Welcome back to week nine of #RememberingTheseDays Instagram community. The place to share your precious family memories. I host this community with the lovely Laura over at Life with Baby Kicks.


Whatever the memory, or life event you want to record, joining in is simple, just tag your favourite photos #RememberingTheseDays over on Instagram. Each Sunday Laura and I will choose our four favourites. Please follow Mudpie Fridays here and Life with Baby Kicks here on Instagram to see if you have been featured.

Wow in nine short weeks, to only were we tagged by @butlinsoffical (whoop whoop) we have reached over 3050 tags! Heres the Butlins photo incase you missed it:

3050 is amazing and we thank you all for joining us and sharing your lovely pictures, each week it gets harder to choose my favourites. I really hope you are enjoying everyones photos and I encourage you all to search the tag and build the community further. There is a definitely an Autumnal feel to the feed this week, although I didn’t see as many back to school photos as I thought I would. Monkey started school this week, I can’t believe it, where have the last four years gone. We managed to catch a photo of him with one of his little friends who he has known since birth through my NCT group. They looked so cute together in their uniforms… sigh.

Anyway onto this weeks favourites, from top left to bottom right we have:


  • Beautiful picture of @poutinginheels daughter just before she started school, stunning and I am loving her feed too
  • Enjoying the sweetness of homegrown tomatoes over at @3littlebuttonsblog
  • There is something very special about this photo and its subject check out @topsyturvytribe for more detail, I am so loving the firemans hat!
  • Gorgeous capture of this little lady by @becomingasahm “though she be but little, she is fierce”.

Please pop over and visit their feeds by clicking on the names above.

Its been a busy week in our household and this has been reflected by the fact that I have only been posting once a day! (imagine how the other social media platforms have suffered since IG is my fav!!) SO not such a difficult task this week, my favourite from my feed was this one of the boys while we were away. Hard to think that was only taken a week ago in the hot sun and sand rather than the wind and rain that I am currently faced with. I loved the whole conversation that went along with this photo as Monkey showed a picture to Kipper, acting out the big brother role to perfection, bless him.

My favourite one from Laura’s feed has been tough as two really caught my imagination, I really loved the one of Big One in the bath. However it is the one below which I think really sums things up and the journey they have been on over the last few months. What a view? And how totally different to the UK. Without doubt a #RememberingTheseDays moment.

Come and join in by using the hashtag #RememberingTheseDays, and please pass this tag to your Instagram buddies. I would be over the moon if we reached 3500 by this time next week!! Please share the tag with your buddies, they do not need to be bloggers to join in, everyone is welcome.

Which one is your favourite? I would love to hear in the comments below.


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