May – what? That means we are almost half way through he year and this month Kipper turns one!! To think this time last year I had nine months of putting my feet up planned (joke). And now I am continuously juggling one at School, an almost toddler, demanding day job and a blog. Its not surprising that my bucket lists are not going as well as I hoped. Believe it or not I still have some things hanging over from my February bucket list . Insert emoji of the monkey with hands over face!

I did manage to set up a new Sensory Treasure Basket for Kipper with an under the sea theme, but I still have to:

  • Book our Summer holiday… we are up in arms over this one as we don’t know whether to stay in the UK or go abroad. Since we are likely to travel to Canada next year to see my niece! Which will not be cheap. But then is a holiday in the UK really any cheaper than abroad…maybe its time I convinced Hubby that he needs to camp? Suggestions how please.
  • Read #GirlBoss
  • Make Kippers taggie blanket

With regards to my March Bucket List, I am pleased to report that I did manage most of them. I even managed to find a Daffodil Farm although it was when we visited St Ives and they had all died. Nevermind I know for next time. Its more the craft ideas which have gone by the wayside this month.

  • Make Monkey a windsock
  • Make some edible play dough for Kipper
  • Make some bird feeders

So with six things still hanging over from the start of the year how did I do with my April Bucket List?

  • Plan our April weekend away  – done we ended up visiting St Ives although I had some good recommendations for Bath which could feature later in the year
  • Take Monkey to the new Gruffalo ride at Chessington – done!
  • Visit a Tulip Festival – done!
  • Make some Easter chocolate gifts – we didn’t get round to this one, but since we have so much chocolate in the house I am not overly concerned about this one!
  • Review Easter activities in the local area – done!
  • Book my tickets for the The Business Show in London in May (and holiday off work!) – almost!
  • Register as self employed and look into options for setting up a Limited Company for a little project… eek. – done the self employed bit…

The ones I have left over are:

  • Feed the ducks as I can not remember the last time we did this
  • Visit a zoo – this probably wont happen until June now as I don’t have a free weekend in May to slot it into.
  • Go to the theatre and plan some more trips

In addition to the above this month I intend on focusing a lot on getting ready for :

  • Finding an hour to take my online Safe Guarding training for school governors and see if there are any other courses which I should be taking. Build a study plan
  • Arrange some time to go in and view the Ofsted folder
  • Plan packing for our Eurocamp trip in the half term holidays – whoop
  • Celebrate Kippers first Birthday and have a Cake Smash photo shoot
  • Date night with Hubby
  • Make a 1st Birthday Chalkboard picture
  • Make a photo garland for Kipper’s party
  • Put together a Birthday Time Capsule for Kipper
  • Put together and order a photo album of Kipper’s firsts
  • Attend Blog On MSI – excited!

Come back next month to see what I managed to get done. What else is on your bucket list for this month?


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