Gtech Multi Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Review: If you are a regular reader of Mudpie Fridays you will know my philiopshy has always been happy mummy happy children. And that actually living in a show home is a) unattainable and b) even if you managed it then you would be missing out on so many other things to achieve it. I still very much live by this but at the same time if I find a product which is going to bring me nearer to ‘a’ without much effort then I am going to rave about it. I was contacted by Gtech when they heard we were going camping for the first time and offered to review their Multi Cordless Hand Held Vacuum. While we were camping both boys loved to have midnight feasts and all the grass… it totally was the perfect accompaniment to a stay in a tent. Especially as it holds the charge and seems to keep going and going. But I think I would be doing it a complete disservice if I focused on this use for the review. Its brilliant for camping. But this has changed my ‘cleaning’ life at home. And yes before you ask we did have a handheld before our Gtech. And no I would never go back.



The reason it has become so indepensible (even my mum wants one and she never takes cleaning advice from me…. Sorry mum) isn’t down to just one thing. Theres a number of things which makes this a must have:


  • It has attachments – all the attachments of an upright in fact and you can get more with the car kit (which I will come onto). I hate cleaning stairs, our standard hoover which claims to be light weight is not and its a real pain. With this I don’t need to worry. Perfect for cleaning the whole staircase or in my case the first couple of steps since thats where people’s eyes land… what was that about a show home?

  • Monkey has a dust allergy and Kipper has asthma so all joking aside we need to be hot on the dust. This is powerful. Its perfect for collecting dust, hoovering the sofa, the curtains the top of pictures. All those hard to reach places which if we didn’t have dust allergies I would probably ignore. Because its cordless and handheld I can whiz from room to room effortlessly. This also goes for our conservatory (aka my office) where our fur baby lives. Monkey is allergic to cats, if we hadn’t had the cat (Alfie) first he would have found a loving home elsewhere but I can’t quite bring myself to rehome him. Yet he’s got this very dense grey hair which gets blinking everywhere. This is a god send, epically in the moulting season. It locks it away in the cylinder and compacts down the hair, dust and dirt into an easily removable lump.

  • With it you get a 36cm extension tube which means even I can reach those pesky spiders plus there is a  power brush head attachment which can be used on things such as picture frames and window sills etc. I didn’t realise straight away but there is a concealed flexible hose within the body of the handheld. There is  also a little green crevice tool, perfect for getting down the edge of the fireplace. Everything but the extension tube is stored within the handheld itself so I don’t need to clutter up my limited kitchen cupboard space.

  • My favourite feature without doubt is the light… yes this had integrate lights which illuminate the area you are cleaning. I had no idea this was missing in my life until I had it. I use a handheld a lot for cleaning up after the baby aka Kipper has eaten. So I am constantly in the kitchen under the table. This really does make a difference as it means I can see the various food debris that he has deposited without too much effort. It was also real help in the tent.

  • A four hour charge will give you 20 minutes of continuous running time. Thats all I need to do the tricky parts of the house… or if I have friends coming the visible parts (think show home ladies). The handheld has a four stage LED light on the top of it which shows you how much power you have left


  • Monkey loves it, and wants to ‘try it out’ at every opportunity so I also get some help with the cleaning now too!
I was also sent the carkit. I work in my car. On average I drive about 30,000 miles a year for work. This means that I abuse my car and don’t really think much about it until I have to take clients in it. Inevitably I leave it too late to take it to the cleaners or get a valet. But Gtech have come to my rescue. Their carkit includes three tools, as soft dusting brush, which is perfect for the stereo system and dash board. A small upholstery tool which I use more inside the home than out since I have leather seats. And the best which is by far my favourite is another crevice tool with a long neck which is perfect for getting to the hard to reach places including down the sides of seats. I am really not sure how so much dirt, sweet wrappers, lego etc accumulates down there but this will retrieve it all for you.




The only thing I would say is that it’s not the lightest or smallest handhled on the market weighing in at 1.6kg so holding it up high for a prolonged period of time can be a challenge. But then I did say I wanted to get rid of those bingo wings…..


Even Hubby (who works in purchasing for a living and generally hates spending money on anything) has completely agreed that this is by far the best hand held we have ever had. Gtech look after you as well with free delivery, a 2 year guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee. In my mind this is totally worth the £149 RRP. The car kit is £49.99 or £25 if brought at the same time. You can buy your own on the Gtech website.


Do I live in a show home? …. no. Am I getting closer to it? Yes thanks to the Gtech Multi Cordless Hand Held Vacuum.

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We were given a Gtech Multi Cordless Hand Held Vacuum in order to be able to write this post, all words and opinions are my own.


  1. I need this in my life. We live in a townhouse and our living area is on the second floor but our hoover is on the first floor! As a result I can’t be bothered dragging the hoover up a flight of stairs to hoover around every time the children have eaten. But this looks brilliant and would solve that. Also far more powerful than my dustpan and brush!

  2. This looks amazing!! I desperately need one of these for my car, it is often full of crumbs, sand, soild and it is pretty disgusting!!! Great review and I will be checking this out.

  3. We have a handheld but the charge is pretty rubbish and it’s doesn’t have as many attachments as this. Love the idea of the light, especially for cleaning under radiators etc

  4. My parents have one of these and I am always borrowing it to clean the car or the steps. I can imagine how useful it would be camping. I have the same cleaning philosophy as you!

  5. Oh wow I soooo need this in my life!! Not just for the house, but for my car would be amazing! Since we got the new car I have been trying so hard to keep it looking clean but the kids insist on treading in mud and grass every day! It looks amazing!

  6. paula cheadle Reply

    I have one similar to this, but it is not as good as thos

  7. fiona waterworth Reply

    we have the gtech hoover but have been put off getting one of these as we have had problems with the hoover, nice to see someone use it, may have to reconsider

  8. I wonder if I am the only person who overlooked GTech and bought a Dyson, instead. Thanks for the review. I will be buying a GTech next time.

  9. I have read your review twice and discovered additional facts the second time! Thanks.

  10. Fiona jk42 Reply

    I live in a town house with 3 floor and a basement that my son uses for his music. I hate having to traipse up & down stairs with our vacuum cleaner. When you have to clean 3 sets of stairs it’s very tiring. This may be the answer, I’ll have to see if we can find it on sale as it’s a wee bit pricey

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