SpaceCot Review

SpaceCot Review

SpaceCot Review: One of the things which we use a lot as a family is a travel cot, partly because we go away around once a month for a long weekend but also because we regularly stay with family. Since Monkey was born five years ago we have gone through three! So I think we are pretty well experienced, with them and all the frustrations they bring. So I was intrigued to see if the SpaceCot would live up to its claims of it taking three seconds to put up and down, without the need to kneel. Hubby has a bad knee so this automatically ticked one of his boxes. As for the three seconds well I must admit I didn’t time it. But it was pretty close and definitely the fastest we have ever experienced.

Things I love

  • I love the crib attachment, its really simple to attach as well just slipping over the ends and clipping over the sides. It uses the same mattress as the bottom level. Kipper has had several good nights with the crib. We are yet to try the bottom levels although we will need to as he’s getting too big for the crib since he’s now sitting and pulling himself up.
  • The mattress is the standard size and our normal travel cot sheets fitted fine.

  • The speed and ease of putting it up and down is a big tick in the box, basically you pull the two ends apart and use your foot to stabilise the bottom. It is so easy.
  • Its comes with an easy to use bag which is great for storage, and keeps it neat and clean when not in use.
  • The cot has been designed with baby in mind and can be used as a permeant cot as well as a travel one.

  • The locks on the cot which make it so easy to use are child proof so as he gets older I don’t need to worry about Kipper inadvertently fiddling with them.
  • The SpaceCot can go up to age three and I hope that we will continue to use it for many months to come.

I really want to love everything about this cot, but it does feel heavy despite its aluminium frame. Even though its only 6.7kg. I think this is because our old one had wheels. I also think that the size of the bag makes it more difficult to carry as the surface area is larger. However this does not detract from its usability. We love it and have been using it as a play pen as well, although Kippers not so keen on being restricted!!

The cot dimension are:

  • Outside dimensions folded : H810 x L580 x W140 mm
  • Outside dimensions unfolded : H810 x L970 x W580 mm
  • Mattress: 950 x 500 x 40 mm

The SpaceCot is available in three colours, silver, biscuit (pictured in this review) and midnight grey which is exclusive to John Lewis. Price wise I do think its on the expensive side with an RRP of £140 however it does feel so much more robust than ones which we have had previously. Its possible to buy SpaceCot nationwide including JoJo Maman Bebe and Mothercare. You can find out more information on the SpaceCot website.


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We were given a SpaceCot  for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own. 

 SpaceCot Review


  1. kris

    As travel cots go it really looks like this is a good one. We also used the travel cot as a playpen for my eldest and if he was poorly and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him upstairs. They do come in handy and having a good one that is easy to put up and take down is a must.

  2. OddHogg

    We are looking at travel cots at the moment so thanks for sharing this! It looks good which is always a plus in my book, and I really like the idea of the different heights as not many travels cots that I’ve seen seem to offer that. I’ll definitely be considering getting one for our trip in June

  3. Emma

    That looks like a really good travel cot! We had one and it the base/mattress was so hard that our two never slept in it and it was used more as playpen! This travel cot looks like it has a really good mattress which is brilliant. Great that it is to so easy to put up as well. Looks like a good one to buy for if you need one for holidays as it looks like it is nice and compact for the car boot.

  4. yvonne

    I have spent many a frustrating evening trying to put a travel cot up, when we are all tired and grumpy. So having a cot that is so easy to put up is a huge bonus. I love the look of it as well, looks really comfy and a great size x

  5. five little doves

    Oh this looks fab!! I love the colour and the design, ours was a bit old fashioned looking where as this looks super modern! It’s great that it is easy to put up, ours was a pain in the ass to put up too (didn’t have a lot going for it really!) and that there is a crib attachment. Shame it feels a little heavy but I’m sure you’ll get used to it, plus think about the biceps workout, great for keeping bingo wings at bay!! Bonus!!

  6. Jo

    This sounds fantastic! Ours are out of cots now but I have painful joints in my hands and wrestling with the traditional travel cots was often difficult. #BloggerClubUK

  7. Becky - MommyandRory

    This look fabulous and a lot easier than the one we have! Ours is mainly used when Rory stops at his Nannies house but now she looks after him while I’m at work he also takes a nap in there. Thankfully this means we don’t have to take it down very often! #bloggerclubuk

  8. Margaret

    It’s really an outstanding baby gear item for baby and busy mom. I love it because easily carry this spacecot. Really, you are reviewing in a good time. Thanks for sharing this post. I like your post. Keep and stay writing.

  9. Mrs Mummy Harris

    This looks pretty nifty, we’re starting to consider a travel cot as Ben’s chicco next to me is getting a tad too small for him when we go away! Might sweet talk Hubby haha! #BloggerclubUK

  10. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    What a great looking cot – I love the colour of it. And the functionality is fab. I never owned a travel cot with wheels before so I wouldn’t notice not having them lol Great idea to use it as a playpen I used to do that too – it’s so handy! x

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