Baby’s First Shoes: My ordinary moment this week all about new shoes! A couple of weeks ago we decided it was time get Kippers first pair of shoes. I don’t know why but I always associate first shoes with a rather well-known high street store. Partly I thin because it was where we got Monkeys shoes from. So I decided it was only right that we did the same with Kipper. Although on turning up and picking our a pair I was particularly disappointed to find out that well-known High Street store no longer takes the first shoe pictures which they use to.

In Monkeys memory box I have a lovely picture of him in his shoes, not that it stopped me this time round we took our own. Kipper was very excited when we went into the shop getting out of his buggy and running around. He kept trying to pick up the shoes and throw them on the floor which is rather unhelpful . Taking a numbered ticket we waited semi patiently until one of the sales assistants was free, it was busy because it was sale time.

They measured his shoe size is a 4G that doesn’t surprise me as he has got feet like planks. Looking on the sales rail we managed to find a pair of little brown shoes with orange aeroplanes on them for a bargain price of £9. Kipper was quite surprised hen he first tried to walk in them as he hadn’t had anything on his feet other than leather moccasin sandal style shoes. With a really thin leather sole. But it didn’t take him long to get to take the hang of it and before long he was happily running around the store entertaining everyone he came across.

His walking is going from strength to strength and it won’t be long until he’s running around with Monkey getting into mischief. Although I am a little sad that this first shoe milestone has now being ticked off the list. I am excited to see where those new shoes end up taking him.

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  1. It’s such a shame that they have stopped taking photos, isn’t it? I have photos of my eldest three, and I can’t help but feel my youngest missed out. Buying the first shoes is usually when I realise we are close to toddlerdom, the first year just flies by, they grow so fast!

  2. Ah bless him, I was aware said shop didn’t do photos anymore which is a shame but so many people are using their smartphones now as well that I can understand why they decided not to. Hope Kipper enjoys his shoes #TheOrdinaryMoments

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