Going on a Bear Hunt with Ready Brek: I am excited to announce a brand new partnership between one of our favourite books ever – Walker Books’ Going on a Bear Hunt and super smooth kids’ porridge Ready Brek. If you are regular readers of Mudpie Fridays you will know that Monkey is slightly obsessed with this book, having had a Going on a Bear Hunt Birthday Party for his third Birthday. We have also made a Small Play World and Story Sack around the popular children’s book. The two bear-loving brands will come together to serve up a nutritious helping of outdoor fun in a bid to help parents and kids adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

This is a great partnership as both brands really are committed to helping parents keep their children active and healthy. The new boxes of Ready Brek now have some beautiful Going on the Bear Hunt art work on them. On the back there is a guide which suggests how you can go on your own bear hunt swishy swashing through grass and splash – sploshing through puddles. There are also three different recipes to collect collect; Bear Hunt Banana Muffins, Protein-packed Bear Hunt Bites and Bear Hunt Blueberry and Apple Flapjacks. All are nutritionally balanced, energy boosting snacks designed to keep little people going through their adventures and bear hunting.

Monkey has never tried Ready Brek before, I am not sure why. As I specifically try to stay away from certain types of cereals – the ones that are red across the board and high in sugar! Yet I was amazed to find a chocolate flavoured breakfast with predominately green in the traffic light rating. Ready Brek original is green across the board!

Ready Brek is made from finely milled wholegrain oats and flour, vitamins and minerals, with no added salt or sugar. Packed with Calcium for healthy bones and teeth, Vitamin D for a healthy immune system, Protein for healthy muscles and oats for healthy digestion, along with Iron, Vitamin B1, B6 and B12, Ready Brek delivers a super smooth and nutritious start to the day.

Monkey has become obsessed with chocolate based cereals since being allowed them as a treat on holiday. So I was pleased to find out that you can now get chocolate Ready Brek. The fact that it only takes 90 seconds in the microwave is a real bonus. I really like that it comes in handy little pouches which allows you to easily measure the milk. Which also means there is no additional washing up! Yay!

While I was waiting for Monkey’s to be ready I set about preparing the toppings. Since it was the weekend he had a real treat with banana and then I gave him the choice of honey or extra chocolate chips. Of course he opted for Chocolate chips. As I said this is only because it is a weekend. The good thing about Ready Brek is that you can add pretty much any toping you want including all types of fruits, nuts and seeds. I would have added strawberries from the garden if they hadn’t already been eaten when my back was turned.


To help parents aid their children to become engaged with the story and get active, there have been two new books released. They are truly beautiful. The illustrations are amazing and completely in keeping with the original story. I fell in love with them straight away as did Monkey.

The first book is the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – My Explorer’s Journal  which has an RRP of £8.99. A wonderfully interactive journal for young explorer’s to record, create and experience the natural world. This companion title to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: An Adventure Field Guide is the perfect place for young nature enthusiasts to record their outdoor experiences; the animals and plants seen, weather conditions, cloud formations and much, much more. With abundant space to write, draw and preserve leaves and flowers, as well as simple art and nature-inspired projects to complete, this book invites readers to explore their world, be inspired by nature and create a keepsake journal of their outdoor adventures.

The second book is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – My Adventure Field Guide with an RRP of £6.99. An inspiring and fun field guide to the natural world, featuring artwork from the animated special of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Inspired by and featuring artwork from the animated special, this field guide to the natural world is informational and fun. Young naturalists will discover a wealth of facts about plants and animals, bugs and birds, clouds, the night sky, the weather, and so much more. City and country kids alike will find much to discover, from urban streets to the remotest forest. The book features facts galore, but also recipes, science projects, and tips for how kids can help protect the environment. Whether skipping Swishy-swashing through the grass, or squelch-squelching through the mud, there’s something here for everyone.

Monkey was taken with both books straight away flicking through and finding the life cycle of a frog he excitedly remarked how he knew all about it. After going pond dipping and finding tadpoles for the first time a few weeks ago.

We have been making the most of the books and getting out exploring more than ever, especially as the weather has been so lovely this weekend. I know we will get so much use out of them over the coming Summer holidays.

To celebrate the partnership and to help spread the word I have two packets of Ready Brek, a Going on a Bear Hunt Explorers Guide and Field Guide to giveaway. If you would like a chance to win then please enter using the Gleam application below and note the T&Cs below:

Ready Brek & Going on a Bear Hunt Activity Book Giveaway

  • Competition is open to residents of the UK aged 18
  • There is no cash alternative offered
  • The winner will be drawn at random and receive two boxes of Ready Brek and the two Going on a Bear Hunt books mentioned in this blog post
  • The competition will close on 20th July 2017 at 11.59pm, the winner will be notified through Twitter
  • The Winner will be asked to provide an email address and full postal address

I have some other giveaways running at the moment so please check them out in the Blog Giveaways Page above. Good Luck!


