Tregenna Castle Brasserie Restaurant : Those that read Mudpie Fridays regularly will know that each month since going back to work I have tried to arrange a weekend away. In January we visited Cambridge for Hubbys Birthday, February we went to Warwick, March to London and over May bank holiday weekend we visited St Ives. We were lucky enough to stay at the Tregenna Castle.

As part of our stay at Tregena Castle we had a meal at their onsite Brasserie Restaurant. Most nights it offers menu true to its name, on a Sunday there is a Carvery. We opted for an early sitting of 6pm on the Saturday we visited. When we arrived we had the restaurant pretty much to ourselves. There was a little hiccup when we arrived, despite confirming on the day we arrived (and checking Saturday morning at breakfast) they had no record of our booking. Thankfully because we chose to eat early there was no problem and the waiter was extremely helpful. In fact he was probably one of the politest waiters I have ever come across. I would recommend booking in advance because it does get busy around 8pm.

The restaurant is a tranquil setting with blue and grey hues and a lovely view from the end over the bay of St Ives. There is a prominent bar which stocks a wide range of alcoholic drinks. The waiters made both boys very welcome, fetching us a pristine high chair.
Monkey chose off of the kids menu, for a starter he chose Healthy Fingers – a mix of carrot and cucumber sticks with a yoghurt dip. I liked the fact they came out thinly sliced which meant Kipper all had a couple too. Monkey loved them and ate it all up, with the yoghurt dip apparently being like the ‘curry one’.
For main he had a Hawaiian Pizza. He could have chosen from a variety of kids classics – fish & chips, sausage mash & gravy, tomato penne pasta, cheese penne pasts, chicken goujons & chips and ham, egg & chips. They are priced at £4.95-£5.95 depending on the option chosen. He really enjoyed the pizza it had a proper stone baked base and a thin red sauce. Perfect for him. It is also possible to order sides of vegetables, salad and fries if required. Which means you can make sure they keep their vegetable intake up. If we had, two kids eating from the childrens menu I would have probably done this. But as it was I was surprised he had room for a desert! Money opted for a Banana Split from a choice including of Chocolate Brownie Sundae and Jelly & Ice Cream.
Total Price: £11.85
Hubby and I both chose the Baked Scallops. They are one of my favourite and it turns out they are one of Monkey’s too. The presentation was really good and although initially I wasn’t sold on the cheese sauce as I like my scallops pretty plain, it complimented the bacon really nicely.
Second course I opted for fillet steak. When I was pregnant its all I craved you see I really enjoy rare to blue steak but had made the decision to stick to the heath recommendations. Although I hate to say it in the UK I very rarely eat blue steak. I opted for rare and it came out on the bluer side of rare but it was perfect. It has got to be one of the best steaks I have had. Hubby opted for Pork Belly which is not my favourite so I didn’t try it but Monkey quite enjoyed it. For dessert I opted for cheese and biscuits and Hubby had the Black Forest Brownie.

Total: £70.70

Things we loved:

  • The staff are super friendly and nothing is too much
  • Both the children menu and the adults menu have a wide variety of well priced meals. I would like to see something ‘lemon’ on the dessert menu but then thats personal choice!
  • I didn’t feel that we were out of place with young children which meant we were more relaxed and had a great experience.

We throughly enjoyed our meal, the atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. If we were to visit Tregenna Castle again we would definitely look to eat in the restaurant.


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We were invited to eat at The Tregenna Castle Brasserie Restaurant  in return for an honest review 


  1. Oh this all looks so yummy!! It sounds like you had a lovely time. I always think polite and nice staff always make such a difference – so important!

  2. That all looks wonderful – the scallops especially! I’m the same with my steak – I love it rare, and am really missing it at the moment. We’re regular visitors to St Ives and have driven past Tregenna Castle many times, but I’d never thought to look at eating there. The children’s menu looks great too, and you definitely get a lot for your money by the looks of it!

  3. Oh wow – the scallops & cheese plate look amazing. Well, all of the courses do really but those two are so beautifully presented & are two of my favorite things to eat! It’s great to hear that the food at Tregenna Castle is so lovely! xx

  4. All these gorgeous pictures are making me soooo hungry. This place looks great. I hate when the kid’s selection is small they like a little choice as well. Love that the service was fab, good customer service can make or break any dining experience.

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