I know I start a lot of the baby’s updates with ‘I can not believe we are so many months in’… and this one is going to be no different. Six months? Where did that go? Its crazy to think that  I would have been back at work by now if I had followed my initial plans of a six month maternity leave. Its all I had with Monkey but I completely underestimated the impact of an older brother and just felt I had, not had enough time with Kipper. I wasn’t ready. Thankfully work was very understanding and I have to pinch myself that I have three extra months. Although I am finding myself willing every day to slow down! There never seems to be enough time for cuddles! Each month its amazing how much he changes, you can read all about in in his last update.


Weight – 19.9lbs  whoa! Somehow we have gone from just above the 50th percentile to the 91st! Now we have started on food but I am a little perplexed by the increase in weight. Not that Kipper seems bothered by it. He has really chunky arms and legs now and I can really see the difference in the pictures from last month.

Height – 27 inches

Clothing Size -I am finding it incredibly hard this time round to move him out of one clothing size and into another. He’s still in a combination of 3-6 and 9-6 month clothing. Probably because I am trying to make my favourite bits last longer. The newborn and 0-3 has finally been gifted away. I feel like its so much more of an emotional rollercoaster this time. In the last week we have moved into size 4 nappies too as the 3s weren’t really even doing in the middle, despite the fact that I had bulk brought…ooopps.


Teeth – Nothing other than dribble. Although there maybe some clear teething blisters appearing on the bottom gums, but I’m not 100% as he won’t let me near them.

Health – I am certain the fizzy drinks makes a difference as he is hardly sick at all now. Which is just as well since we have started on puree. He’s had a couple of colds and a cough but nothing serious. I guess its having an older brother.

Loves – hitting things! Recently he has taken to patting Monkey and pulling his hair if he gets close enough. He’s not using a wooden spoon yet but the palm of his hand. He likes to be held (still) and we have started to struggle to put him down in the evening. Its all about putting him down slowly and having a dummy and muslin to hand to keep him settled. Food! Kipper’s sleep sheep is going down well especially the heart beat sound. His favourite pastime is still being outside and watching the leaves fluttering in the wind. Kipper has developed a very ticklish spot which always elects a belly laugh and likes to be covered in kisses especially on his face. Oh and we may have had a new purchase which he loves loves loves – see below in toys.

Hates – Now we have started weaning he does not like it if other people are eating and he is not! He’s gone off the car seat again going as stiff as a board on the school run which is rather infuriating. I also sense a tiny bit of frustration starting to appear when he’s on his tummy and he can not reach something. He also hates it when I walk away from him and starts ti cry

Habits – Blowing bubbles! I am surprised by the entertainment this provides but he does enjoy it, especially if mummy is trying to put food in your mouth at the same time. He’s got the knack of going under the water at swimming now and will close his eyes as he goes under, opening them again before resurfacing.


Milestones & Firsts – Food! We have started weaning, and although only on fruit and veg at the moment he is loving it. I am yet to move onto finger food sticking initially to purees. Although at the rate he is eating we will being moving onto lumps and baby lead bits soon. He’s been drinking water out of his first sippy cup too.

Kipper has had his first Halloween and he had met Father Christmas for the first time on our annual outing to Harrods Christmas Grotto. He’s been in his high chair now a number of times. I must admit I do love the Stokke Trip Trap, its the same one we had with Monkey and it works for this age brilliantly. Something I take for granted as when we have tried to eat out a couple of times the highchairs provided are far too big and Ive ended up stuffing blankets behind him to keep him upright!

Development – Leading on from the high chair Kipper has started to sit independently. Only for a short time at the moment and I am having to keep hands at the ready but we are doing a little bit of practice most days. And although he found his feet a while ago he’s now even more interested in them, studying them until he tips over! Once he is a little stronger I will be getting out a treasure basket for him. I don’t think it will be long until he is ready.

Eating – He’d tried a number of different fruit and veg purees, as well as scrabbled egg and yogurts. Some days he wants lots of food, other days he’s still finding his feet and not that worried by it. I’m being lead by him to a certain extent and will be writing up our next weaning update soon. To date he’s not turned his nose up at anything, although I am sure that will change. Since he’s been on food I am happy to say he’s started pooing a lot more up to twice a day, which has been a bit of a shock since he was only pooing once a week.

Sleeping – The changing of the clocks really seemed to unsettle Kipper and we had a few days where he was waking up in the middle of the night again. Also starting food seemed to unsettle him. Going to sleep around 8pm, he still has a bottle around 10.30/11pm but he will now go through to 5/5.30am without waking. Some mornings he will also drop back off again if you turn his sleep sheep back on and I get an extra half an hour before feeding. It does mean he is probably ready now to move into his own room, although its full of baby things to take to a local table top sale so I will have a little longer with him in our room.

Toys – Kipper loves his baby nest and I am sure that has helped him get ready for sitting unaided. We also had a little new purchase of a Fisher Price Jumperoo which has gone down a storm. We didn’t have one for Monkey but since Kipper still is not keen on the door bouncer I thought I would give it a go and it was a hit straight away. Anything that lights up or can go in his mouth are also favourable…


Favourite Outfit – Kipper’s Halloween pumpkin and skeleton baby grows have got to be my favourite. I had to buy him a new pumpkin outfit when Monkey’s wouldn’t do up over his bum. A friend donated a skeleton one so that I could dress the boys the same. I’ve manage to smuggle away some of the early baby grows and clothes to make into soft toys.

Things I don’t want to forget – all of it!! The little noise he makes as he sleeps when he has a cold is so cute. How he feeds, although he still wants mummy’s milk over bottles at the moment I am aware that this could change. The baby smiles, they are adorable and I wish I could bottle everyone!

Looking forward to … Christmas with both boys, although it will signal my return to work coming every closer there is something magical about Christmas with children. Playing more as Kipper can sit alone


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  1. What a lovely update. That fox jumper is so cute!! I love weaning, its so nice trying them with new things and watching their reaction. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays

  2. He’s such a cutie! The clock change was such a pain for my boys too, hopefully it won’t be too bad when they go forward! x #MarvMondays

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