Like everything I am a little late to the party! I love recording a weekly photo of the boys and it’s something I have been doing on BloggerClubUK . However this year I have decided to join in with the Living Arrows link up, albeit already into week three of 2017!

The project is designed to celebrate childhood and was originally created on the back of a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by What The Redhead Said.

This week I have chosen to share these two photos of the boys from when it snowed briefly on Friday. Monkey was so excited and was wishing for a few more inches so school would be shut. Unfortunately it was not meant to be and he had a quick play in the snow before we had to leave. It was rather a perilous school run as there was thick ice all over the pavement. Even with his snow boots on he came very close a couple of times to ending up on his bottom! Snow just has this way of instantly entertaining kids and I felt bad for the fact he couldn’t enjoy what little there was. Living in the South we don’t get it very often!

Kipper on the other hand thought I was a little bonkers when I sat him on the white stuff. It also snowed the year Monkey was born and we had snow angels and sensory  play. Alas that wasn’t meant to be this time round….

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  1. Oh how cute does Kipper look?! I’m envious of your snow, we didn’t have more than frost on the cars! So many people have shared snow day photos and I am now willing the snow to make an appearance here! x

  2. We live right in the south and got none so it’s nice to see someone else living in the south who got some snow! I miss seeing snow from when I lived in Newcastle #LivingArrows

  3. Kipper is just adorable in his little snow suit! We had a rather pathetic amount of snow too – Max was most put out that it had all gone by the morning! #livingarrows

  4. topfivemum

    I’m normally late to the party too but happened to discover this lovely little community literally the first week of Jan. Welcome to the club – fashionably late I’d say.
    Fab photos – you’ve had snow, you lucky things! I feel sorry for my little 8 month old being born in the spring as he’s sitting up at the time when he can’t really get out and about much. My October baby on the other hand, was sitting up come spring and we did soooo much all summer. Neither of them have had snow though. Very cool! #livingarrows

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