#Blog_Giveaways: Recently I have been having some success with driving traffic to Mudpie Fridays by hosting some giveaways. I am trying to host a couple a week to try and keep the traffic constant. Obviously the popularity of them depends on what the actual giveaway is for. So far from my experience it tends to be vouchers and toys which seem to be doing particularly well. I wrote all about how to promote a giveaway a few months ago, with this in mind I have decided to set up an actual Giveaway Page.


The page has been doing really well as at the bottom of each giveaway I add a link to encourage readers to check out some of my others. So I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to offer this to others and have set up a little link up so everyone can link their own giveaways. Its been live for a couple of weeks and a few people have started to link up on a regular basis, which I am very grateful for. However the more people that link the more likely readers and compers will visit and come back. I know a number of these already exist but in my opinion the more the merrier. I am also going to start promoting the page across twitter on a regular basis. Currently I have 15k+ followers so thats a reasonable size potential market, and a great opportunity for you to get your giveaway in front of my followers too.

I have tried to keep the rules really simple and there is no requirement to comment on any of the other posts in the link-up. By all means have a look though as there could be one which takes your fancy!

#Blog_Giveaways Linky Rules:

  • Please only link up giveaways, this link up will not close. Your giveaway will be removed once its finished.
  • If you are linking up a blog post please add my badge to the text part of your post. This will help other bloggers find the link up. If you do not like badges then I would be grateful if you could link back using the tag #Blog_Giveaways
  • The link can be from your blog, Facebook or Instagram. So if you are hosting giveaways on your social media platforms then please feel free to include them too
  • Please state in the title the end date in the format E: DD/MM any link which is not in this format will be removed.
  • There is no maximum in the number you can link up
  • Tag me on twitter @mudpiefridays using the #Blog_Giveaways for a RT and I will share your giveaway
  • I reserve the right to remove any giveaway I deem inappropriate for my audience
Mudpie Fridays


I really hope you can join me and I look forward to helping you to promote your giveaways and drive traffic to your blog or social media platform.


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  1. What a fab idea for both bloggers running giveaways and those looking to win! I have a giveaway coming up, so will be popping back to link up in the next few days. #BloggerClubUK

  2. I’m hoping to run a giveaway as soon as I get a moment to figure everything out. Will add this to my list of giveaway linky’s to join. Great idea

  3. Fab idea, I am at the stage of thinking about giveaways yet but will bookmark for when I do! #BloggerClubUK

  4. Hi, what a great idea I’ve not thought about doing a giveaway but will perhaps fobit in the future #bloggerclubuk

  5. I’ve bookmarked this page because I regularly run giveaways – I’ll check out your giveaways post too. They can be such a great source of traffic if you promote them right. #bloggerclubuk

  6. This is a fab idea. I’m bookmarking it now! I too have been enjoying the traffic that giveaways bring so am trying to be selective about which ones I do so as to not waste time as such on ones that aren’t worth the time and energy of promoting. Thanks for doing this I will be linking my next one up here. #bloggerclubuk

  7. Ah this sounds great – wish i’d seen this earlier because I have a giveaway but it’s ending tonight! Ha! I will remember for future though thank you, great idea xx #BloggerClubUK

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