January Blog Review

Reading back over my December blogging review I realised I was struggling to get back into writing after the Christmas period. Thankfully it did not last long and despite being busy making the most of my last weeks of maternity leave I still managed to post something most days. I have ended up falling into a routine which looks roughly something like this:

  • Monday – Day out post (normally something we got up to at the weekend)
  • Tuesday – Review if no giveaway or an evergreen craft/parenting style post
  • Wednesday – BloggerClubUK and a blog advice/tips style post
  • Thursday – Review and Giveaway post
  • Friday – Free spot for a sponsored/collaborative post or ideally another evergreen
  • Saturday – Living ArrowsBloggerClubUK
  • Sunday – Remembering These Days

Now I am back at work I know I will not probably be able to keep to this schedule but with the copy old post plugin it does mean that for three of the days I can limit the time I need. I have also just embarked on Aby’s Blog Accelerator Course so expect some of my objectives below to be changing in the coming weeks as I write up a business plan and put my goals in place.

Heres what I have got up to in Jan:

  • Blogmin– I have finally started using my planner to make sure I am keeping on top of everything. I am a long way off perfect at the moment and with my return to work I have really cut down on the number of link ups I am joining. I would like to go back to joining in with more, as I use to do fifteen a week. However until I am happy with my corporate workload I am sticking to five:
  • Brand Collaborations & Events – I really thought this was going to be slowing down in January, as December had been a lot quieter on this front. However there has a been a reasonable amount coming through still and I have written a couple of pitches lately as well, so fingers crossed!  I am aiming to write two pitches a week to keep a constant stream of reviews and giveaways. This month I have worked with  ErgoPouch, The Moments Journal, Tiddlers & Nippers, Muck Boots and I have also written my first post for Bostik Bloggers – Valentine Day Crafts. My favourite collaboration was with Tesco where I wrote a letter to my pregnant self to help promote their Baby Events. I really enjoyed writing it as it just flowed. If only all posts could be as easy to write!  February is feeling busy quite busy and I have a number of other bits sitting in my email which I need to finalise. Although I am being wary of taking too much on and then loosing the evergreen posts because I run out of time.
  • Social Media – is still for me is all about automation because I haven’t quite got there yet!
    • My instagram following is increasing well and I hope to have it in a position to earn from it by the time I attend BlogOn in May. The  instagram hashtag #RememberingTheseDays which I run with Laura has now reached over 20,000 which is a real achievement for us since we only passed 10,000 back at the end of November. My strategy for Instagram has not changed. I am continuing to grow it by joining instagram instants participating in two a night at UK Instagram Support and Instagram Bloggers UK. After each session I always pick up a couple of new followers. I have also joined 6 PODs now, if you want to join more then its worth looking in FB groups as there are normally threads asking for people who are interested in joining.
    • Twitter – This month was the first month that I was able to reuse my spreadsheets and although I have to go in and alter the dates its so quick. Definitely been worth all the work of putting them together. I have about two months worth of posts left to build in to a spreadsheet and I am considering processes around having seasonal tweets as well. Thanks to the spreadsheets I am seeing more interaction on Twitter which in turn is driving my klout score up. I reached 71 which is the highest I have been since falling pregnant! Although it is still not a big referrer of traffic to the actual blog. I just need to remember to go in each night and respond and thank people for the RTs. I have also come across something called Co Promote which my friend Becky at Cuddle Fairy told me about. I have been playing with it a little as its a great way to get your posts advertised for free. I need to understand it more but I think its potentially a great way to get some extra exposure, so watch this space as I am sure I will be writing about it soon.
    • Facebook – In the panic of getting ready to go back to work I am yet to even start the course that I signed up to…!! But I will get round to it and I have high hopes for finally being able to crack
  • Courses & Reads – I’m ignoring this one this month!!!

January Action Points – Review. 

I am feeling pretty impressed with myself as there is only a couple of things I haven’t managed to do before going back to work:

  • Shaw Academy digital marketing course(s) – I am half way through and need to finish before the deadline – *Still need to do!*
  • Set up a proper newsletter ..*Still need to do!*
  • I wrote my Blogging Goals Post and I hope to expand on this further with Aby’s course.
  • Build a spreadsheet to enable me to track SEO – ing old posts I am planning on trying to do 5 a week starting with my most popular *still need to do*

However returning to work I want to keep my acton points for this month to a minimum so in addition to the above my February Action Points 

  • Change my theme to a Pigdig one I have chosen… I may even ask them to do it for me!
  • Finally start my Facebook course and continue work on The Blog Accelerator course.

Happy Blogging xx


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  1. Having a regular schedule each week really helps with blogging – I have a similar one and it makes it much easier to write posts. Good luck with keeping up with it all after going back to work and on managing to achieve your goals for this month. #bloggerclubuk

  2. Wow you are so busy and you do so much with your blog..I have never thought about setting up spreadsheets or anything like that. Good luck for February xx #bloggerclubuk

  3. I have so much admiration for how much you are managing to post – I am struggling to keep up with two posts a week with having a six month old. Must get more organised! #bloggerclubuk

  4. Sounds like you have a plan in place and making it work for you with working life coming back into play. I did a little dance seeing Country Kids as part of your schedule. Thank you! #bloggerclubuk

  5. Sounds like a great month. I’m hoping to grow my Instagram and in a couple of pods (one with you haha!). Going to take a look at the Facebook Instagram groups. Thanks for linking!


  6. Sarah - mud cakes and wine Reply

    Wow so impressed but best to be organised especially with returning to work. Great to share and the Instagram sounds interesting xxx #bloggerclubuk

  7. Wow, I really have no idea where you find the time to fit it all in. I’m a SAHM mum at the moment with a 3 yr old at home and a 4 yr old in school and I barely have time to post more than twice a month. I don’t know how aLloyd you ladies work, keep on top of your blogs, run a linky, look after the kids and your homes. You must never get a moment to yourself. It sounds crazy busy. I’m not sure I could handle that kind of pressure so kudos to you.

    Thanks for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  8. You sound very busy, but really organised with it. I have a lot to learn with planning out my blog, so thank you for the tips!

  9. My God that’s an impressive review – you are so organised! I was tempted by Aby’s course, hope you find it helpful (of course you will she’s amazing!) 🙂 BloggerClubUK

  10. wow and there’s me thinking I knew all the link ups but I only knew one of those – will check the others out for sure! Thank you for sharing and I hope the transition back to work goes OK x #BloggerClubUK

  11. Sounds like a busy month! I need to start sorting the SEO of old posts again as I did start it and then gave myself the Christmas period off whilst we moved house! I don’t know how you get the chance to write so many posts, I literally post twice a week and that’s it! 🙂


  12. You’ve had a really busy month! I loved the letter you wrote to your pre-children self. Good luck with February’s goals 🙂

  13. Wow there’s a ton of stuff I’ve never even heard of in that post. Sounds like you are making great progress. #BloggerClubUK

  14. I stick to a schedule most weeks and it does help. Looks like you’re on good track! #bloggerclubuk

  15. Sounds like you have so much well planned out hun! I am really enjoying working my way through Aby’s course! xx #BLOGGERCLUBUK

  16. I haven’t worked out the automation either except I added the Evergreen plugin which sends tweets out of old posts – I’m delighted with that 🙂 You have a really great schedule made & some fab linkies to take part in too. #BloggerClubUK

  17. The blog growth course is fab isn’t it? I’m 3 weeks ‘behind’ though. Good job it’s a self-paced course!! #bloggerclubuk

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