Splash About Baby All in One Sunsuit Review: You will know from a previous post that we are great fans of Splash About and used several of their products while on holiday in Eurocamp. I fell in love with their wetsuits for both boys and wonder why I hadn’t discovered them before. Along with their Splash Mat and Happy Nappy we also tried out their Baby All in One Sunsuit.

Yet another essential on the packing list for a number of reasons the first being that it means there is less of a struggle getting suntan lotion on a wriggling baby! Both boys have always had UV suits for this reason. When Monkey was little and his eczema was bad it I use to have one of these because it meant I could actually hold him during his swimming lessons! Because he had so much cream on to protect his skin without his Splash About suit he was so slippy. Which meant that there was a real chance of him slipping out of my hands when he went under the water! Thankfully we don’t have the same problem with Kipper. Yet while he’s in his suit I don’t need to worry about reapplying his lotion constantly.

Things I love:

  • The design is really clever with poppers all the way down the back so its really easy to get Kipper in and out of.
  • There are also poppers between the legs for the smaller sizes
  • The Baby All in One is SPF 50 – with a high neck, long sleeves and legs it gives maximum coverage
  • The material is really soft
  • I really like that there is a whole range of colours to choose from twelve in total. The designs match other things in the Splash About range.
  • Kipper is really happy in his suit and moves around easily and without hinderance in any way.

Available sizes small which 0-3 months through to extra large which is 1-2 years and priced at £22.99 they are great value. As far as we are concerned they are a baby essential and something we wouldn’t be with out. My only regret is that since Kipper is already in the largest size that we won’t be able to get one again next year. The Baby All in One can be brought online from the Splash About website.



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This is a collaborative post we were given a Baby All in One Suit to enable us to be able to write this revie all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I could have used this about a year ago. My baby is as pigment challenged as I am, and we need all the help we can get in the sun. #bloggerclubuk

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