Party Bags & Supplies Review and Giveaway

Party Bags & Supplies Review and Giveaway: Birthdays a pretty big deal in our house, I always try to make them extra special normally starting planning about six weeks in advance. Both the boys have early Summer birthdays which is the perfect time of year to host something at home and in the garden. Although saying that we have been caught out before weather wise and with Monkey starting school and now having a class of twenty odd kids this year will be the first year we hire a hall. He has requested a SuperHero party this time round. However before Monkey turns five Kipper has his first birthday!

We will be holding two parties for Kipper, one with his little NCT buddies and a family gathering at home. Ive learnt my lesson on the later, first time round with Monkey we had a huge get together and I spent the whole time entertaining and hardly any time with Monkey at all. It went by in such a flash I think we only managed one photo of the three of us and we didn’t even get round to cutting the cake. This time round it will be a much quieter affair.

Monkey’s First Birthday Party theme was The Hungry Caterpillar and strangely enough we have settled on the same theme for the NCT party. Its perfect as we have a little group of both boys and girls, the bright colours instantly appeal and we all love the story. You can read all about Monkey’s Hungry Caterpillar Birthday here, I also have a Pinterest board set up. Its scary to think I was planning the same themed party almost five years ago. Now I went a little over board with the theming but you don’t have to, one of the easiest way to theme a party is by buying table ware. With all the NCT mums having at least one other child and many of us being back at work, we have decided to keep the stress levels to a minimum and have done just that. Our party ware has come from Party Bags & Supplies.

One of the things I look for when choosing where to buy our party supplies from online is that they have a wide range of themes. Especially as I will be buying for more than one Birthday at a time now. Fast delivery is also very important as inevitably I will have forgotten something or we will have a few extra unplanned guests and need something last minute. If found their website very easy to navigate and everything is grouped together. Party Bags and Supplies also have party kits which include pre filled party bags making life even easier. If you want to make up your own then there is also a large range of well priced toys and gifts.

Not needing party bags this time round I ordered items individually and I was really surprised with how much we could get for just over £30 despite ordering branded pieces

  • Two Hungry Caterpillar Party Pack for 12 which were £10.99 each
  • An extra packet of 12 Hungry Caterpillar plates at £3.50
  • Two extra packets of 12 Hungry Caterpillar cups at £3.00 each

To make the money go even further they offer unpatterned coloured table ware which you could mix up with branded bits. With a pack of 8 plates starting at £1.13 thats really good value. The items arrived promptly and well packaged so there was no chance of anything getting damaged or squashed. I will be ordering from them again especially as they have a huge range of SuperHero supplies. If you are currently organising a Birthday party then you may want to check out my Party Checklist which hopefully will help take some of the stress out of it. If you are looking for some inspiration then have a look at some of our other themes such as The Gruffalo, Going on a Bear Hunt (my favourite) and Paw Patrol.

Party Bags & Supplies have very kindly offered my readers an e-voucher for £30, you can enter via the Gleam application below and please note the T&Cs:

Party Bags & Supplies £30 Voucher

  • Competition is open to residents of UK aged 18 or over
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and receive a £30 e-Voucher for Party Bags and Supplies
  • The competition will close on 12th April at 11.59pm, the winner will be notified through Twitter
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the Blog Giveaways Page above. Good Luck!


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This is a collaborative post, we were given £30 to spend on their website to experience their service and quality of goods. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Harline Parkin

    My grandson loved his last party all his friends came to his fancy dress party has Harry Potter it was brilliant he loves Harry Potter my daughter had a wonderful magician come

  2. Amy Wright

    My daughter’s favourite party was her Frozen party – she was of course Elsa! She had a handmade Frozen cake and she said that was the best bit of the party.

  3. Fleur JJ

    I have more than one child but One of children’s best party was her Winnie the pooh themed party. i made 3D style a Winnie pooh that was not perfect but all the kids thought it was. we had hunt the honey treasure trail and pin the tail on trigger. My late husband dressed up as Winnie and gave out small gits at the end. it was magical and still talked about by my daughter and her friends and that was a few years ago.

  4. Laura Pritchard

    We threw my son a Scooby Doo themed party for his 5th & he loved it as the entertainer was dressed as Scooby and did Mystery games!

  5. Iris W

    My twins favourite party was probably the one when I finally gave in and let them have a sleepover party with 6 friends. I have to admit I didn’t enjoy it as much as they did.

  6. Angela Boucher

    My son’s favourite party was his recent sixth birthday party, it was Pokemon themed and i made him an amazing pokemon cake. He had such an amazing time.

