Aquabeads Party – On return from holiday we found a wonderful package waiting for us from the lovely people over at Aquabeads. They had supplied us with everything we would need to host our very own Aquabeads party, however with term time upon us I have decided to create a virtual party with you our readers. More details are at the bottom of this post including how to get involved. But first here is what we thought of the Aquabeads Beginners Studio.


What are Aquabeads?

Aquabeads is a fun and safe arts & craft brand for children to enjoy hours of creative fun! The beads are uniquely made to stick together when sprayed with water. No heat, no mess! You can create based on the design template sheet, or free style and create your own original design.

So what do you get in the box:

  • over 800 beads in solid and beautiful jewel based colours
  • 1 x layout table – which have further patterns on it
  • 1 x container – everything fits in the bottom nicely keeping it compact and tidy
  • 1 x sprayer
  • 1 x instructions – clear and easy to follow including pictures!
  • 1 x palette – in a pretty shooting star snap
  • 1 x bead pen
  • 4 x template sheets – 14 different ideas in total


Monkey was very excited when he saw the kit and couldn’t wait to get started. As Aquabeads were new to me I had to hold him back a bit so I could read the instructions and make sure we did it right! Thankfully its very straightforward and the instructions are very easy to follow even with a four year old jumping up and down demanding to have a go!

Step One: Empty the beads into the palette – I am particularly keen on the jewel ones which are semi translucent and would definitely be my choice as a little girl! (I’m allowed to play right?)


Step Two: Select the pattern you want to make and slot it behind the layout table. Monkey turned four in June and needed a hand to feed the template in. You also need to make sure the pattern lines up with the circles in the board to enable to pattern to be followed.


Step Three: Using the pen select the beads by pushing the pen down over the top of the bead. You do not need to push hard it picks them up easily, there is a button on the side which then releases the bead onto the design. Monkey did try to do it with his fingers but got frustrated the pen made it a lot easier for him.


Step Four: Spray with water, you don’t need too much! We then left ours to dry out in the conservatory before removing them from the table. You can then use them to decorate cards, art work, for little characters for play or gifts for loved ones.


At the age of four Monkey was right at the young end of the recommended age range and he did need quite a bit of help. However we normally undertake these sorts of things together so it didn’t bother us. If I was going to buy this for a gift I think I would do so for little ones aged 6+.

Things we love: 


  • The beads are so pretty!! I think this was probably lost on Monkey but not on me, they make you want to create
  • Its good to have some templates but really they are only limited by their imaginations, many of the designs are girl orientated so we did create some of our own as well – although I am not sure I can manage paw patrol yet.
  • Anything that helps with fine motor skills and can keep a little boy entertained for more than half an hour in my book gets a gold star!
  • There are extra templates on the aquabeads website – including some seasonal ones for Halloween, Christmas and Easter
  • Refill kits are available in both the solid and jewel colours

We had great fun playing with the set which has a RRP of £13.99 and is available on Amazon and would make an ideal Christmas present.



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  1. emma walters Reply

    my son loves animals, i think he would like to make an elephant like his favourite teddy 🙂

  2. Coombe Mill Reply

    Clio used to adore these, they are so good for dexterity and creativity #MarvMondays

  3. My niece is 6 in December and this is a great idea for her birthday! I used to love Hama Beads as a kids and this seems very similar #bigpinklink

  4. Ahhh I can’t wait till Josh is old enough to enjoy these sorts of things. I’m not particularly crafty but I’m going to try and get better so we can enjoy these activities when he’s older xx #dreamteam

  5. Sue McCarthy Reply

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  6. Ann Marie Gould Reply

    i think we would make a unicorn as my daughter is alittle bit obsessed with them at the moment!

  7. thank you for the chance of winning clare, my two children would do rainbows and something lego chima related!! thank you, have a good day, and keep posting enjoying your feed.

  8. my bunch said flowers. Just out of surgery today so they want to make me flowers out of Aquabeads because they don’t have pollen that could make me sneeze

  9. Ashley Hamilton Reply

    Awesome prize, my little boy loves crafts so this is something he hasn’t yet tried x

  10. thismumslife Reply

    I love your very in depth review!! This looks like a really fun activity, and I know I’d be just as excited about it as the children! Mine are 3 and 2, so still quite young for it, but it will make a brilliant present for their older cousins!

