Two weeks ago I took the jump and went self hosted – queue scary music!

Can you believe it I have finally taken the jump and gone self hosted. So I guess the question is how did I find the process? I have decided to write a couple of posts for those of you thinking about doing it. My initial migration which I will cover today and then a follow up post in a few weeks time about how I am dealing with the day to day life of a self hosted site. I am seriously hoping that by that point I will be able to tell you how wonderful it all is…. you see I am still at the nervous stage! I have read some brilliant posts about taking the leap and everyone said how easy it was. And to be fair it was not difficult. Like many others I have chosen TSOhost as they offered a free migration service.

Moving from to

Step One

I literally logged onto their website and selected the plan I required. I have a reasonable amount of data and I am hoping to take my blog to the next level (hence the reason I went self hosted in the first place) so I went of the Pro subscription at £4.99 a month. Then I waited.

Step Two

I didn’t have to wait every long and received an automated email from them suggesting I needed to go into my site and change the name servers over. Thankfully I was a little concerned about backing up so I sent them an email just to double check. During this time I was contacted by the support team (who incidentally are brilliant!!) and I got back another saying don’t change the name servers just yet… so my advice if you are migrating a site ignore that first email.

Step Three

TSOhost requested all my files form wordpress directly. It is possible for you to do this yourself via the backing up functionality but when you haven’t got a clue like me, then waiting for them to follow their process is definitely the best option. No matter how impatient you are! You will then get an email from wordpress with your files which you download and then resend over to TSOhost.

Now this is when it all went a little squiffy for me. I knew the beta site would look different, it wouldn’t have my lover banner or pretty sidebar. It should still be in my theme but it will be very much plain vanilla. Thats what I got, but it was more about what I didn’t get that was the problem. Whole months of posts were missing, you know what you look at something and take a double take and check your own sanity? Thats exactly what I did. Starting to panic a little I checked the pages and my wonderful new Work With Me page was also missing. Now this wasn’t a disaster because the site is still up and running. Anyone searching for me or coming to the site had no idea what was going on in the background. So I knew they weren’t lost as such. Working with a big piece of I.T kit in my corporate life I knew things could have glitches too. Can you imagine what would be going through my mind if I had decided to migrate it myself and ended up in this position?

Anyhow I went back to TSOhost and explained and they remigrated the site. Not only that they checked that all posts and comments had come over – thats some 400+ post and 7000+ comments!

Step Four

Once I was happy I then changed the name servers over – which is really easy to do you can find instructions on the website. I notified TSOhost that I had done this and it all went a bit quiet.

Step Five

Having pushed them a couple of times for logins and not received them by email I decided to call.  The ones I had received on email were for the old .com website. and I was told to change the hosting file on my MAC laptop. Which indecently I couldn’t do as it would only let me duplicate the file. This could be what was causing the problem. The new site appeared to be up and I couldn’t get into it. I decided to call and was given the logins right away, which was great albeit a little frustrating as I had been waiting for them all day.

Step Six

Add in all the prettiness, now I cheated and asked my lovely designer Ellie Illustrates to reinstall all the graphics and social media buttons in my sidebar for me. I know it cheating but I just wanted it to look right initially – before I get tempted to play around with it and then probably break it! I am already considering a new theme….

And so we have it, I am now on a site with new logins. My site will sit there redundant so I have set up a redirect on it to the new .org site. TSOhost have process really simple other than getting the logins but a quick phone call rectified that. If you are considering moving, then do it. Theres never a right time, and it should only take three days. Even with my glitch its only taken just over a week. Your old site still remains so people can still continue to enter your competitions, share you posts and click on any links from social media. I’m happy to help so please contact me if you have any questions or if like me you just need a bit of a gentle kick up the bum.

Now the fun begins choosing plugins and getting use to the new layout, plus working my way through my list of must haves… sharing buttons anyone? New post coming on what I did next shortly!!


