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Oh my its been one of those weeks. I will not go into it now as I don’t want to depress anyone but lets put it this way when I put out the recycling there were a few wine bottles in there! It grates as I always feel like I should be enjoying my maternity leave and not stressing about anything (complete opposite when at work as its pretty stressful 100% of the time). But Hubby and I were hit by something we weren’t expecting and its completely outside our control. After the initial Oh s*** on reflection we will ride the storm and in someways its good that I’m not at work as I can take extra care to try and reduce stress for him.

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This week in particular, I’ve been struggling to be productive while juggling Monkey’s school pick up and drop offs especially with feeding Kipper in between. He will start after school club soon, but I have ben reluctant to introduce him to too much new stuff all at once. When he does it will give me a little more time to get my blogging house in order! However this week I did manage to fit in a little photo shoot with Kipper, which I have had planned for a while. Although I got the usual half smiling, half blurred, moving around, dark pictures (you know the sort of photos I’m talking about) I also managed to get this too!


I am mega impressed with myself! So much that I think it will probably make it into a frame especially with my new super duper printer, where it costs pennies to actually print a photo. Ive just gone back to the advanced photography course at college and will be taking this picture with me tonight to see how I can manipulate it in Photoshop, since its currently unfiltered.

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#BloggerClubUK is back after the Summer break…

We have been adjusting our priorities over the last few weeks and I for one have realised that my maternity leave will soon be coming to an end and so I need to enjoy Kipper as much as possible during this precious time. The linky is still continuing as we have built such a great community thanks to you our readers and linkers. These are our new rules I hope you all understand. I will be commenting on posts as I can, as I love reading them all.

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Have a great week everyone xx


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  1. Gorgeous photos of the little one hun! Love that little hat! Hope all ok & enjoy the rest of your mat leave it always goes far too quickly!! xxx

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