This time last year the Summer that lay in front of us seemed endless, I was on maternity leave and looking forward to spending time with both my boys. Monkey was due to go into reception in the September so I was determined to make sure I gave him a Summer to remember, regardless of the fact I had a newborn. Fast forward twelve months and the baby is now fourteen months old and Monkey has just finished his first year at school. I know everyone says it but I had no idea how quickly the last twelve months would pass. I have spent the year running from one six week chunk to the next, one half term to another trying to maximise our family time at every turn.

I think if I had realised how quickly that first year would pass I would probably have taken more account of the milestones, written them down in a journal. Because quite frankly I am struggling to remember how it all pieces together. Going forward I intend to do just that, some suggestions of how you could record those milestones are:

  • Create a folder of work, special letters, certificates and assembly programmes – I talk about a school box here.
  • Put together a photo book of the nicest drawings, writings – Reception Art Book
  • Record the assemblies and events such as world book day, sports day etc and compile them into one video
  • Design a poster for Monkey to hold in photos on the last and first days of school
  • Make a note when he moves up a book level or a maths grade
  • Collect messages from special teachers in a special story book. I have done this since Monkey left nursery we have chosen The Places You Will Go by Dr Seuss. I intend on giving this to him when he leaves education.
  • Make a special shopping trip to get the school uniform and school shoes
  • Have an annual school interview to record favourite classes, friends, memorable moments and activities

I have done some of these over the last year although not all. One of my jobs over the Summer will be to go through all the pictures and notes that have been collected and decide what will be kept and what will be recycled.

The another will include getting him ready for Year 1. I don’t want to leave it until the end of the six week holiday because I am hoping we will get time to go away towards the end of the holiday. With this in mind I have already ordered some new school jumpers, since he managed to loose most of his! Plus we have been shopping for school shoes.

Monkey love goes shopping especially when its to buy something for him! It gives us an opportunity to spend time together just the two of us. I always arrange our shopping trips so that we get a chance to go to a coffee shop and he can have a drink and a piece of cake or a similar treat. Last weekend we did just that and went to ECCO to buy his school shoes for next year.

I was attracted to ECCO for a number of reasons, with Kipper just walking I am more than aware of the need for flexible soles to ensure proper foot development. However somewhere along the way I had forgotten about the fact this is still important for Monkey. Between the ages of three and seven the arches are only just starting to develop and the muscles growing and forming. I wanted to give him shoes that would support this, after all he spends the most time in his school shoes. ECCO are based around the Scandinavian philosophy of design that follows the foot. They focus on long lasting quality workmanship that are super comfortable for the wearer. Basically everything that a school shoe should be.

I was not disappointed we had a great time trying on new school shoes and Monkey loved being the centre of attention. He ended up with a very nice, practical and comfortable pair of new school shoes. Which got a big thumbs up from me and a big thumbs up from Monkey. The question of course is out of all the styles available which ones did he choose to take home with him? Find out in our little video below, I *may* have also have found my new school run shoes for the Autumn as well….

I’m working with ECCO and BritMums promoting the #ECCOBacktoSchool campaign about the milestone of back-to-school shoe shopping with your children. Visit to find your own perfect back-to-school shoes for your little one. 


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  1. Ah how exciting! I remember the days of picking out my new school shoes with my mum. It was all about Doc Martins and Kickers back then. Glad your little boy loves his new shoes. These are some great ideas for remembering the milestones too. I like the photo before and after idea! X #bloggerclubuk

  2. There’s something really cozy to me about school shoe shopping! All those years I spent with my kids picking out shiny new shoes and feeling so proud when they head off on the first day of term kitted out in their smart uniform. Sweet memories! x #BloggerClubUK

  3. We have just finished Yr1. I can’t believe how the time is flying. We have a memory box to collect as the special school moments #bloggerclubuk

  4. Aww he’s so sweet! 🙂 what a lovely family moment, thank you for sharing! #bloggerclubUK

  5. I didn’t know Ecco did school shoes, I’ve always thought of Clarks. Good to know. I haven’t seen many stores though. There used to be one in Oxford but it didn’t stock children. I’ll have another look. #BloggerClubUK

  6. I love your ideas for recording your child’s milestones. It’s so easy to get swept along and realize you can’t remember the details later.
    And the school shoes are soooo smart.

  7. You made my smile as now with two teenagers and a tween, I can tell you it goes faster and faster. I still hate getting rid of any work or art they have done – breaks my heart but there is just too much of it to keep. I love your ideas for recording such special memories.
    I have not heard of this shoe brand before by the way

  8. My little boy (who is now going into year 2 and I just can’t believe it as it seems he only just started in reception!) had Ecco shoes in reception and they were brilliant and lasted so well for the whole year. Life speeds up so much when you live in these chunks of 6 weeks doesn’t it? My eldest is going into year 6 now and the middle one into year 5 and I really really just can’t believe how quickly that’s all going. Seems yesterday they started as tiny reception kids. Slow down time please! #BloggerClubUK

  9. I adore the idea of a book with notes and messages from teachers in over the years! will definitely try and remember to instigate that one with Athena when she starts. Loving the smart new shoes, I didn’t know Ecco did shoes for kids, will definitely check them out!

  10. I can’t believe our babies have finished their first year of school, it really did fly by and I wish I had captured more of it. We need to get organised and sort Alice’s school shoes out before we go on holiday, I didn’t know ECCO did school shoes I will take a look for girls x

  11. ECCO shoes are great quality & the wear so well. Monkey will be very stylish heading off to school in his new shoes! I’ve started memory boxes for each of my 3 kids where I am putting photos, newspaper clippings etc into the box so they can look back on them 🙂

  12. My eldest has just left school and whilst he is away on holiday with his mates I have taken the time to have a clear out of his cupboards and found 13 Years worth certificates, photos, reports etc in a memory box – it was wonderful to go through and brought tears to my eyes – you will value those milestones and the records you keep in years to come. Don’t give up. Keep at it. #bloggerclubuk

  13. We’re in same position, a 5 year old who has just finished reception and an 18 month old who runs circles round me! we’re due a shopping trip for shoes too x

  14. Loved this and have pinnedfor when my girls start school. It’s so hard to choose which bits to keep but all these ideas were great.#bloggerclubuk

  15. My middle son starts school soon, I’ll be pinching some of your ideas to record his first year!

  16. I’ve had exactly the same age experience…one in reception and a 14 month old. Wowzers the year has fluff by! I keep meaning to write everything down -all the milestones – but they move on so quickly and then it’s something else! I’ve not tried ECCO with my daughter…shall check them out #bloggerclubuk

  17. I haven’t heard of Ecco but this is lovely. Such a special moment picking out everything for the new term. I always loved picking out shoes as a child- getting my feet measured was always so exciting!

  18. I used to love back to school shopping – even then my mum had a terrible time getting me to get practical shoes over pretty ones lol

  19. Margaret gallagher Reply

    So much choice time to start our back to school even though they’ve just broken up

  20. Aww, how exciting. I have my Daughters shoes and now need to pick my Son some new ones up. I love picking out school shoes with my kids 🙂

  21. Those ECCO school shoes look very comfortable and durable. Thanks for posting.

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