It’s finally arrived – February! The month I have been dreading as it means I’m returning to work and leaving my babies again. I’ve really made the most of my last month of my maternity bubble, and ticked everything off my last month of maternity leave bucket list.

This month it’s all about looking forward to Spring and making plans with the boys and Hubby. Since our time together will be less frequent I really want to make it count. Which is why we have decided to go away each month as a family. Nothing expensive or fancy just a night away from the daily grind and long list of chores at home. We ended January with our first trip – 24 hours in Cambridge.

February bucket list 2017

I have also kept this list intentionally blog free as I write a monthly review and round up post, with some actions and plans. Although I’ve still a lot to tick off my January plan! This list is all about family time, me time and craft projects, which inevitably take longer than I planned!

  • Make some valentine craft with Monkey
  • Have a special mummy and monkey day out in half term, as Kipper will be at nursery it will be a good excuse to have a day with him alone
  • Attend the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Brighton
  • Go back to work …
  • Go away to Warwick for the weekend visit the castle and *maybe* CBeebies Land
  • Make some pat bags for Kipper – a new sensory toy I was introduced to by our Baby Sensory classes
  • Set up sensory play area for Kipper at home
  • Celebrate pankcake day on the 28th Feb
  • Visit the butterflies in the Glasshouse at Wisley
  • Buy some daffodils for my desk ….every week!
  • Go spring flower hunting
  • Have a date night with Hubby
  • Go to yoga each week – I have found a class which is a drop in and have been going for the last few weeks. I hope to keep it up when I go back to work as its after bedtime for the boys and juggling everything I will definitely need some down time.
  • Decide on a theme for Kippers First Birthday
  • Read #GirlBoss
  • Visit a new National Trust property
  • Book our Summer holiday
  • Participate in National Drink Wine Day on the 18th Feb
  • Make Kippers taggy blanket – a long over due project
  • Book an online photography course
  • Go kite flying for national kite flying day – 8th Feb
  • Plan or make Monkeys costume for world book day on the 3rd of Feb. Thankfully he wants to go as himself from his Amazing Pages book which means all we need is a space man outfit result!

Come back next month to see what I managed to get done. What else is on your bucket list for this month?

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  1. Wow, that’s quite a list. It all sounds fun though. I wish we had a local baby sensory class. I’m intrigued by the sound of a pat bag.

  2. Such an end of an era going back to work after mat leave, but sounds like you have plenty of excitement planned. What a great way to get the most out of life. #BloggerClubUK

  3. We’re getting ready for World Book Day on the 2nd March too! I’m going as Winnie the Witch! 🙂 Great Bucket list hunny x #BloggerClubUK

  4. very lovely list! do you have any plans yet for half term?
    where is cbeebies land- alton towers?
    i love national trust places<3

  5. Meticulous' Zoe Reply

    Wow I haven’t even thought about a list for my month, I really should, I love ticking things off.
    Pancake day and Date night will definitely be on my list! Warwick area is lovely, as is Leamington Spa if you’re going that way 🙂

  6. I love that your list is full of fun ideas and plans for the family. They are really lovely things to have on your list. I haven’t got as far as planning for the month. These things do seem to run past me!

    Sally @ Life Loving

  7. I love the idea of making a monthly bucket list! Enjoy your month, especially Warwick Castle, we love it there 🙂

  8. I hope you tick them all off! I definitely adding celebration of pancake day and flower hunting to mine ????✨ I think I might actually celebrate pancakes for breakfast this morning #bloggerclubUK

  9. I hope you tick them all off! I definitely adding celebration of pancake day and flower hunting to mine ????✨ I think I might actually celebrate pancakes for breakfast this morning #bloggerclubUK

  10. Wow that is some list! i can’t do lists i find my calendar overbearing enough as it is haha! But what is this pat bag sensory thing you mention? I need some new sensory ideas for my Little one who has special needs! We’re exhausting all the other options now i think. #BloggerClubUK

  11. Interesting list

    I’ve not come across anyone who has a monthly bucket list before.
    Do you struggle to fill the list each month?

  12. Thats a massive list:) It also reminded me that I need to get my national trust membership sorted out, I’ve been meaning to do it for so long and haven’t, this is my year!;) Yoga is such a good relaxer so that looks a great thing to do aswell.



  13. Wow! That is a long list! You are a very inspirational women! I can’t believe we missed the national kite flying day – 8th Feb!! Sob! :'( Hope you made it and I would love to hear all about it. Thanks for hosting. x

  14. I know I’ve said this several times but I have no idea how you get so much done in a month! You should do an e-course about time management & getting stuff done. Good luck with all of your fun plans for this month. #BloggerClubUK

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