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  1. topfivemum Reply

    Congratulations! When I first started my blog a few months ago, I read the advice on going self hosted…but chose a simple site builder account. Doh! I’ve since deleted it and started again, properly! Thanks for a great write up on how to go self hosted – I should have followed this advice in the beginning. #BloggerClubUK

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      I couldn’t find a post which told me what to expect, which put me off doing it for longer than necessary! Hopefully others thinking about it may find this and it may help them make a decision xx

  2. It’s good to mix things up.not going to lie I don’t have a clue about anything to do with ‘self-hosted’ or .org instead of .com but maybe that will come in time
    P.S definitely would have crapped my pants if I lost just one of my posts let alone a whole months worth! Glad it got sorted #bloggerclubuk

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      Oh yes there was a bit of wine drunk that night!! X

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      Thanks lovely … It’s been a rollercoster this last week lol xx

  3. Oh how exciting and how brave? I recently switched from wordpress to squarespace as was taken by the beauty and simplicity of it – however, I have lost all of my followers and can’t transfer over – that’s tough but I’m going to slowly build it up again – I’ve 8 lovely subscribers to date and they mean the world to me!! Look forward to seeing your site develop xx #BloggerClubUK

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      I am sure you will do it … Will pop over xx

  4. I’ve heard some good things about TSOHost. Glad it went quite smoothly. IT migrations can often be stressful.

    Sally @ Life Loving

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      The plugins are brilliant thanks for you advice! I think I could probably spend more time on the plugins than writing lol…!! Xx

  5. High five for going self hosted! I did the same a month or so ago. I too went with TSOHost, and they’re pretty brilliant, quite happy to answer any inane questions (I had lots). It feels there there is almost too much to choose from sometimes though, if I had the money I’d be changing my theme every week!

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      I’ve stuck with my current theme although I am tempted to look around .. If I make it to Christmas I will be surprised!! Xx

  6. I keep reading about self hosting but I have no idea whether I am self hosted or not!! I can’t use plugins on my WordPress so I don’t think I am, but when I chose my WordPress theme I thought I chose self hosted. Are plugins the main benefit to self hosting? This, along with sorting out my Pinterest, are high up on my to do list!! #bloggerclubuk

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      If you can’t have the plugins then I suspect you are but own your own domain which is what I did. I’ll be writing a post soon on some of the plugins. Some you will need just to do the same as the .com but others will help grow followers etc. It’s early days for me, but the editorial calendar is amazing. Feel free to message me if you need convincing or have questions xx

  7. mainy - myrealfairy Reply

    You are brave and well done for doing what you wanted with your blog and taking the plunge.

    mainy – myrealfairy


  8. Wow this sounds complex! Good on you for doing it, I’m not very good with IT… Can I ask why you moved across? What’s the difference between a .com and a .org wordpress? Sorry I’m still new to all this! 🙂
    Kimberly x

    • Mudpie Fridays Reply

      You get more flexibility, the plugins are immense and I’ve only just started, generally PRs don’t like in the url but you won’t have that if you’ve brought your domain. Plus if you want to monetise the site you are restricted under .com. I’m on a huge learning curve and in no way an expert but feel free to message me with any questions xx

  9. Yay, another self-hosted blog! There’s definitely a wave of bloggers doing it at the moment which also means a lot of information put there about how to do it which is great. Doesn’t make it any less nerve wracking though! Good luck with discovering all the amazing things you can do now you’re self hosted #BloggerClubUk

  10. Congratulations hun and I am glad it all went ‘relatively’ smoothly for you. Helen is fab! #BloggerClubUK

  11. Ah now for the fun part – seriously you will not stop fiddling! It’s been almost 5 months since I took the leap and even now I find myself faffing for ages moving things around! So much fun having that control. Enjoy it! I’m glad it wasn’t too stressful for you! #bloggerclubuk

  12. Alison (MadHouseMum) Reply

    Ok, so take an oldie ish person but a newbie blogger back to basics and explain the benefits of self-hosting…I hear people say that it’s more flexible, but why? I don’t know what it all means. This post was so useful and now I have lots of questions, so shall look forward to the follow-up 🙂 I hope it’s all going well. Alison x #BloggerClubUK

