When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself what makes you happy? To be honest I live on a rollercoaster running from one thing to the next, from work to the kids, from the kids to writing here. I hardly ever have any time to sit and think. This will probably come across a little strange, but its confession time. When I am in the car I don’t have the radio on, because it is the one time I am alone (normally) and have some space to consider things. Ever since Butterkist got in contact and shared their research in to what makes us Brits happy. I have been doing a little self analysis over what makes me happy and more importantly what makes us happy as a family.

Before I get into my realisation and commitment let me share with you some of the findings. The average Brit feels true happiness 432 time a year, with the majority of Brits 60% claim to be happy with their lives. The poll of 1,500 UK adults by Butterkist found the average adult feels genuine happiness up to eight times in a typical week, rating themselves as a seven out of ten when it comes to overall happiness.

Butterkist very kindly sent us a happiness kit as unsurprisingly doing things with your partner and family rated very highly on the happiness list compiled by the research. This was the realisation that I came to, we as a unit are happiest when we are spending time together. However with a demanding job (which I do love but not as much as my boys) and a fledging new business I can get stupidly distracted and sometime loose the the togetherness. So I have made a pact to make sure we spend more time together. Although we already try to go away once a month I forget about the little things like watching a film together, playing a board game, making sure there is enough time to read to the kids each night and Sunday mornings in bed. Getting distracted by the next deadline, or the next thing on the to do list isn’t good enough, and if I am not careful I will miss out on all the ordinary things that make us happy.

These results are very telling overall we Brits are fairly happy with life. However, our happiness really peaks when we are spending quality time with those we love.

Andy Cope Happiness Expert

So with this in mind the other night Hubby, Monkey and I sat down and played his favourite board game. Kipper who is just coming up fifteen months is far too young to partake in such a game, which I have a sneaky suspicion made it all the more special for Monkey.

Before we started I got Monkey into his PJs as he’s not normally allowed to stay up late but it is the only time we could do it without baby interruptions. He prepped the snacks and I got some drinks together, he loved the idea of having a treat before bedtime. I think his face said it all.

The game went down really well especially when Monkey won – which he usually does. So much so that we are thinking of making this a regular Friday Night Games night. A chance to spend some time together and a chance to unwind before the weekend – which is always filled with adventures. (Not that these don’t make me happy too). It also stops me jumping straight on the laptop after dinner to get a few bits done to scheduled.

I have never thought that I needed to unplug. But actually the game of Monopoly did make me think about doing just that. Over last weekend I took this one step further. Monkey and I went camping to a family festival. I had planned to stay on social media while we were away. But instead I took a break for the whole weekend and I can’t say that I missed it. Instead I enjoyed spending time with these two and a good friend of mine. Look at these two they got up to plenty of mischief!

Its no surprise that number 24 on the Britons Top Happy Places list is a festival or gig with friends.

So my commitment, its difficult when my business now revolves around social media and the internet but I need to unplug more. To make sure I keep my happy places and keep the important people in my life happy too. Thank you Butterkist for helping me realise this.

Whats your happy place? I would love to hear in the comments.

This is a collaborative post.


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  1. What a beautiful post. I’ve recently finished a long course of CBT and have been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy. It really is the small things. The people you love, being with them and having the time to connect with them properly. xx

  2. I love a games night. Such fun. Family time is a big one for us. Just a trip to the beach or the zoo where we have a pass is nice. #bloggerclubuk

  3. Michelle Kellogg Reply

    I wonder what that poll would look like in the U.S. I’m curious about that now, lol. What makes me happiest is being outdoors with my boys doing something really fun like hiking or swimming. I used to have game nights with my boys but it has been a long time. Now I am thinking about starting that back up again as my boys loved it and so did I. I remember how happy we were on those nights. Thanks for sharing this Clare. I’ve got some thinking to do now:) and thanks for hosting #bloggerclubuk

  4. We were recently without internet for 2 weeks and it acted as such a bonding time for all of us from the 60 year old to the 11 year old. Simple non-screen pleasures are powerful

  5. I love family time, it’s definitely our happiest times! Our business is seasonal so my husband is flat out busy in high season, then we get him around in low season o travel and what not. We are at our happiest then. Agree with the unplugging. I won’t allow myself a decent phone as I’ll be to tempted to use it all the time. I have a laptop that stays out the kitchen and is used in naptimes and bedtimes (and any other time I can sneak out there haha). And once a year we take a week beach holiday with no tech at all, I love that time. Great post x x x #BloggerClubUK

  6. Making time to do the things that make you happy is important. I believe happiness is a choice and making time to enjoy life goes a long way to making us happy as does being grateful for what we have.
    The games night was a fab idea and Monkey’s face does say it all.

