Top 10 Holiday Essentials with Kids: I am getting excited! Monkey has now broken up from school and the long Summer stretches out in front of us. He has lots of fun planned, unfortunately I will be working for the majority of it. But I have booked some time off so that we can go on an adventure somewhere warm. Travelling with two children one who has just turned five and another who is fourteen months presents certain challenges. There are things I need to remember to make our lives easier and get the most out of the time together.

The beauty of travelling in Europe and even long haul is that now you can pretty much buy anything you need when abroad. Many brand names are recognisable making life easy if you don’t speak the language. So although I may not remember to pack enough nappies there are some essentials that when travelling with kids I will not leave home without. Mainly because I struggle to find the same quality of item abroad.

  • Beach Tent – Keeping the children out of the sun in the hottest parts of the day or for nap time is an essential for me. We have had a small one ever since Monkey was born but now the boys are getting bigger I am thinking on investing in a larger one for our coming holiday. More along the lines of this one:


  • Pool Toys & Swim Aids – I am not a lover of arm bands, I have never used them with Monkey instead I prefer aids which will help develop his swimming, such as the SwimFin we took to Eurocamp. For Kipper I will take a ring with a built in seat specific to his age and weight. To make like easier by the pool my Splash About Splash Mat will also definitely be packed.

Water Confidence with Swinfin

  • Jungle Formula for Kids – Monkey has always suffered from eczema and Kipper is only fourteen months old so I am always very aware of Mosquitos. Mosquito replant is also the thing that many parents forget to pack*. This year I will be packing Jungle Formula Kids which is dermatologically tested and free from alcohol, perfect for both boys as it is designed for children aged 12 months plus. I will also be taking with me the Jungle Formula Slap It Band for Kids which is designed to be used with the lotion. It contains the natural active ingredient Geraniol, which lasts for up to 2 weeks, based on 8 hours usage a day. Waterproof it can be used from 3 years and above and allows for protection without the active ingredients coming into contact with the child’s skin which is ideal for Monkey. Hubby is particularly prone to being bitten so I will be taking the Jungle Formula for us as well.

  • Weaning Bits and a Beaker – When Monkey was fifteen months we travelled to Italy by car and I left his beaker at home! For the first two days we used a bottle but then we lost the lid. Could we find a pharmacy? Nope we were pretty rural. In the end we found one in Switzerland when we took a train across the Alps. The view was amazing I was less impressed with the 18€ one beaker cost though. I now always make sure we pack our Vital Unbeliveabowl and on the go weaning set and beaker!!

  • Travel Cot – wherever possible I like to take our own travel cot like the Spacecot we reviewed. Although if flying I tend to find a cocoon style one more practical with an inflatable mattress. If I really can’t take our own then I make sure I pack a couple of extra large muslins which double as sheets for the one in the hotel.

SpaceCot Review

  • Water Wipes – with both boys having allergies I am really particular about the wet wipes we use and I still user Water Wipes on Monkey at five. I have yet to find them abroad so I will always pack more of these over nappies. For a two week holiday I will take four packets with me!

  • Cuddly Toy or Comforter – When Monkey was little he use to use muslins as comforters, now he is older he has a black soft toy bear which he was given when we went to Canada. I dare not leave it behind. Kipper is not attached to anything yet, and now he is fourteen months I am not sure he will be. However we do take his sleep sheep wherever we go!

  • Spare Memory Card – because I always fill mine up far too quickly and then have to go through the photos choosing which ones to keep and which to delete.
  • Board Games & Cards – I always pack a couple of small games from companies such as Orchard Toys to make sure I have something to keep Monkey entertained. We also like to take some playing cards with us so that we can play a couple of hands of something in the evening on the balcony when the kids are asleep. Preferably with a bottle red wine or similar.

  • Bottle Opener – well thats to go with the red wine!

What would you include in your holiday essentials list, I would love to hear in the comments below.


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 *Based on a survey of 500 UK parents of children aged 1-11 inclusive, 38% of parents forgot to pack the insect repellant.

This is a collaborative post, I was compensated for my time.




  1. Beach tents are a must, in fact I agree with everything on this list. We’ve not taken our two abroard this year but many of these are still essential in this country.

  2. Ha Ha I love that you included a bottle opener! I’m so glad you put a spare memory card I always forget to take one, I’m adding this to my list now so I don’t forget again! x

  3. Ermmm I think the bottle opener should have been at the top of the list, ha! Seriously though, I absolutely love those slap it insect repellant bands, they’re the best way to protect little ones as they love making sure it’s still on all the time. I’m hoping now that Boo is that little bit older she’ll soon be able to start playing some card games.

  4. Margaret gallagher Reply

    Always good when I can read great reviews -ill be all set for SUMMER fun

  5. I was nodding along with all of these – your travel cot looks fab! We love Water Wipes too, they are the best! And yes to board games with a glass of wine after the kiddies go to bed! 🙂

  6. I know I’m biased but I would definitely add a SnoozeShade (I work for the brand) as they’re fab for sun protection and sleep on the go. Fab list- swap red for white and I’m happy 🙂 x

  7. Why a great list. Reminded me that I must get a beach tent. Those repellent bands look great.

  8. Knowing what to pack is always a so hard. This is a fab list for anyone going away with children.

  9. Great ideas! I always take a little activity book and pens, always useful for delays or when they need entertaining! X

  10. I’m so pleased you included the Jungle spray for kids! I get bitten to shreds so I’m sure my kids will too, but so far we’ve not really been anywhere where we’ve needed to use bug spray and I didn’t know a kids one existed. I can’t imagine my son dealing well with a horrible smelling adult one, and he does have quite sensitive skin, so this sounds ideal! And yes yes yes to the bottle opener!

  11. Haha I love that you included a bottle opener, so true. A beach tent was a must when mine were smaller, they used to nap in there if we were lucky! Great list!

  12. Katie Skeoch Reply

    Another great list, a UV tent for our holiday is on my list

  13. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    We are going on holiday with our three children in September so this is perfect, I will have to get a UV tent for our baby daughter who will be 6 months when we go xXx

  14. Lovely pics and a very useful article. We haven’t tried swim fins but I see that they would be more useful than arm bands.

  15. Hayley Todd Reply

    I swear by Beach Tents, they are absolutely invaluable for keeping little ones out of the sun. I love the idea of the swim fins and will definitely be investing in some for our next holiday.

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