One of the things that has come out of blogging for me is being able to help spread the word for worthy causes. Today is one of those days when I do just that. Please take a few minutes to read this important story about Alder Hey Children’s Charity Appeal and if you can share this I know the charity would be very grateful.

The Institute in the Park

Alder Hey and the University of Liverpool officially opened the first phase of a state-of-the-art dedicated research, education and innovation centre in March 2016. The new centre, built right next to Alder Hey’s new hospital, will position Alder Hey and Liverpool as an international leader in the development of safer and more effective medicines for children and young people throughout the world.

The unique Institute in the Park is a world-leading centre for research, with leading clinicians, healthcare professionals and scientists working in partnership with young patients and their families to produce remarkable life-saving and life-changing results.

The Institute in the Park is home to around 100 research, education and clinical staff and has facilities that no other UK or European children’s hospital can offer. Within this building, researchers and clinicians will work with industry to develop safer, better medicines and therapies for children to use in the NHS and throughout the world.

The world class facility also provides the perfect location for all Alder Hey’s teaching and training sessions, along with larger conferences and events. The building features two lecture theatres, a boardroom seating, a state-of-the art Library, dedicated e-learning suite and quiet study room. Video conferencing equipment enables Alder Hey to beam events, meetings and teaching seminars around the world and the facility has technology for live streaming from the hospital theatres.

Alder Hey Children’s Charity Appeal

Alder Hey Children’s Charity is raising vital funds to build the second phase of the Institute in the Park. This appeal will allow the hospital to extend the current Institute building and develop even better treatments for children and young people. The second phase of the Centre will allow the hospital to double the space available to undertake world class research and innovation.

Building on the success of the completed phase of the building this second phase of construction will create a facility like no other, solely dedicated to children’s health research, innovation and education. Within this building, Alder Hey’s researchers and clinicians will continue to work with partners in academia, technology and pharmaceuticals to develop safer, better medicines and therapies for children to use in the NHS and throughout the world.

To get involved head over to their website where there are lots of options on how you can support the charity and suggestions around things you can do.

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We were so lucky with Monkey and Kipper and its so easy to take that for granted, this post is not sponsored in anyway. I want to do my little bit to help the charity spread the word. If you do anything today then please, please spread the word on your social media accounts and amongst your friends xx.


  1. You are a wonderful person for sharing this post, your right we are in a fortunate position as bloggers to help great causes like this to spread the word. I have shared the post. What a fantastic place, I can’t imagine what our country would be like without places like this. The work they do is literally life changing. I really hope they raise the money they need x

  2. This is the thing I like best about blogging, being able to help the charities that resonate with me. I’ve always heard great things about Alder Hey and I hope they mage to raise the funds they need for this next phase. Mich x

  3. We had the Alder Hey PJs from Matalan at Christmas and up to then I hadn’t ever heard of the charity or the work they do. I guess that just shows how lucky I have been as a parent. Great cause, will share now. x

  4. I am so proud to live in the city where Alder Hey is based. It’s an amazing institution and has helped saved so many young lives. It’s great you are supporting them this year.

  5. Lovely post. I live in Liverpool and had a personal experience with my little girl there last year. She had a operation (nothing serious) and I was so nervous and scared but the staff were absolutely amazing. They put not only my little girl at ease but also me and my husband. I feel incredibly lucky that this place is on my doorstep.

    You must have to be a very special person to work there – they are all worth their weight in gold.

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