Summer Holiday Packing List for a Baby for a week: Its that time of year again when my mind starts whirling and I am running off lists trying to put together everything we need to pack for our holiday away. Only this year I have been a little clever and wrote down a list when we went to Eurocamp for Kipper.

I always tend to over pack a little but with Kippers allergies I find its better to have too much than too little. Also I like to think about the baby boy clothes that I pack as holidays are such a good opportunity to get some pictures. For example you may want to pack linen trousers and a little shirt to have photos on the beach. There maybe a couple of favourite boys polo shirts which you would like to photograph or attach memories too. Also having two boys I try to buy something thats matching in some way shape of form, that maybe a shirt of Monkey and a corresponding romper for Kipper. Or it could literally be the same tee in different sizes.

So with this in mind I thought I would share this is everything I packed when we went away for a week for a baby up to 12 months.


  • 5 x sleeveless vests (sleep in)
  • 1 muslin sleeping bag 0.5 tog
  • 7 x short sleeve vests or baby rompers
  • 2 x baby grows
  • 2 x shorts/trousers
  • 2 x boys tees/polo shirts
  • 1 pair of jeans and long sleeved top to travel in
  • 1 x jumper/hoddy
  • 7 x dribble bibs
  • Soft soled leather sandals
  • Thin rain coat
  • 2 x photo outfits & twinning outfit

Things for the beach and Pool:

  • Beach tent/umbrella/windbreak
  • Towel/cover up
  • Baby wetsuit
  • Baby UV suit
  • Happy Nappy
  • Swim nappies and/or happy nappy liners
  • Suntan lotion
  • Beach shoes
  • Baby float seat/ring
  • Rug/mat for the beach


  • 2 x water wipes
  • 4 nappies for each day you are away
  • packet of nappy sacks
  • natural sponge
  • all in one body wash/shampoo
  • Baby moisturiser
  • Nail scissors


  • Small buggy
  • Raincover/sunshade/mosquito net for buggy
  • 2 x dummies
  • Comforter – teddy/sheep etc
  • Cot bed sheet
  • 2 x large muslins
  • 2 x small muslins
  • Baby milk (as Kipper is dairy free)
  • 3 x bottles
  • Microwave steriliser bag or tablets
  • *baby food (see below)
  • Baby bowl, spoon, beaker
  • Two small Tupperware boxes
  • A few small toys
  • Any medication your baby maybe on
  • Calpol and syringe
  • Teething crystals

*You may also want to consider some baby food or snacks depending on where your baby is with weaning. Kipper will now eat pretty much all the same food as other than some diary substitutes. Which means I only really pack snacks for travelling.

Is there anything I have missed? Essentials that you always take away with you? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Such a helpful post, I always pack way too much but then you never know if you are going to need it! Next time we go away I’m taking one of those inflatable baths, my little girl hates the shower and trying to get her washed whilst squirming about in a caravan shower was no fun for any of us!

  2. Oh how I wish I had seen a list like this when we took Alice on her first holiday! I packed far too much stuff and have got better over the years. Brilliant list and so helpful for parents x

  3. Glad it’s not just me who makes lists to pack – I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager and it’s what I credit with being able to pack with a moments notice and never forget a thing. Don’t think there’s anything you’ve missed off your list; love the ‘twinning’ outfit!

  4. Claire Nicholson Reply

    I love to write lists, especially when we go on holiday.Before having my children, I relied on my memory but i have had to write lists since I first got pregnant. I admit i love to tick things off and feel a small sense of achievement.

  5. paula cheadle Reply

    great review, I make lists to, just to make sure I have everything I need

  6. fiona waterworth Reply

    trouble is no matter how comprehensive a list is babies allways find a way to defeat it lol

  7. paula cheadle Reply

    I will be using your list, for when we go on holiday next month

  8. There is some good advice for packing for my 8 month old nephew.

  9. Arabella Bazley Reply

    Babies always seem to need their own Sherpas! I think if you can holiday somewhere where it is easy to buy nappies, it does reduce the load quite substantially.

  10. Katie Skeoch Reply

    Fab! A UV tent is definitely on my list for our trip to Australia with a 6 month old

  11. A very useful list. Thanks. It is surprising how much stuff babies need.

  12. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    We are going to Norfolk for a week with our children aged 12, 5 and 5 months, in the 1st week of september, this is really handy as I need to start packing soon and haven’t even thought of what to pack xXx

  13. Hayley Todd Reply

    I always have to write list upon list when we are going away on holiday with the children. You don’t realise just how much you actually need to take and it’s so easy to forget something if it’s not on the list!

  14. Anthea Holloway Reply

    This is such a useful list and one which many people in a similar situation will have printed out and used as their own checklist!

  15. Hayley Todd Reply

    Thank you so much for this extremely useful checklist. I always panic that I will forget something when I pack so I tend to write list upon list!

  16. Rich Tyler Reply

    Its a nightmare going anywhere with little1s, great checklist

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