Living Arrows 11/52 {2017}

‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

I dont know about you but I am so fed up of the rubbish weather. During the week it seems to be okay weather wise only for it to cloud up and rain again at the weekend. Last week I had promised Monkey that we would go out on Sunday, but with torrential rain forecast we didn’t have a lot of options. Intending on doing something else somehow we ended up at the Aquarium in Portsmouth, from there we went onto the Spinnaker Tower. Here is Monkey walking on air in the tower. He was a little unsure, although a year ago he really enjoyed the CN Tower and its glass floor. I wonder if that means he’s growing up and starting to understand fear. Needless to say we did not push the point, but I did manage to capture this photo of him.

Living arrows week 11

As for Kipper well it appears he has his appetite back which is great. I hadn’t realised how much I had missed enjoying watching this little one tuck into food. As a little treat he ‘may’ have been allowed to eat a hot cross bun with chocolate chips.  Only he chocolate chips were a little bigger than I realised an this was the result.

living arrows week 11

living arrows week 11

Wishing you a treat filled week xx

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  1. Laura

    I don’t think there is much better than baby faces smeared in food! So cute! Glad to hear he has his appetite back. What a gorgeous photo on the glass floor, it’s a shame he wasn’t too sure but you’ve definitely managed to catch a brilliant picture of him!

  2. Donna

    Your photos are gorgeous – love Kipper’s little grubby food face, just so cute! And Monkey looks so chuffed – we haven’t taken the kids on the Spinnaker tower yet, that might be a plan for the summer! x

  3. Sherry

    You know having lived in the south most of my life I’ve never actually been to the spinnaker tower! I’d never been to Winchester Cathedral either but that changed this week haha! Sounds like you had a great week and my goodness look at that mucky face! #livingarrows

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