Transformer Muck Boots: Back in the Autumn we visited Kew Gardens as guests of The Original Muck Boot Company. It was to celebrate the launch of a new collaboration with Hasbro, you can now get boots with Transformers and My Little Pony on! Monkey was instantly drawn to them, with their big bold designs and bright colours I can see them being a hit with kids of all ages.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots

Monkey loves the print, we opted for Otimus Prime because blue is his favourite colour. There is also a red/yellow Bubblebee and a yellow/green Grimlock option. For the My Little Pony lovers there are pink, blue and lilac options.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots However its all very well a boot looking good but since we are inevitably wearing them in the mud, bad weather and more recently snow they need to do the job well too. After all Monkey is not adverse to jumping in puddles. Recently we visited Wrest Park and this gave us the ideal opportunity to try them out.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots

I was a little worried when the first stop was the play area, as they have a thick moulded sole. Historically play equipment and wellies do not go well together. However he happily walked cross a wooden, damp (and so slippery) climbing frame. He didn’t falter once. I am sure this is something to do with the wrap around sole and the ribbing it has on it.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots

Unlike other boots he was just as agile in them as though he was wearing trainers.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots

Visually they look very different from traditional boots as although they have a plastic moulded foot the majority of the boot is made from neoprene foam. Its breathable which means it is designed to be worn through out the year. It also has a fleece backing making them very warm. Having also been sent a pair for myself I talk from experience. Even when we were out in the snow I did not need extra socks, and for someone that suffers with the cold thats pretty amazing. Its also gives me piece of mind with Monkey as I know his feet will always be snug and warm. Thank goodness I no longer have to keep hunting for welly socks for him and can chuck all the odd ones out.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots

Monkey put the boots through their paces not once complaining that his feet ached. Or managing to loose one and end up with a muddy sock. How many times have your kids done that?

They are a substantial boot which will stand the test of time, I have no doubts that I will be able to pass these down to Kipper one day. Priced at £49 they are more expensive but I would normally by a pair of wellies and a pair of snow boots for Monkey each year. With these I don’t need the later so in my opinion you get what you pay for and they are worth every penny.

Review of Transformer Muck Boots

Monkey’s old boots have now become redundant we will probably sew carrots in them in the Spring. I also love mine too. Hubby was so impressed that he’s actually brought a pair for himself. So there we have it we are most definitely a Muck Boot Family now! I’m sure it won’t be long before Kipper gets his first pair either.


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We were sent both Monkey’s and my boots for the purpose of an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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Review of Transformer Muck Boots


  1. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    The muck boots look so fab! The perfect boot for getting messy outside while keeping your feet dry! #BloggerClubUK

  2. Mother Undercover

    The grip on them looks amazing! I wonder if they’d be warm enough in the snow? #bloggerclubuk

  3. Random Musings

    These sound great and I love the designs – I know plenty of adults who’d wear those! I’m hoping to get away with no needing the wellies this year lol but if I do, I would definitely be looking at this brand

  4. Sam - StressyMama

    These look and sound brilliant. They would be perfect for my toddler. She is really clumsy most of the time and she struggles more in her wellies but I think these would offer her way more support. I’ll have to have a look into them I think. #BloggerClubUk

  5. I love the design and the idea of breathable fabric! They look really really practical and cool! Thanks for sharing #BloggerClubUK

  6. Kate Fever

    Oh my word! We have Muck Boots for the kids at the moment, but they would LOVE Transformers ones next time! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  7. Money Corgi

    I’m pretty sure most kids aren’t fussed about the comfort of a shoe if its got their favourite cartoon character on it.

  8. Coombe Mill

    Clio had a pair of Muck boots years ago, I’m sure they grew with her, the best boots she ever owned. #BloggerClubUK

  9. The Tale of Mummyhood

    My youngest needs some new boots, a pair of these would be fab for her!


  10. Barrie Bismark

    Those look awesome! I need some for my youngest (the girl version).

  11. I love how flexible they look – normal wellies can be a little restrictive at times can’t they.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  12. I’d never heard of these before but they look perfect for the grandchildren – and maybe even me 🙂

  13. Sarah - mud cakes and wine

    Those boots look awesome and how brilliant the fact they can be worn more like trainers is great #bloggerclubuk

  14. justsayingmum

    Wow to the amazing bright and gorgeous photos! They look fab! BloggerClubUK

  15. Baby Isabella

    They look fab! We’d love the My Little Pony Muck Boots, perfect for this time of year too…and all my muddy puddle jumping! #BloggerClubUK

  16. Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

    I love the design of these, perfect for getting reluctant little ones to wear their wellies and go outdoors

  17. Janine Dolan

    I heard of these. My son would certainly love the transformers wellies. He never wore wellies before. #triedtested

  18. Kim Carberry

    Ahh! Those boots look so cool! They are really eye catching!
    It sounds like your boy is very happy with them x

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