  7. Like the look of the salted caramel. I love to get away or at least unplug and spend quality time with family. #bloggerclubuk

  8. Also absolutely love your site….are the colourful social media buttons part of your theme or a separate plugin?

  9. Aww we love a good games night too and your right, it is the little things we don’t get chance to do. We try and have some time together on a Saturday afternoon as Mario works away all week so my ‘quiet’ time is the evenings once Mia goes to bed although I’m usually shattered at that point! 🙂


  10. Hi, great post. It’s often the little things that make us most happy. You can’t beat playing a board game with the family. Foe me happy time is spending time with my family when I can and doing old fashioned things with no social media interrupting. If not a nice walk in the fresh air is great me time.

  11. Aw ya that makes a lot of good sense. When we are with those we love we are truly happy. I think the more happy people together makes the whole mood lift & everyone gets happier then. Days out & travel with my family are happy places for me. x

  12. I do love a bit of popcorn (usually with Stavia in it though) and family time is precious. As I write this I wonder what game you are playing tonight. #bloggerclubuk

  13. I’m pretty low on the happiness quota at the moment so this was good for me to read. We all need to find our happy place, don’t we? Mine is usually with my family, but right now they are driving me round the twist!! #BloggerClubUK

  14. Margaret gallagher Reply

    Seeing people smile makes me happy -especially being amongst friends

  15. Jen Schofield Reply

    Would love to try these new flavours – I never really go for popcorn but might do next time we have a film night.

  16. Ashleigh Allan Reply

    Sometimes I feel on a rollercoaster too. My family and spending quality time make me happy

  17. Katie Skeoch Reply

    After moving home & having no internet for 2 weeks I see how much we miss when we are all plugged in, unplugging will be a regular thing in our house

  18. Arabella Bazley Reply

    Happiness can be an elusive thing but I do believe true happiness comes from putting a smile on someone else’s face and the more you give in life the more you will receive. But it doesn’t mean a little me time can work wonders too 😉

  19. Stacey Gahan Reply

    My happy place is my mums house, I love having all the kids playing with each other and spending time with my parents and siblings it’s great

  20. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    I am the same, with three children aged 12, 5 and 5 months, and housework I don’t stop, the only quiet time I get to think to myself is when I have a shower when they are all in bed, I feel guilty I don’t spend enough time with them although I’m with them everyday all day while daddy works, we had a movie night last weekend and my 5 year old daughter absolutely loved cuddling up with her dad and me on the sofa with sweets, cookies and snacks, she choose boss baby, it didn’t coat much but she was so happy as it was bedtime and we haven’t done it since I was pregnant on Mollie, I try to spend time with her playing with her toys or out in the garden as I feel guilty since having Mollie that she feels a little pushed out, the joys of mum guilt xXx

  21. Judith Allen Reply

    I love to hear from my daughter and see photos of her belly dancing or at a friend’s wedding. Reading, and hearing birdsong makes me happy. Little things.

  22. How lovely. When life is difficult it is too easy just to concentrate on getting through the day and happiness just flies out the window. A little self-analysis is a good idea.

  23. Hayley Todd Reply

    This is such a lovely post. Sometimes you do get totally bogged down with the grind of life, paying bills, keeping yourself and your children afloat and you forget the small things that make you smile and make you happy.

  24. Hayley Todd Reply

    I can totally relate to feeling like you like your life on a rollercoaster, always up and down, darting about from one thing to another and life quickly passes you by without you realising. What makes me happy are the simple things in life, smiles and cuddles from my girls, snuggling on the sofa with my husband after a hard day in work, working in the garden, and chocolate!

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