For Monkey’s first Christmas I put together Baby’s First Christmas Memory Box which contains various little mementos from the big day. Since we have just had Kippers first Christmas I wanted to do the same for him since it is such a special occasion. I am so glad I did it for Monkey as it was lovely looking back through the contents. The boys boxes will not be identical but will broadly contain the same items.

Babys First Christmas Memory Box

If you are interested putting one together are some suggestions of what to include:

  • First Christmas Cards – plus any others specifically written to the baby. I am not sure what it is about a new baby but you do seem to get more than one card from some people as they buy specific ones for the baby too. In Monkey’s box I have kept some Christmas tags too.
  • Christmas Prints – be these on canvas, salt dough, ceramic or paper. I have collected Monkey’s over the years. Although for each of their first Christmases I have put them on a plate. Ideas include mistletoes, finger print tree lights, a Christmas tree, penguins, a Father Christmas or a reindeer with handprint antlers.
  • First Christmas Decoration – wether made or brought. I found with Monkey that we were given several different first Christmas baubles. With both boys I have also made a ceramic one with footprints and handprints.They make great gifts for grandparents as well.
  • Mini Photo Album containing pictures from the festive period
  • Christmas Outfits – Monkey had a Santa suit and a first Christmas baby grow
  • First Christmas Bib – or any festive bib they are unlikely to wear again
  • A slice of Christmas tree – Hubby cut off a 1.5cm slice from the bottom once we had finished with it and I wrote the date and Monkey’s name on it
  • Tickets for any Christmas event which you have attended such as a pantomime, church service or lantern walk. I also have also included a jingle bell we brought from our visit to Lapland UK in Kipper’s box.
  • First Father Christmas Photo 
  • For Kipper we also have a snow globe with Baby’s first Christmas written on it. For Monkey we were given a stocking. But it could be any of the first Christmas memorabilia given or received.
  • New Year Eve Onesie – If you are anything like me I don’t think of these things until they are already upon us and so have no time to order anything from Etsy. So instead I made my own with sharpies. I suspect Kipper’s will end up being the same!
  • Cork from the bottle of champagne on new years eve with the silver coin cut into the top of it. We usually use a 10p.
  • Once Kipper is older and has grown out of the Baby Christmas books I will include one of these as well.
  • Special Gifts – Monkey gave Kipper a couple of books which he will grow out of. Rather than donating them, I will label them as first Christmas gifts and add them to the box at a later date.
  • A list of Advent ActivitiesBaby Advent Activities,  you can also find ideas for advent activities for older children by searching advent activities in the box above.
  • Baby’s First Christmas Thank You Card – as we normally print our own with a suitably cute photo!
  • Baby’s First Christmas Milestone Cards – either brought or you could make your own. 

I used a Christmas gift box to keep all the items together. What have you kept from Baby’s First Christmas? Please let me know in the comments below.

Mudpie xx

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  1. This is so lovely. I have to confess that I keep everything so Ryan who is now 17 has 17 years worth of birthday/Christmas cards. You get the gist. When we moved a few years ago we realised the extent and had to have a bit of a cull which pulled at the heartstrings. I love this idea, so maybe I can dig all my bits out for both of the kids and compile some kind of order.

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