Spin Master Pirates of the Caribbean Toy Review: I must admit I have a soft spot for the Pirates of the Caribbean films and Jack Sparrow. I find his character hilarious and we are looking forward to seeing the new film ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ which came out over half term. To accompany the new film Spin Master have launched a new series of toys. We were sent the Jack Sparrow Pirate Ship and a set of Five Figures from Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.

Monkey was very excited when he saw them wanting to open then straight away and to start playing. Of course he had to wait for me to take the photos of them in their packaging which he was less than impressed with. Initially he was most excited by the Pirate Ship wanting to act out a battle between Jack and the ghostly shark. When he found out that the cannon actually fired the cannonballs this was an even greater source of excitement. I actually felt a little sorry for the scary looking shark since he took quite a lot of cannonballs in the mouth!

Monkey also liked to re-enact battle scenes of good pirates against bad pirates….

Things we love:

  • I really like playsets such as this one as it encourages Monkey to use his imagination and means that the opportunity for play is only limited by his ability to think up new play options
  • The boat has some wheels on the bottom which means it can be pushed around easily and Monkey can imitate it sailing the seven seas
  • The flags on the boat are plastic which makes them more durable.
  • The figurines have a lot of detail on them, I like that they are all posable and sit down. Meaning that Monkey can play with them in whichever way he would like.
  • The boat also has a lot of details on the inside and outside
  • Its also a really good size as its substantial enough but not too huge to store. I like that the cannon balls and shark fit inside. Plus all the figures. It would be great if the deck of the ship opened up and you could put them all in the hull.
  • Some of the figures particularly Jack Sparrow have a very good likeness.
  • They also have holes in the bottom of their shoes which means they can attach to the pirate ship
  • There are no batteries required which is a big plus in my book as its the thing I always forget!
  • I like that you can expand on the set by buying other things in the range. Monkey already has his eye on the Silent Mary Ghost Ship

The range is aimed at children between the ages of four and ten, at almost five Monkey is near the bottom of the lower age limit, yet he still really enjoyed playing with the figures. All of the playsets are available on Amazon – 5 figures set, Sparrow Pirate Ship and Silent Mary Pirate Ship.

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We were given the toys featured in this post  for the purpose of this review all opinions are my own


  1. fiona waterworth

    its a great set everything you could want

  2. paula cheadle

    this pirate boat review is very good and fantastic for their imagination to run free

  3. Oooh, I’ve always had a soft spot for Jack Sparrow so I think that this looks like an excellent toy ;-). Our youngest has a pirate set and like you say it is great for encouraging their imagination and story-telling. This looks a brilliant toy for encouraging story-telling and the detail is fantastic.

  4. I too have a soft spot for jack sparrow! The likeness is amazing, which you don’t always get with sets like this. This is perfect for little imaginations and my Holly would have so much fun with it. Hours of fun for little ones x

  5. What a great set for imaginative play. There looks like there is lots of detail and the figures would be sturdy and will last. My boy would have loved this when he was younger. Mich x

  6. Jack Sparrow is a favourite character of mine too. I like toys like this too, because as you say, they are great for little imaginations to play with in any way that they please. I’ll look out for this next time a small person I know needs a birthday or Christmas present!

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