  7. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    We’ve managed to avoid throwing a full on kids party for my son just yet, but I’m conscious that this will probably be the last year we can get away with it! I love the look of this set, it’s a really cute theme, and I love the low stress aspect to it even more! The thought of party bags is one of the most fear inducing things ever, so pre-filled ones sound an absolute dream! #TriedTested

  8. Jo Carroll

    My little fella hasn’t had one of his own yet but he loved his friend’s from nursery as he had a giant inflatable castle…couldn’t keep him off of it 😉 x

  9. Ruth Harwood

    My kids love having birthdays at home because we can invite their besties and have more food, more fun, and more games xx

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  11. katrina walsh

    I threw my son an army themed party when he was into soldiers complete with costumes, themed games such as passs the parcel in the form of a ration box

  12. lisa butterworth

    Am arranging a “first party with friends” and have booked soft play. My son loves superheroes but his real passion is cars, especially hot wheels, so am hoping there are plates/tablecloths/party bags available!

  13. Elizabeth Hinds

    My daughter had a rainbow party a couple of years ago and had a massive rainbow cake – she absolutely loved that! (Actually so did I!)

  14. Becca Farrelly

    I worked with these last year for Mia’s 3rd birthday and she of course Disney Princesses as her theme! We are yet to organise Mia’s 4th party but I imagine she will be more into Paw Patrol or something like that this year! 🙂

  15. Samantha Atherton

    My little girl has loved all her party’s, her 1st birthday party was just a small party with family and a few friends, her 2nd had a tropical island theme, her 3rd was a princess party, 4th was my little pony & her 5th birthday last year was a power puff girls theme for which I had to make all the decorations as I couldn’t find any anywhere.

  16. Natalie Baskerville

    My childs favourite party was when we invited all his friends from sunday school on his 4th birthday and it was paw patrol themed. it was his favourite because it was his first with friends and not just family.

  17. Lynda Jones

    It would have to be his last party, we had a magician for the children at the end of party that went down a storm and all the children went home with a prezzie

  18. Rachel Craig

    Can recall nephew many years ago had a Birthday party at local Community Centre. he had family and friends who attended the party. Music and refreshments as well as party games were enjoyed. He seemed absolutely delighted that his Great Aunt attended, he was fond of her. Just as we her nieces and nephews were fond of her. Though she had not married or had children she was good with children, as well as adults. Maybe it came from her having been socialised with adults and children in the times when families and friends visited each others homes, had afternoon teat and a chat etc. He continues to have fond memories of her which is nice. She is well remembered by many of us. I would like to think that her friendly welcoming spirit lives on. That maybe we have learnt from her friendly interaction, kindness, Caring nature etc.

  19. Kelly cooper

    My son had a party with a disco dome and it was fantastic a bouncy castle and a disco in one brilliant as he loves dancing and bouncing

  20. Keri Jones

    We went to a pirate themed party at a friends house. It was fantastic! My friends husband made their climbing frame into a pirate ship, the children were given bags of ‘booty’ with gold coins, a sword, telescope, eye patch and other pirate-y things. My son and all the other children (and grown-ups) had a fabulous time x

  21. Hayley Todd

    My daughter’s favourite party was her last birthday, we had a Frozen themed party, including a Frozen Castle birthday cake and lots of fun party games and activities based around the film. The icing on the cake was a visit from Elsa and Anna!

  22. Ian Murray

    my son was six, – now 16, making me feel old, we booked a cheesy old style kids magician. he loved it. best party we ever had!

  23. Lauren Tourle

    My daughters 4th birthday, she wanted a wreck it ralph themed party, so i made a sugar rush cake and super mario muffins etc, she also had a go kart making contest out of cardboard boxes 🙂

  24. Gemma Cook

    Our little girl loved her Joint birthday party with her cousin. It was such a lovely day. They share the same birth date. It was great getting all the family and extended family together. She often talks about it.

  25. Eliza james

    My daughters 6th birthday was the best, she shared with her best friend, a lil boy called Sam, and it was princess and pirate themed

  26. Charlotte White

    My eldest son turned 5 this past December and he had a Pokémon theme – it was his favorite as he is borderline obsessed with Pokémon ???? love planning small kiddies bday parties

    Fingers and toes crossed x

  27. ellie spider

    H went to a make and create party where they had lots of different activity stations where they could do different activities in group of 4 – she got to paint a rock as a ladybug, make bracelet and decorate some rich tea biscuits with icing and smarties and marshmallows. I think it was relatively cheap for the parents to set up and the kids all loved it

  28. Michelle Wild

    My sons was always Power Rangers looks like they’re back! I cannot tell you why I’m not a boy, I’m sure it involved a lot of jumping about though.

  29. Danielle Graves

    My four year old has never had a party or been to a proper one. He did like the home start Christmas party we went to last year though

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