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  1. Oooh those Ready Brek sachets look good! My older two loved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, I love the idea of a field guide 🙂

  2. laura banks Reply

    love ready brek i used to have the chocolate version when i was a kid

  3. I love ready brek and I’m a grown up! L and I often have a bowl together. I’m a fan of the original, no toppings for me thanks, L is all about the toppings though. I’ll have to look into the chocolate one #bloggerclubuk

  4. Nia Patten Reply

    Love a bit of ready brek and it’s so quick to make. Need to try the chocolate one #bloggerclubuk

  5. My kids don’t like the original Ready Brek but they all like the chocolate version. Love We’re going on a Bear Hunt too! #BloggerClubUK

  6. What a wonderful prize – all my favourite things! My niece will be fighting me for it 🙂

  7. I used to love ReadyBrek. I must admit I just buy oats now, it’s cheaper and hasn’t been messed about with. I love the link to the books though. #BloggersClubUK

  8. Carrie-Anne Brown Reply

    lovely giveaway, would love to win for my little man, fingers crossed 🙂

  9. We love that book in this house, we have multiple different versions of the story and the animation at Christmas was a big event for us! I love the books featured here, what a great addition they’d be…fingers crossed!

  10. Those books sound like a great idea for the summer hols, will definitely look them up. My older son loves Ready Brek, with a rather large helping of jam on top…. #bloggerclubuk

  11. Jo Carroll Reply

    I used to love Ready Brek but my little lad hasn’t been so keen so far. I think this tie up with one of his favourite stories might just bring him around though. x

  12. My girls love porridge so maybe we’ll try out the chocolate ready break as a treat now I know it’s not full of sugar. Those book look lovely too for slightly older ones.

  13. Kerry Taylor Reply

    What a great combination – we love porridge and Bear Hunt in this house!

  14. Andrea Fletcher Reply

    Love going on a bear hunt and Ready Brek, great prize.

  15. Haven’t had Ready Break since I was a kid. I still remember those adverts from the 70s! Great partnership with We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.

  16. Susan Smith Reply

    This is a fabulous giveaway, these books look amazing thank you

  17. I love the fact that this cereal is in the green. Will have to get some and try it out with the eldest. #BloggerClubUK

  18. jo liddement Reply

    It’s only recently that i started eating a breakfast i love porridge with a swirl of maple syrup and lots of berries. We always went to school after a breakfast of Ready Brek as children.

  19. Leila Benhamida Reply

    Lovely and healthy breakfast. This is such a fantastic prize.????

  20. We adore WE Are Going on a Bear Hunt – it’s a real classic! What a fun way to bring it to life. I’ve entered the giveaway & am waiting with fingers crossed 🙂

  21. Rachel Butterworth Reply

    Great prize. My nephew and niece loved the Christmas special.

  22. Jayne Townson Reply

    We all love Ready Brek, it’s the perfect way to start the day. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  23. Katie Skeoch Reply

    Fingers crossed, the boys love some ready brek in the morning

  24. Laura Jones Reply

    i love ready brek always had it when i was a child then my children did now my grandchildren do its a store cupboard staple in our houses

  25. Victoria Prince Reply

    This brings back memories – I used to have ready brek every morning when I was about 10/11 🙂 Always the original and always with grated chocolate on top!

  26. sophie williams Reply

    The book looks fab! Going to have to make myself a sneaky bowl of ReadyBrek before bed now 🙂

  27. I loved readybrek when I was younger now my kid loves eating it all the time

  28. Anthea Holloway Reply

    What a lovely prize! My granddaughter would love this.


    Fantastic giveaway i know a little girl who would love this

  30. Hannah Lord Reply

    Great way to start the day and fueled for big adventurous bear hunt

  31. Kate Davies Reply

    These books look great for bearhunt fans, my son has been obsessed with the story since he was tiny.

  32. Beccy Rowley Reply

    My little girl would love this, thanks for the chance to win.


    both me and my daughter are huge fans of ready brek, especially with chopped up bananas on top x

  34. Hayley Colburn Reply

    I still love ready brek even now, thanks for the giveaway

  35. Hayley Todd Reply

    My girls absolutely love Ready Brek in the morning and I love it for supper if I’m peckish!

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