Welcome back to week twenty of #RememberingTheseDays Instagram community. The place to share your precious family memories. I host this community with the lovely Laura over at Life with Baby Kicks #rememberingthesedays-3 Whatever the memory, or life event you want to record, joining in is simple, just tag your favourite photos #RememberingTheseDays over on Instagram. Each Sunday Laura and I will choose our four favourites. Please follow Mudpie Fridays here and Life with Baby Kicks here on Instagram to see if you have been featured.

Each Saturday when I go in to choose my favourites and make sure I have liked every photo within the tag, I always try to guess how many we will be up to. I was very happy to see that this week we are now over 10,360 which means last week we got over 700 tags. Thank you to all of you who continue to use #RememberingTheseDays. So as promised we are working on something for when we hit 10,000! Although we were not expecting to hit it so soon!! So its not ready for this week, but Laura and I are over the moon that we have reached such a milestone so quickly. Thank you!

This weeks favourites:

ReemeberingTheseDays 20

From top left to bottom right:

  • Love the matchingness, although the words that accompany this photo are even more gorgeous over @tobyandroo
  • Another stunning photo from @lavendervibesau, taken over at Point Anne where special words were muttered
  • I purposefully was trying not to include Christmas photos since come next week I suspect they will feature a lot in everyone’s feeds, but I could not resist this one of `Ruby @melmclellan
  • Those eyes!! @fivelittledoves

Please pop over and visit their feeds by clicking on the names above.

My favourite from my feed is this one of Monkey when he was around two. We had gone searching for a Gruffalo. Not only does it remind me that my 4.5 year old was little once and not the steam roller of pent up energy he is now. Sometimes with all the answering back, smart comments and whinging you forget how adorable they are. Somewhere under all that is the same little person thats in this photo, it gives me hope he will emerge after whatever phase he is going through at the moment. It also reminds we still have all this to come with Kipper, the constant wonderment, funny words and cuteness.

My favourite from Laura’s feed is this one of the Big One hiding under an umbrella in the rain. Its not often I see a photo that makes me laugh out loud instantly and this did just that. To be fair I don’t think there is much rain in Qatar!

Come and join in by using the hashtag #RememberingTheseDays, and please pass this tag to your Instagram buddies.  Thank you for those who joined us at the #RememberingTheseDays Linky last week. We were really hope it will help our community to grow since we so many that use the tag each week, but so far its not been that popular….. if possible please encourage all your friends to join in. Each week we will be linking back  to our top commentators spreading some DA love as well, so you will be benefiting from links from sites with DAs of 37 and 32.

This weeks top commentator was @agirlabouttownhouse,  thank you so much lovely

#RemeberingTheseDays Linky Rules:

  • #RememberingTheseDays Instagram Linky will be open from 7am on Sunday morning and will close at midnight on Tuesday
  • You can link up to two photos each week
  • Please comment on one each of the hosts photos, the one before yours and any other of your choosing.
  • Our top three commenters each week will receive a link back to their blog and IG accounts
  • Please use the tag #Rememberingthesedays in your comments so the recipients know how you found them and it makes it easier for us to identify the top commentor.
  • If you want to share your link up on Twitter then please use #RememberingTheseDays and tag Laura @laura_babykicks and myself @mudpiefridays and we will RT
  • Laura and I will comment on all photos linked up

We really want this to foster a greater sense of community, lets share the instagram love and get commenting. Hopefully we will be able to tell you more about our celebratory plans next week.


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