We’ve all been there, its present time be it a Birthday or Christmas and despite having children of our own we have no idea what to buy… If you are anything like me I am constantly asking friends what their little ones would like and quite often the answer I get back is ‘I don’t know!‘ So when I heard about Wicked Uncle I was interested to try it out and see if it lives up to its claims of providing an easy to navigate website. Focused around fun, unusual and different presents for children. So how did we get on?


I have not seen another website which is so easy to navigate. Instead of just pages and pages of toys you can search by gender and age. Its easy to switch between ages too as the previous and next age bracket link is at the top of the page. Failing that you can search via category such as Adventurer, Outdoorsy or Role Play

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-22-32-34Each age range or category is has the most popular toys at the top, which are based on the toys people are buying through the website. Ideal if you are actually a ‘wicked uncle’ and have no idea where to start. I really struggled to choose a toy for Monkey and Kipper purely because there is so much choice. There was genuinely toys which I had not seen before, something that surprised me as I like to think I have a pretty good handle on the toys available in the market place!

The whole check out process is very straight forward. You even have the opportunity to wrap your present for an additional £2.95 for the first present and £1.50 for each additional present. Unlike another well known online retailer there’s lots of different designs to choose from. You can also add a gift message for free or a card (handwritten) for £1.95.

Standard delivery is £2.95 and I was super impressed with it. I could leave a comment on the website where I wanted my parcel to be left should I be out. I received a confirmation email immediately and the following day a link to how I can track my parcel. I also received text messages on the day of the delivery to tell me they were going to attempt delivery. I placed the order on Wednesday before 4pm and I had the parcel by Friday lunchtime. I’m really not surprised that at the time of writing this they are rated 99 out of 100 for Customer Service based on 9344 reviews, pretty impressive figures.

Things I loved (besides the toys):

  • The delivery process was well oiled, I like websites that make it easy for me.
  • There is a phone number on their website so if you need to pick up the phone and speak to them you can and its not hidden away. Failing that they have an online chat facility
  • They are part of the goggle certified shops programme designed to give you more confidence about buying online.
  • The range of toys is great with some really different things that I have not seen elsewhere
  • You can set up reminders for Birthdays
  • There is a good range of toys in each price bracket, up to £10, up to £20 and then over £20, so you should find something that fits your budget.

The only thing I would like to see is a price match promise or simialr

So what did I choose?


Since Monkey has just started school the questions are coming thick and fast. So when I saw a range of different science kits I opted for The Human Body Science Kit – Little Labs. Monkey was very excited as soon as we opened it and wanted to start the experiments straight away. In the booklet there are 26 different experiments around the five senses. We started with the first which was all about looking at fingerprints:

He was fascinated with the different patterns and we compared both mine and his which lead to a conversation about catching robbers!! The contents are reasonably basic but the booklet which comes with it brings it all to live. Other experiments include making  a stethoscope, testing lung capacity and constructing a magic telescope. I am sure we will have hours of fun with it.


img_4696Wanting to treat the boys the same I wanted to find something for Kipper too. However being our second child he doesn’t really need anything. So far all his toys to date are hand me downs or DIY Sensory Boxes. So I was sceptical about finding anything ‘new’, yet  to my surprise there was loads of choice for baby boys. As Kipper is in the process of moving into his own room (sob!) I opted for the Twilight Turtle Starry Nightlight and he’s been quite taken with it. So am I which is just as well as it  is temporally in our room while he gets use to it before moving. There are three different light colour options blue, amber or green and turns off automatically after 45 minutes. There are actual star consolations within them too which we have been pointing out to Monkey. We are all really taken with it and the fact it came with batteries is a real positive too!

Both boys are really happy with their toys and I am extremely impressed with the whole process. The website is easy to navigate and I am going to definitely point people in their direction if we get asked for Christmas presents.


