Its funny how much you forget between child one and child two! The whole chapter of Monkey’s upbringing – ‘weaning’ I have forgotten! Other than the no honey until 12 months everything else has erased itself from my mind. I don’t think it was particularly painful although we did discover a couple of allergies along the way so I don’t know why I have no recollection. To save the same thing happening this time round I have decided to keep a diary here on Mudpie Fridays. So welcome to the first in a series around our weaning experience.


I do know we got it right with Monkey as at 4.5 years old he eats pretty much everything you put in front of him and will try most things. Yes sometimes we get the days when he won’t eat or just can not be bothered, and like most kids there is always room for ice cream or sweets. But generally we can go anywhere and know he will eat something on the menu, in fact sometimes we have the opposite problem he doesn’t want what is on the kids menu instead he wants Nana’s Dover Sole… I am hoping that Kipper will be the same.

I have waited until Kipper was 26 weeks old before starting him on any sort of puree. Monkey  started at 19 weeks, partly because I needed to get him weaned before returning to work. I went back when he was just 6 months. As I am taking slightly longer off with Kipper it means I can take our time. Saying that I have been surprised by how quickly he has taken to the fruit and veg purees. I don’t think it will be long until we are on finger foods.

With Monkey I spent hours puree individual fruits and vegetables wanting him to have individual tastes and making sure we ticked off a long list of different fruit and veg as we went. A lot of them were never eaten. In fact Hubby only threw away some of those little pots that were still clogging up our freezer a couple of months ago. In some ways a series about his weaning experience maybe more helpful. This time round I think I know it will be different, we will still be doing individual tastes and some home made purees which are not readily available but to date and going forward we will predominately using the ready made pouches. Now I know some of you lovely people will secretly be horrified by this. I am sorry. Initially I felt very guilty about this fact, but after speaking to several mums I know it turns out I am not the only one living with this taboo.

The weaning diaries week 1

So how are we getting on?

  • I always give vegetables first – and by that I mean a pouch which is 100% vegetables. Not one which has a high percentage of apples/pears to make it sweeter. As we go on I will not be so selective but initially I want Kipper on veg only.
  • For the first two days he only had 100% veg, mainly sweet potato and butternut squash varieties which are naturally sweeter. I also only gave him food at lunchtime, but by the third day he was looking for it late afternoon as well.
  • After this I have started to introduce some pure fruit purees as a second course
  • I don’t do baby rice, so breakfast consists of natural yoghurt with some fresh fruit mashed in i.e. raspberries of strawberries. I never gave Monkey baby rice as I was worried about constipation and have you tasted it?
  • At the moment I am still breastfeeding first and topping up with food. Saying that by the end of the first week he is having at least 50g of veg and 50g of fruit twice a day and 2 large tablespoons of yoghurt at breakfast time.
  • He is so interested in what we are eating, I can’t see it being long until he is at least trying what we are eating each night.

He is really enjoying it, I love the little noises he makes when he eats impatient for me to fill up the spoon again. Although he struggles with the spoon a little and wants to lick it rather than let me put it in his mouth. Kipper has also developed the knack of blowing raspberries exactly the same time as the spoon goes in!

Some things he has loved this week:

  • Strawberries are a firm favourite  and he will eat them mixed with yogurt although he does prefer them on their own.
  • Mangoes
  • Chickpeas mixed with red pepper and squash
  • Peach and apple
  • Sweet Potato

Things he’s not too keen on: 

  • The only thing he really hasn’t like is scrambled egg, I think this is more to do with the texture than the actual flavour itself, plus its quite lumpy. It got spat out quite a bit.


  • The amount he wants to eat will vary between days and meal times. One day he ate so much that we went through 3 full size pouches, the following day he was less fussed and hardly ate a thing
  • Kipper has only ever had a poo about once a week while being breastfed, food has drastically changed that and I am now wondering if I need to go up a nappy size!
  • Water! I have dug out Monkey’s old dordy cup and have been offering sips of water to Kipper. The first couple of days I completely forgot and he fed on me before and after meal times.
  • If he isn’t keen on something, then try a new taste three times before moving onto the next one.

Next week:

I am looking forward to trying a few more individual fruits and vegetables. Life is not so hectic as Monkey will be back at school, so there will be more of an opportunity to puree some of our own cooking too.

What have your weaning experiences been like? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


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  1. topfivemum Reply

    Good luck! I’m just starting with my 6 month old. Will definitely start on 100% veggies. My 2 year old daughter is so fussy and I sear it’s because I wasn’t strict on veggies from the start. Are you trying any BLW? I’m going to try a half half approach this time. #BloggerClubUK

  2. Alison (MadHouseMum) Reply

    Weaning has become more of a talked about topic recently – compared with when mine were young. We just weaned at 4 months without too much worry about what to give them – except, as you say, honey. There seems to be more pressure on parents today to somehow get it exactly ‘right’. I think this is endemic of more pressures on parents today in all areas. It sounds as if you are certainly getting it right! Keep up the good work, ie keep it simple with pouches all the way 🙂 Alison x #BloggerClubUK

  3. Ah I absolutely loved weaning with my second and I can’t wait to do it again this time. My second was given a mixture of puree veg and finger foods from 6 months but he developed an allergy to egg and he refused food until he was 7 months. Now he eats anything, excluding the foods he’s allergic too. Amy x


  4. Good luck with weaning! I remember it being such a rewarding, and very messy delight to look forward to every day. We had the raspberry blowing and licking the food too 🙂 Well done Kipper xx #BloggerClubUK

  5. Kellie - Hooray for Moms Reply

    Weaning can be so tricky indeed! It was an adventure with my kids. Good luck – you can do it!

  6. Wow it sounds like he’s tried so much already! I agree, baby rice looks and smells grim, I couldn’t bring myself to taste it so couldn’t feed it to the boy haha. We did baby led weaning – mainly because we are both lazy so the idea of spoon feeding seemed too much effort ???? He took to it really well and still eats quite a variety at the moment but everyone has warned me that as he becomes a toddler that will probably change. Looks like Kipper is going to be a fab eater! #BloggerClubUK

  7. The first part of food introduction is my favorite part of infancy with my babies! Its so fun to watch them learn how to eat and explore new foods. #bloggerclubuk

  8. Sarah - mud cakes and wine Reply

    My third is now 10 months and has been a nightmare to wean, I remember how much I find the first stages stressful. I used pouches this time and it’s worked well. Good luck going forward #bloggerclubuk

  9. Carolina Twin Mom / Mary Peterson Reply

    We ended up switching from rice to oatmeal, which I found was very helpful in keeping the twins regular. I am also sad to say that, despite our best efforts to introduce all foods (including veggies) to the kids, a day came eventually when they SUDDENLY decided they did not like those healthy things. 🙁 Well, we do the best we can, right? Good luck! #BloggerClubUK

  10. Aww can’t believe Kipper is old enough for weaning already. Sounds like all is going well and you have a great plan for your weaning journey xx #bloggerclubuk

  11. I recall my eldest’s taste of food being from a jar but she’s tried pouches and all sorts. She loves fruit and veg now may long it continue. #BloggerClubUK

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