  13. Carolina Twin Mom / Mary Peterson Reply

    Brave lady! I pretty much just learned what “SEO” means so I think my tech knowledge may limit me from going self-hosted. 😉

    Best of luck to you! #bloggerclubuk

  14. Well done. I have always been self hosted. I decided not to do a half way house kind of thing, but just to jump in the deep end. I am glad I did to be honest. I sounds much trickier to switch to self hosted at a later stage. Well done for doing it. Pen x #BloggerClubUK

  15. Reading this took me right back to that awful week I made the move! I’m glad I did it, but I still don’t really understand what I did ha ha! Your site looks as lovely as ever…well done x

  16. Oh goodness this sounds so scary! Well worth it though, thanks for being so open about the process #bloggerclubuk

  17. Mess & Merlot Reply

    Oh my gosh I’m stressed out just reading it (and I don’t even understand half of it!!) Congrats on going self-hosted, the thought of it terrifies me. Look forward to seeing how you get on with it in the next few weeks- hopefully plain sailing from now on. Ditto Alison what are the main benefits? I’m not sure I trust myself not to complely destroy my blog!! BloggerClubUK

  18. I’ve always been self-hosted but am on a shared facility and have to move my own individual account. Frankly that’s giving me enough problems! Well done. #bloggerclubuk

  19. Congratulations! I made the move a couple of months ago and used TSO too. I found it all very stressful as there was some issues with migration but once it was done it was such a relief! #BloggerClubUK

  20. Congratulations! That is so awesome. Great job. Thanks for the post on how to do this. i just purchased two URLs a couple weeks ago. The link to my current Blogger blog…not sure what to do now. I just wanted to get them.

  21. Ooo congratulations for moving over! I’m looking to do this once I get my blog a bit more successful to warrant paying every month #bloggerclubUK

  22. TSO really are super helpful. Most of mine was even sorted on a Sunday night which was awesome! #bloggerclubuk

  23. I’m pretty sure I’m already self hosted, I have plugins on WordPress so I guess so! If you can’t tell I’m new to the blog life, hoping I am self hosted so I don’t have to make the nightmarish switch at a later date!

    Glad your move went well! #bloggerclubuk

  24. Tooting Mama Reply

    That’s great! And your site looks fab! You have so much flexibility with your site, it can really grow and grow! #bloggerclubuk

  25. Yay! Congrats lovely, well done for finally going self hosted. Once you do it, its not as scary as it seemed right! Glad to hear you had a smooth transition. If you need a list of wordpress plug ins I have a post on my blog that I recently wrote. Its a good starter for 10 🙂 Emily #BloggerClubUK

  26. I’ve been considering going self hosted but despite your great advice this leaves me feeling scared! I’ve no IT knowledge and there were several points in your post where I had no clue what you were talking about! Oh dear.
    Perhaps I’ll stay .com a bit longer ????

  27. Well done you! It’s not an easy leap to make but worth it in the end. I did it recently and was so stressed out as I’m utterly clueless on how it all works, but with good help and advice it was doable. Enjoy! #bloggerclubuk

  28. Well done for taking the jump. I was terrified at taking the plunge but used TSO Host too and found them really helpful. They must be used to dealing with idiots as they were really tolerant of my daft questions!! Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

  29. Poppy Reflects Reply

    So relevant to me right now and I’ve already managed to muck it up a bit! I’m sure it will be worth it for me in the end, your blog looks fantastic x #MarvMondays

  30. The new site looks great! It is a hard leap to make but you will be able to do so much more with your website. xx #BloggerClubUK

  31. Going self-hosted is easily the best thing I’ve done for my blog. I’m sure these tips will help a lot of people x #bloggerclubuk

  32. This is a wonderful post. I can’t imagine losing data like that. I have this irrational fear of something horrible happening even without doing a migration. I’m always trying to back things up and I still have this nagging thought that it’s not enough. I’ll be a basket case when it’s time to go self hosted. #MarvMondays

  33. I started self hosted, so I’m always interested to read about the switch over. It sounds not to bad for some people and then others are complete horror stories! #BlogerClubUK

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