‘You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran


We had a lovely little mini break away last weekend to London so my chosen photos this week are from that. Its part of my pledge to go away for a weekend each month, so far we have done Cambridge, Warwick and now London. At a bit of a loss for April so suggestions welcome! On the way up our plans changed a bit abruptly. Which annoyed Hubby somewhat since he had turned down a rugby ticket to spend sometime together as a family. So when we reached our destination (London Docklands) we had to come up with some new plans pretty quick. The sun was shining and I had always fancied the cable cars especially as Monkey has never been on one, so thats what we did.

Living Arrows

Its the not best photo of me but nice to have one to remember Mothers Day weekend with, since my resolution of getting in front of the camera more isn’t exactly going to plan! I opted for this one of Kipper eating breakfast on Mothering Sunday itself. It sums his attitude up perfectly! I think we will definitely have trouble with his as he gets older…

Living Arrows


Wishing you a great week full of Springtime sunshine xx

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  1. I love that attitude! You can see a glimpse of his teenage years right there! Lovely one of you and Monkey too – we got some really nice Mother’s Day ones, I think it always makes you smile that little bit more! #livingarrows

  2. How cute is Kipper?! Love his little pout face and that’s a lovely picture of you on the cable car! We took the children to Bath recently which was lovely. Brighton is always good too! I look forward to seeing where April takes you x

  3. That’s a brilliant photo of Kipper, he really doesn’t look impressed! And I think that’s a really lovely photo of you and Monkey, keep up your efforts to get in more photos! x #LivingArrows

  4. We’ve decided to do a family portrait in a different county each month! So far we have Hampshire, Surrey and Devon. York and Cheshire are on the list as our friends live there, I love that you’re going away every month for a weekend. I can recommend all of the above locations #LivingArrows

  5. I love London! And Cambridge is gorgeous too! Nothing better than spending the weekend away somewhere, especially when it’s not planned! Your younger one is growing so fast! #LivingArrows

  6. Oh how fun to go away every month! Such a good idea. I haven’t been to London in so long, this makes me a bit wistful. Love Kipper’s breakfast face – he he! xx

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