugh though! The food sounds great but that whole lift nonsense would drive me up the wall, I may have resorted to bashing a few ankles with the pushchair wheels ?

  12. The whole towel on sun beds is really frustrating and it annoys me when hotels don’t enforce it and remove peoples towels. Sounds like you had a lovely time, even with some annoying bits. x

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  14. Glad you had a good time hun in spite of the negative points of the hotel. I have to say this reinforces a lot of reasons why I’m not a huge fan of all inclusive and really big hotels. A fridge should always be restocked and information clearly available especially if it’s ambiguous on what’s included and what isn’t! Having enough umbrellas around the pool is a fundamental requirement especially if it is geared towards families. And paying for a safe. What? That’s nonsensical. Waiting for a lift would defo grate on me as well! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

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  16. This is such a great review, really detailed and all the little things which actually make a big difference to a stay – it’s easy to think that something tiny won’t matter, but when it happens every day, or when there’s lot of little things, it really can take the edge off the holiday. That’s really not great about the information either. But sounds like you had a nice time in the sun still which i good! #citytripping

  17. Lisa (Travel Loving Family) Reply

    Great review, really detailed. Shame about a few of the points you mention above – towels, cocktails etc but I’m please to read that you enjoyed your family time together. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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