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Wicked Uncle gave us these toys for the basis of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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  2. I recognise that Twilight Turtle! I have exactly the same one at home from CloudB xx I’ve had the older version for years! Never heard of Wicked Uncle before…looks cool #DreamTeam

  3. I love Wicked Uncle, it really helped me find the right presents for the girls with the search options. Great choices, I love the turtle, I bet kipper will too x #triedtested

  4. I’ve heard about the site before, it does look awesome and I should really give it a go! Thank you for reminding me! Sim x #TriedTested

  5. that human body science kit looks fantastic defiantly something my 6 year old would love too! He got the turtle night light too and absolute loves it! great choices! #triedtested

  6. We love Wicked Uncle! I completely agree that their website is so easy to use, and it’s super speedy to switch between different ages and preferences when searching. Love your choices, and how cute is that night light. Thanks for sharing with the #dreamteam xx

  7. I have heard so many amazing things about Wicked Uncle I really do need to check them out! It looks like you’ve got some great buys from here! I love that the items can come gift wrapped too. #BloggerClubUK

  8. This sounds ‘wicked’ sorry for the pun! But for people like me that have no idea about these things, it sounds like a great service.

    Sally @ Life Loving

  9. serenityyou Reply

    I love Wicked Uncle website. The toy range is great with loads of really fun educational items. #BloggerClubUK

  10. We have used Wicked Uncle and love their approach – there is so much choice out there nowadays so organising by age is great, and the unusual gifts are a source of inspiration! #BloggerClubUK x

  11. I love the Wicked Uncle site – I’ve yet to purchase anything, but have sent it to my brother when he asked for ideas for Christmas. This way we get a ‘surprise’ gift, but I know it will be suitable for Alfie! Love the items you chose #BloggerClubUk

  12. Jane Taylor Reply

    I read another blog review of WIcked Uncle a while back and it’s great to read your impressions of the company too. That sensory turtle light is so cool! ! Nice to know they have such a great customer satisfaction record. #Bloggerclubuk

  13. Mess and merlot Reply

    Will have to check it out, my two would love the Human Body kit #BloggerClubUK

  14. Ah yes, I’ve used this before when I was the wicked aunt. Got some great stuff! Jogged my memory for xmas xxx #bloggerclubuk

  15. OOh, they have teens on the list! My teenager is getting harder and harder to shop for as he gets older and I constantly get the “I don’t know” This is a great tool! Thanks for sharing it with us. #bloggerclubuk

  16. I always find it hard buying for my nieces and nephews because we don’t see them very often. I love sites that list by age and popularity #BloggerClubUK

  17. Petite Library Reply

    Ooo this looks super convieny and I love your choices! Happy to be back at #BloggersClubUK

  18. Oh I love Wicked Uncle….have been using them for years to send present ideas to rellies! But the Human Body science kit sounds absolutely perfect for my 6 yr old! They’ve just started learning about the Human Body in school… this is definitely on the Christmas list!

  19. Great review! We love Wicked Uncle, we also took the Wicked Uncle test a few months ago and were so impressed with their site and the range of toys. Its definitely going to be my go to site this christmas! Emily #BloggerClubUK

  20. Sarah - mud cakes and wine Reply

    I have seen this website and love it. The two items look great. #bloggerclubuk

  21. organisedjo Reply

    I must check out this website as I do struggle sometimes coming up with inspiration for the girls. #BloggerClubUK

  22. Tina Medlock Reply

    Never heard of it but will now bear it in mind..that said, I do generally buy cheap presents for school parties! 😉 #BloggerClubUK

  23. Hooks and Dragons Reply

    This sounds like a brilliant site. I find dispite having had kids myself, I am still at a loss when it comes to choosing gifts for my niece and nephew.

  24. I’ve had a play around with this website before and I absolutely love it. I think that Santa will be delivering quite a few of these little dazzlers to pop under our tree this year – most definitely a twilight turtle! (Possibly for me haha.) Dawn x #DreamTeam

  25. Double the Monkey Business Reply

    Definitely worthwhile bearing in mind coming up to Christmas. Thanks for the tip. I love that nightlight, it is brilliant xxx #BloggerClubUK

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