  11. Deborah Clarke Reply

    My granddaughter would adore this. We’d make flowers , snails and unicorns!

  12. Kirsty Hosty Reply

    Love to make some girly rainbows, clouds, unicorns etc to make into a mobile and hang over her bed

  13. Rebecca Smith Reply

    My daughter loves mini beasts so she would definitely make them

  14. Kim Styles Reply

    My niece would make a horse she loves horses and all animals

  15. Tony Metcalfe Reply

    Would give to my niece who’d probably attempt to make something flowery.

  16. Deborah Mackenzie Reply

    my great niece would make an animal – but she is a dinosaur lover so this could be her first one

  17. These look amazing. I’m pretty sure I’d end up playing with them all myself, not the kids haha. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. xo

  18. These look so much fun and I really like how it comes as a full kit. So many cute little characters, I wouldn’t know where to start. Little Button has caught a glimpse and is very impressed with Monkeys work in progress 🙂 Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

  19. Lynsey Buchanan Reply

    My daughter loves to make animals with her aqua beads,

  20. Becky Duffy Reply

    We would like to make flowers and kittens – looks like a lot of fun!

  21. Jean Vaughan Reply

    I know the grandson would have me helping him to make Minecraft characters which might be within the realms of possibility for me but the granddaughter with her love of elephants, well that might be pushing too far. I think the sneakiest thing would be to bring the Aquabead’s pinterest boards up on screen and direct her attention there. Flowers look the easiest for me to start with but I am nearly 70!It’s a definite ‘must buy’ though for Christmas, looks so much fun.

  22. JULIE WARD Reply

    Grandson would most probably do dinosaurs with help from grandma

  23. Heather brannan Reply

    Create images of wild animals because the kids love them

  24. sandy ralph Reply

    i would use it with my grandson so i know we would end up making dinosaurs

  25. Iris Tilley Reply

    We would do a copy of our 2 cats and dog tortoise and fish lol

  26. Kerry Kilmister Reply

    My daughter Amber would love to make a unicorn or a pony.

  27. Jodie harvey Reply

    well as were now addicted to pokemon go (me included, but its great for my diet!) i think we would attempt to make some pokemon 🙂

  28. Kat Allinson Reply

    My daughter loves unicorns so that’s what we would make

  29. Kayleigh Robinson Reply

    Me and my kids would make an underwater scene with fish and seahorses.

  30. Eliza james Reply

    My daughter is autistic and believes she is a cat, so I’m 100% sure she’d make a cat lol thanks for the chance to win!x

  31. jo liddement Reply

    My son loves rock-pooling so he would probulary design some sea creatures

  32. Toni Pearson Reply

    My kids would make Mickey mouse…we just got back from a trip to Disneyworld.

  33. Hayley Colburn Reply

    This sort of things is totally down to my daughter, she’s the one with the creative imagination, she certainly doesn’t get it from me

  34. Heather Morrison Reply

    At the minute my little boy loves drawing lions and he’s getting really good (but I’m just biased haha). I’m sure he’d love to have a go with these xx

  35. paula cheadle Reply

    my grandson is in to tractors, so I expect he will do a tractor

  36. Victoria Prince Reply

    We’d make animals 🙂 Not sure which ones yet – though I fancy a go at a frog 😀

  37. gemma nisbet Reply

    My son would want to make football type things. Thanks for the chance.

  38. Sharon Lou Johnson Reply

    im sure my daughter would make something princess x

  39. Tracey Woods Reply

    I have been informed by my niece we have to make butterfly’s

  40. Jenny Rogers Reply

    I would be very popular if I made some Paw Patrol characters.

  41. Clare Tate Reply

    me and my girls would love to make animals and flowers, my son would be more bats and mindcraft thing lol great toy for all the family to play with

  42. Anna Brown Reply

    My daughter would make a unicorn. She is mad on them at the minute

  43. Barbara Handley Reply

    I would help my youngest granddaughter make some flowers.

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