‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

Since understanding why Kipper has not been right and changing his diet the change in him has been significant. We have back our happy little baby, who will quite happily shove food in his face at any opportunity. This week he tried spaghetti which wasn’t chopped up or rough pureed… He found it hilarious although he struggled to keep it in his mouth. It was all over the kitchen by the time he finished, his biggest problem with it was when he flung it around it kept disappearing…

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I love this photo as he realised just as I was taking the photo that the spaghetti had disappeared onto the top go his head. His face is a cross between mum’s taking a photo to what is this I’m not sure if I like it being on my head….

One of the great things about writing here at Mudpie Fridays is all of the great opportunities that it brings us. Last weekend we went to Sony Entertainment to watch SursUp 2 and Monkey had a chance to try out a surf simulator. The man running it said that perhaps he maybe a little young, but Monkey being Monkey decided to prove him wrong. He was really good which means my brother will be impressed there is potentially another boarder in our family. Bless him. Look at that tongue sticking out! He’s always done that whenever he needs to concentrate ever since he was tiny. Monkey loved trying it out and it was difficult to coax him away. Although a promise of a toy shop with five floors did the trick…. although he had left his pocket money at home again.

Surfs Up 2 review

Wishing you a great week full of Springtime sunshine xx

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  1. Love the spaghetti on his head photo – his expression is priceless!! How good does the surfing experience look as well! My husband and son both stick their tongues out when they concentrate, it’s so funny to watch!

  2. I’m so pleased Kipper is feeling a bit better lately – he does look rather surprised at how the spaghetti ended up on his head though! And I love that Monkey wanted to prove the man wrong – a streak of stubborn determination is a great thing to have. #livingarrows

  3. That surfing looks amazing! I stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating too. The spaghetti picture is brilliant too, you can see him wondering how it ended up there #livingarrows

  4. We love having spaghetti in our house too. Classic shot of your little man with it on his head. They are hilarious when they know it’s disappeared somewhere but can’t quite figure out how to get it back again. Your little monkey on the surf board is brilliant! Look at him go. So cute when they stick their tongues out to concentrate. My mother used to do that 🙂 #LivingArrows

  5. haha he looks so amused by the spaghetti! It is such a fun but messy food to eat. The surf simulator looks like fun – totally love the concentration face!x #LivingArrows

  6. I am so glad Kipper is back to his happy little self – and that surf simulator looks awesome!! I love the events we get invited to as well, especially when the family can come along x

  7. Looks like he is having on that surf board. He is looking good anyway. That spagetti on the head is hilarious. #livingarrows

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