Top Tips for Pool Safety while on Holiday: If you follow Mudpie Fridays on social media you will know that we have recently returned from holidaying in France. We had a fantastic time the complex had an amazing pool, splash pad and slides which we all throughly enjoyed. However now having two little monkeys to keep an eye on proved a bit more of a juggling act than I anticipated. With that in mind I have put together these top tips for pool safety. There are some great ideas in here which I wish I had thought about before going away ourselves.

  • Go for an enclosed pool – If you are hiring a villa or similar then go with one which has an enclosed pool. It will give you so much more piece of mind when the kids are running around. It will also allow you to control pool time. I would not rely on one of those pool alarms though as they can often become broken or defective.


  • Pay attention to the signs – If there are warning signs displayed from companies such as Stocksigns Ltd they are there for a reason. If it says don’t dive for example its most likely because the water is too shallow and you would hurt yourself. This is something we had to encourage Monkey to think about as he loves to throw himself in the water. Yet there were quite a few shallow areas which although prefect for Kipper could easily have lead to a stubbed toe or similar for Monkey.


  • Take an inflatable – But not for the pool – well not straight away. Beth over at Twinderelmo shared her experience “We used to put the little ones inside a blow up boat by the pool so they couldn’t escape and crawl into the water. It was a great space for them to sit in and play nicely and safely, knowing they couldn’t go anywhere“.


  • Pick your umbrellas wisely – We’ve all done it, found an area of the pool that looks nice and shaded only to realise as the sun moves round you end up in full sunlight. Rachel  from Illustrated Teacup suggests “Pick your deckchairs near large parasols so you have lots of shade available for you by the poolside.” This is so important with little ones. I would also suggest maybe investing in one of those sun tents you can now buy which will ensure shade regardless.


  • Use your phone to set up suncream reminders – this is a brilliant idea from Jaymee at The Mum Diaries. I am constantly checking myself to make sure I have applied cream to the boys setting a reminder would really help. Living with Jude suggests applying every hour on the hour which is also a great idea if you don’t want to take you phone to the pool with you.


  • Put float aids on first – Its so easy to get to the pool and want to spend time setting up. But as Hannah from Hannah Spannah suggests getting them ready first and making sure they have their float aids on, means you  know they are safe . And can then focus on getting settled down, while keeping an eye on them but without worrying if they stray into the water, jump off the side or go out of their depth. Mummy and Monkeys also suggests using a life vest as it lets her little one swim independently and stops them worrying about her falling in.


  • Invest in a pair of jelly shoes – which is another fab idea from Holly at Thrifty Mum as it will protect little ones while they are in and out of shallow pools. Both our boys have a pair for exactly that reason

  • Consider Swim Lessons – which will help develop water confidence and also survival skills should they accidentally fall in. Both boys have been taught from a young age to turn under the water and hold on. Kipper is obviously far too young at the moment but it has helped Monkey no end. Thank you Maria from Happy Mummy for the suggestion.

And finally … Don’t forget the sun hat  whether thats your standard or even a proper swim hat. What would your top tips for pool safety while on holiday this Summer be?



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  1. Thanks for sharing such a informative article. I have plans going on a vacation with my kids and part of that holiday is we going for a swim. It’s better to be safe than nothing. Anyways, lovely blog and you really have adorable kids :D.

  2. Water safety is so important and one of my biggest worries when we go on holiday. Last year both my girls wore the swim vests so that I knew they would be ok, even if they fell in. I agree swimming lessons is the key, both mine started at 14 weeks old and we go every week. It’s a life skill that everyone should have. Great advice x

  3. These are brilliant tips! Having the float aids on first is a really good one as it’s so easy to get distracted getting set up at a spot & next thing the kids are off to the pool. Setting a reminder for sunscreen is also genius! I will keep these in mind for our next sun holiday. x

  4. So important to be safety conscious with the little ones. I like the idea of setting a reminder to reapply sun cream, I have been known to forget before.

    My kids have those shoes like wet suits and they are awesome for n the water and out and much easier to wear than jellies.

    Mich x

  5. Jo Carroll Reply

    Lots of brilliant tips and information. I’m definitely using the one about the mobile reminders for sun cream application…thanks. x

  6. Leila Benhamida Reply

    A lot of great tips and some that I did not think about. We are travelling to Tenerife this year and will definitely keep some in mind and apply. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Deborah Mackenzie Reply

    Great tips. I think that lots of parents tend to get too lax around water at times when everyone is having great fun. This is a perfect reminder.

  8. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    Some fantastic tips here, my four year old daughter isn’t allowed swimming without her float jacket and I’m waiting for the baby to have her 3rd set of injections on the 6th July to take her swimming for the 1st time with a swim seat xx

  9. Anthea Holloway Reply

    Never take your eyes off them and keep them well within rein!

  10. Jayne Townson Reply

    Some very handy tips there, I like the idea of taking some jelly shoes.

  11. Hayley Todd Reply

    Water safety is such a vital part of your summer holiday! I never, ever allow my girls into the pool without me or their dad with them. Even in the shallow / baby pool one of us will go along and sit on the edge. Jelly shoes are an absolute godsend for keeping their little feet safe by the pool and they are great as they are non-slip usually too!

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