So Hubby and I had a discussion last night, we had, had a rare couple of hours in the local drinking establishment and he told me off. He told me off for no longer writing the blog about the boys. To be honest he has a point (which is very rare). Which is why these posts exist! This week its all about blocks.

Kipper has recently really enjoyed playing with some toy blocks that we have had in the kitchen (for some time). I would get them out to keep him entertained while we were cooking or tidying up from dinner. In the last couple of days he’s suddenly taking more of an interest in them. I will always see wooden blocks as a traditional toy, the ones Kipper plays with are ones we had for Monkey.

In the last few days he has gone from wacking them together to starting to build. Being a second born he gets somewhat neglected in the development department. With Monkey we would have documented every development milestone. So this week in some way thats it what I am attempting to so with this post. Kipper has started building. In fact we’ve gone from giggles at knocking mummy’s towers down to grumpy snorting noses if we dare do the same to him.

It is semi hilarious but its also a sign that he’s starting to grow up… he likes building towers..






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  1. He is so cute and learning so much! And your Hubby’s right 😉 I know that if I didn’t write my Ordinary Moments and Living Arrows posts about the children my blog would lose it’s grounding and the reason I started it x

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