Welcome back to week thirty two of #RememberingTheseDays Instagram community. The place to share your precious family memories. I host this community with the lovely Laura over at Life with Baby Kicks

Whatever the memory, or life event you want to record, joining in is simple, just tag your favourite photos #RememberingTheseDays over on Instagram. Each Sunday Laura and I will choose our four favourites. Please follow Mudpie Fridays here and Life with Baby Kicks here on Instagram to see if you have been featured.

Each Saturday when I go in to choose my favourites and make sure I have liked every photo within the tag, I always try to guess how many we will be up to. We are well over 20,000 now reaching the 22,000 this week. Laura and I are very surprised by how successful the tag is and would like to say a big thank you to everyone who continues to use #RememberingTheseDays.

Hope you are liking my new theme, as part of the changes I have moved all blog type posts to blog life so you will not find this post on my home page. Its step one in my master plan and I hope it doesn’t cause too much confusion.

This weeks favourites:

From top left to bottom right:

My favourite from my feed is this one of me with the boys when we went to Spain in the Summer. Not only does it remind me of the fun times we had on Kipper’s first holiday but its hope for the future. Since we have just arranged to go away during the May half term, Kipper will be just one and Monkey almost five. We are off to France! I am constantly amazed by the opportunities Mudpie Fridays brings us as a family, more to follow shortly… but I am mega excited, as is Monkey!

My favourite from Laura’s feed is this one of Laura and her Hubby on their Wedding Day. Keeping with the holiday theme it sounds like they are planning a grown up city break soon! Even more exciting! Don’t get me wrong I love the boys but I can totally relate to having time away as husband and wife. We have been lucky enough to escape most years alone for a few nights, although now we have two little ones I am not sure if we will manage it.

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I know Valentine's Day has passed us by without me even mentioning the big man in my life. But he definitely deserves a shout out!! The man who's always got my back, my parenting partner in crime and the one who, right now, is slowly dying of a killer hangover after we went out last night. Sometimes it's all too easy to forget that I'm more than being a mum, that he's more than being a dad because parenting is all consuming. And I mean all consuming!! Today on the blog I'm talking about why we choose to go away without our children, leaving them behind as we jet off (with grandma not on their own obviously) this September see us taking a city break wheeeeeeeeeeereeeeee away we go and I cannot wait. Like serious levels of excitement @thomsonholidays have a fantastic range of city breaks on offer if you're busy looking – the question is would you take the kids with you or leave them at home? _ Photo was taken by our lovely friend @catherine_es way back on the 11th May 2013 at our picturesque wedding @blackbrookhouse in Derbyshire.

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