The Last Knight Radio Control Autobot Sqweeks Review: I remember transformers from my own childhood with the iconic Optimus Prime being my brothers favourite. So when Hasbro offered us the chance to review their newest remote control robot – Sqweeks I was interested to see what Monkey would make of it. Especially since he has never had a remote control toy of any kind.

Needless to say he was very excited to get him out of the box. Although I had not bargained on the need for six AAA batteries. Two in the controller and four in Sqweeks himself. Thankfully we keep a stash in the house but its worth noting. They are simple to put in, you have to remove the backpack off his back to access the panel.

Monkey picked up the controller quickly. One control pad moved Sqweeks backwards and forwards and the other from side to side. He realised that he could use both at the same time to make him turn in circles and zoom all around the kitchen. We did try him outside on our patio but he works better on a hard surface inside, although okay with carpet too. Measuring about 21cm high, he also has two modes. A blaster mode which you can attach the included blaster to his arm for and a dance mode. In the blaster mode his eyes shine red. Whereas in the dance mode, which is personally my favourite his eyes go blue. You active these by using the buttons on the top of the controller.

Turns out it was Monkey’s favourite too and that tends to be how he has been playing with him. This could be because we have not see the transformer films yet. Sqweeks is aimed at children over the age of six. Monkey is five but had no trouble controlling the toy or getting enjoyment from it. Kipper was fascinated by him too, which did make taking pictures interesting! Any also annoyed Monkey as he would come along an pick him up and run off in the opposite direction.

The instructions are pectoral and easy to understand. I am glad I read them as otherwise I think I would have struggled to work out how to turn it off. To activate and deactivate Sqweeks you need to hold him upside down for 18 seconds. He may protest when you do this not wanting to be turned off.  He has other sayings and makes other noises and really is quite interactive. Its also worth noting that if you don’t turn him off he will continue to chatter away wanting to play. Theres also no volume control.

Monkey loved playing with Sqweeks and I can see it being a toy that he gets a lot of use out go in the coming months. It has a RRP of £69.99 and is stocked by the large toy retailers in their stores and online. Another great addition to the Hasbro Transformer range.


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We were given a The Last Knight Radio Control Autobot Sqweeks to enable us to write this review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Rich Tyler

    That is so cool, my little 1 would love it

  2. Jeanette Leighton

    Looks cute I have this little guy on a keyring

  3. This looks brilliant fun. I’d ‘help’ my nephew play with it.

  4. Aaaaw! What a shame they don’t create toys like these for mums and dads. What fun.

  5. Katy (What Katy Said)

    Mine have never had a remote control toy and I have literally only just realised that!! They are so much fun, might have to get one of these for them!

  6. Love the look of this, I’m sure plenty of parents would enjoy playing with this too!

  7. Great review it looks like lots of fun. However If I got it for my girls I am pretty sure that I would find my husband trying to play with it ha!

  8. Emmy - Misadventurous Mummy

    I’m not a big fan of the newer transformers, but this one looks adorable! Optimus or Bumblebee are still the best though ?

  9. Michelle Twin Mum

    Ohh it does annoy me when you get a nice new toy and they need so many batteries, luckily like you, I keep a stock. I had to smile at your smallest son coming over and taking it away! lol Mich x

  10. He looks like ‘Number 5’ from the movie short circuit! What a fab toy. I love how your baby would run away in the opposite direction, that really made me laugh!

  11. paula cheadle

    awesome, loads of fun to be made with their new toy

  12. That looks awesome. Loads of fun to be had. If we had thstbin our house my husband would want to play with it.

  13. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    Transformers have come a bit since I was a child! This looks great fun. My eldest loves anything that comes with a remote control, I think she feels more grown up. x

  14. five little doves

    Ooh this looks like fun!! We love remote control toys, they are always a hit with the kids…and their Dad too! I love the photos, they are so adorable together!

  15. Oh that looks like a really fun toy and clearly one the whole family want to play with! Monkey is very good at controlling the toy too. My two would love this toy 🙂

  16. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    What a fun toy! A remote control toy is always fun for little ones. Poor Monkey lol it’s not easy when the little brother picks up your robot, I remember when my boys were little and had these issues xx

  17. Margaret gallagher

    Oh he’s so cute
    I can imagine loads of fun and laughter

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