Athens Patio Heater from Rattan Direct: I have always hankered after a patio heater. We love eating outside as a family and Monkey will quite often request dinner in the garden. However despite the fact that we have had thirty degrees over the last couple of days normally the weather in the UK is just not good enough to do it on a regular basis. So when Rattan Direct got in contact and asked if we would like to review something from their wide range of garden and conservatory furniture I opted for the Athens Patio Heater in Silver. Hoping that it may go some way to solving this problem.

I was so excited when it came that I almost forgot to capture Hubby putting it together. I was totally amazed by how easily it did go together and how quickly. We had friends coming round that evening for a Murder Mystery Party and I was already panicked that we did not have enough time to do everything. Especially as Hubby does not have the finest track record in DIY and flat packed furniture. Even with my nagging for video and photos at opportune moments it took one person under twenty minutes to put together. I have made a little vlog about it here:

I suspect if I wasn’t asking for photos and video constantly it would probably have taken even less. And of course we had a foreman directing everything and looking on to make sure it was all going to plan:


The Athens Patio Heater from Rattan Direct definitely helped us to enjoy our party that evening and eat our meal outside. We have also been using it with the boys too. The heat it throws off is great and I am happy that the flame is high enough up that it doesn’t pose a risk to the boys. Themesh surrounding  the glass tubes is secure enough to stop any little hands and fingers from touching it, although Monkey knows he must leave it alone when it’s on. I really like the modern style of the heater, with the flame dancing up the inner glass tubes for a stunning visual effect. Delivery was quick and efficient and the website easy to use. Theres really nothing not to love about the Athens Patio Heater. I am really looking forward to using it throughout the Summer to make the most of the lighter evenings… cards anyone?

The Athens Patio Heather from Rattan Direct retails at £598, although at the time of writing this post there is currently a 50% sale on. Features of the heater include:

  • Stainless steel anti rust frame
  • Glass tube for safety
  • Reliable electronic ignition lighter
  • Fuel: butane gas
  • 5-10m2 heating area
  • Anti-tilt switch
  • Automatic safety shut-off device
  • Dimensions: height 227cm (7ft3)

More information can be found on the Rattan Direct website.


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We were given a Athens Patio Heater  for the purpose of this review all words and opinions are my own. 


  1. Oooh, what a good idea! We are moving to our first house with a garden at the end of next Month,a nd I can’t wait to kit our garden out!! #BloggerClubUK

  2. sitting here in the middle of winter in NZ is making me feel very envious of you and your patio heater! Enjoy those beautiful summer evenings, nice and toastie!

  3. That’s an awesome way to spend an evening and the heater seems to have been a huge life saver for you. If I had a patio I would definitely want a patio heater so I could spend more time outside. Congrats on your first you tube video!

  4. Looks good, I actually have never even thought about getting a patio heater so glad I read this! Should definitely get a lot of use given our lovely British weather! #BloggerClubUK

  5. Congrats on such an impressive first video! The patio heater looks great, ideal for outdoor parties or get togethers. Your foreman is the cutest one I’ve ever seen!

  6. Ohh the 50% sale sounds good. This heater looks wonderful and it will really extend the season that you can eat outside for. We only have a communal garden nowadays and I realy miss eating out. Mich x

  7. Tracy Nixon Reply

    Looks great! We have been on the lookout for a patio heater for a while – great for those cooler Summer evenings x

  8. Margaret gallagher Reply

    PERFECT for our cooler evening’s to make the MOST of the lighter evenings

  9. Jo Carroll Reply

    You definitely need something like this in the UK to fully enjoy a British Summer in the garden, especially late into the evening although it does look quite difficult to set up…you did really well. x

  10. Rie Tetley Reply

    Looking to buy one of these in the future. Thanks for the useful info!

  11. Kim Styles Reply

    this is great – but I will have to wait until my patio is built!

  12. Patio heaters are great. they should have one of those insect zappers built in.

  13. Leila Benhamida Reply

    I could do with one. This is really great. Will invest in one. Thanks for sharing.

  14. When we move I’d love something like that. At the moment we live backing onto woodland and although it is a lovely place to be the insects can be terrible and I think the heater would draw them nearer 😉

  15. Stacey Gahan Reply

    Lovely to be able to keep warm in the garden when the evenings turn chilly

  16. Dawn Samples Reply

    Great idea to enable bbqs and parties to carry on outside longer x

  17. Oh, my. I have wanted one of these for ages and this particular model is very elegant.

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